An Audio Book Review of Forever Odd by Dean Koontz

Updated on June 29, 2017

Odd Thomas Can See Dead People

Odd Thomas is a fry cook in the small town of Pico Mundo, California. But he is also more than just a fry cook. Odd Thomas can see dead people. And it is the meat of the series of books, all about Odd Thomas.

Odd Thomas sees dead people. But the dead don't talk, so he has to figure out exactly what it is they want him to do when they appear to him. They generally need some sort of help, to move on. So the lingering dead come and go throughout the books, except for a special few that tend to stay with him for extended periods.

The general feel of the series is probably classified as dark humor. I think the series as a whole is probably some of Dean Koontz's funniest works, while still retaining the richness, and overall sense of looming badness, that you would expect from a Koontz book.

Generally speaking, I don't think you would be disappointed if you happened to pick up any of the novels from this series, they are all great as stand alone books, but you miss some of the back story if you don't start at the beginning. So, even though I am starting these reviews with the second book in the series, that's just because I just finished the audio book again, and figured it was a good time to write my opinion.

David Aaron Baker
David Aaron Baker

Narrated by David Aaron Baker

I mostly remember David Aaron Baker from Boardwalk Empire. I didnt realize, but he has been an actor for a log time.

Born in 1963, in North Carolina, he was also in The Hoax, and Edge of Darkness, and he was even in One Life to Live.

Mr Baker does a really good job here with the Odd Thomas series. He brings a certain innocence to the main character, Odd Thomas, that I really believe brings more out of the novel than what you get, if you are reading it on your own. He has a really easy reading style and his voice is pleasant for the part.

I think narrators can make or break an audio book. And this is a perfect example of casting well done. I can't think of a person who would have been a better choice.

The Plot of Forever Odd

Forever Odd is, of course an adventure, featuring Odd Thomas as the Protagonist. One of his best friends has been kidnapped, and Odd makes the decision that he is going to find him, without the help of the police chief, or any of his other friends. So he sets off, in order to find his friend.

Odd not only sees dead people, but he has a few other gifts that are unique to him in these stories. He puts some of these talents,/gifts/curses to use to help him find his friend.

He is able to use something he calls Psychic Magnetism to track down where the kidnappers have taken his friend, and then confronts them. It is a highly harrowing story that keeps the suspense fairly well, for something I would consider a Comedy/Suspense hybrid story. The arc plays out well, and I do believe most people will agree with that.

Dean Koontz
Dean Koontz

My Final Opinion on Forever Odd

I have read Forever Odd, and I have listened to the audio book version. I have actually listened to the audio book version about three times now. I like the audio version better. I believe that David Aaron Baker adds a lot of depth to the character.

After this last time listening to the audio book, I do believe I will go back and read it one more time, when I find the time. I would like to compare my perspective to the novel now that I have heard someone else read it.

That is one of the troubles with audio books, and it is one of the reasons I try to read the book before I put it into my audio book rotation. It will affect the way you perceive the story. Good, bad, or indifferent.

All-in-all, Forever Odd, and, in fact, the entire Odd Thomas series, is one of my go to audio book collections. When I am having a hard time finding something new to listen too, I will run back through this series. It is an easy listen, and it has some humor and some suspense, and even some sad moments, to keep listeners/reader wanting more. I love the series and much kudos to Dean Koontz, they are well done.

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