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A "Legendborn" Annotation Guide to Understand Bree's "Mystery Girl" Nickname

With this annotation guide, you can visit every quote that explains the "mystery girl" nickname Sel gives Bree in "Legendborn" and "Bloodmarked" by Tracy Deonn.

With this annotation guide, you can visit every quote that explains the "mystery girl" nickname Sel gives Bree in "Legendborn" and "Bloodmarked" by Tracy Deonn.

Affection and Suspicion

In "Bloodmarked," the instant New York Times best-selling sequel to "Legendborn" by Tracy Deonn, Selwyn Kane affectionately nicknames Briana Mathews “mystery girl.” This nickname had a very different meaning in the first book of the series. In "Legendborn," when they meet, Sel says "mystery girl” with disdain and suspicion. He believes she is a Shadowborn demon operating as a mole in the Order. When Sel eventually sees the truth (that Bree is not a demon, but rather something else), the tone around the nickname changes, as does the tone of their relationship.

How to Use This Annotating Guide

Below is a list every “mystery girl” quote in "Legendborn," along with the quote’s corresponding chapter number and page number. Use this list to find and annotate the quotes in your own copy of "Legendborn." You can underline, highlight, or place a tab in the margin to annotate these quotes.

A brief summary follows every quote for a bit of explanatory context.

Please note that the page numbers correspond to the Kindle ebook edition. If you are reading the hardback edition, the page numbers will be close, but slightly off.

Perspective and Reconnection

Tabbing and highlighting the “mystery girl” quotes throughout "Legendborn" is like taking a scenic highway though the book. You will be able to view Bree and Sel’s relationship highlights through the window of this nickname. Maybe you will gain some new insights or remember some key points about these two characters.

In addition, traveling through the book solely via these quotes is an efficient way to reconnect with the story. If you are missing the Legendborn world, you can sit down and do this annotating project in one sitting, including reading all seven scenes where the quotes appear.

Refresh Memories Without a Complete Reread

This annotation project is also helpful if you need a "Legendborn" plot refresher, but do not have time for a full reread.

There are seven quotes to annotate relating to the "mystery girl" nickname Sel gives Bree in "Legendborn" and "Bloodmarked" by Tracy Deonn.

There are seven quotes to annotate relating to the "mystery girl" nickname Sel gives Bree in "Legendborn" and "Bloodmarked" by Tracy Deonn.

Annotation I: Mark This Quote

Chapter 8, Page 6

"Sel watches the fight on my face with interest. 'I must admit, Briana, I’m curious. What twist of the universe has set you in my path again?' he asks, his voice quiet, wistful. 'Alas, some mysteries must remain forever unsolved.'”


This moment is the first time Sel utters the word mystery in connection to Bree. She is recuperating in Nick’s room at the Legendborn lodge, after being injured by the hellhound on campus. Sel is about to mesmer her for the second time. The first time was the previous night at the party at the quarry.

Annotation II: Mark This Quote

Chapter 22, Page 193

"Silence. Then a low, slow laugh in the darkness.

'You have a silver tongue, mystery girl.' A pause. 'I feel a sudden urge to tear it out.'

My pulse leaps in my throat.

'Lucky for you, I’m used to being baited.' A whoosh of air, and then his voice finds me from overhead. 'Maybe another time.'”


Bree is on her way to the Legendborn arena with Nick for her first competition against the other pages. Nick leaves her for a moment to check if things are ready. Sel appears, and Bree senses him. They go head to head in an argument about Sel’s accusation that Bree is a demon.

Annotation III: Mark This Quote

Chapter 28, Page 259

"After a few minutes, I fold. 'Why?' My breath comes out in short puffs.

'Why what, Briana?' His voice is so even, he could be standing still.

'You know what.'

'I told you, I’m keeping an eye on you, mystery girl.'

'Because you think I’m a demon?'"


Sel assigned himself to Bree for the second page trial, a scavenger hunt for aether-infused objects. Sel’s suspicion of Bree has soared to dangerous levels. He is prepared to kill her on this night to prove that she’s a goruchel demon who has infiltrated the Order.

Annotation IV: Mark This Quote

Chapter 30, Page 278

“'Thought as much. In short, right now I have far greater concerns than the ‘mystery of you,’ not the least of which is the likely imminence of Camlann. Such concerns also include the truly active threats to both Nicholas’s life and the chapter I am Oathbound to protect.'"


Sel and Bree walk through the Order’s secret tunnels discussing what just happened during a hellfox battle. During the fight, he witnessed Bree’s power. He sensed the heat of her root building in her chest and saw mage flame roar up her arms.

Annotation V and VI: Mark These Quotes

Chapter 38, Page 338

"He scoffs. 'Put your self-righteousness away, mystery girl. I followed you that day to see if you were meeting an uchel coconspirator, and I thought you two were speaking in code about your demon lineage. Looking back, I’d given you far too much credit. I don’t care about your family drama, and I sure as fuck don’t care about someone whose dead mother used aether to grow prettier flowers—'”

Page 342

“'Oh, it is torture. But if the Order thinks I’m growing unstable, that is exactly what Nicholas will be forced to do.' His face turns sour. 'These are the choices kings make, mystery girl.'”


Bree is supposed to be in the lodge recovering from serious injuries. During the last trial, Vaughn attacked her after losing their match. But, when Bree hears Sel blowing off steam along the ridge above the trial arena, she feels inexplicably drawn to him. This feeling surfaces despite the fact that she knows he is volatile and aether-drunk after administering the squire’s oath for Tor and Sarah. On the ridge, they have a long conversation that airs things out between them, and Sel calls Bree “mystery girl” twice.

Annotation VII: Mark This Quote

Chapter 45, Page 410

“'I know that look,' Sel says with a sigh. 'Tell me, will you always be the mystery girl?'

I smile. 'Probably.'”


At the Selection Gala, Sel rescues Bree from a conversation with Merlin Isaac Sorenson, the dangerous kingsmage sworn to Nick’s father. Sel sweeps Bree away to the dance floor, where the chemistry between them crackles and sparks. Not long after calling her “mystery girl,” Sel tells Bree she looks stunning. At this point, the transformation of the nickname is complete, only signaling Sel’s deep and growing affection for Bree.

Bree is something new. Something powerful.

— from "Legendborn" (Chapter 57, Page 481)

Taking It All In

These seven "mystery girl" quotes reveal the change in Sel's perception of Bree over time. In the beginning, he does not understand who she is and, under the pressure of his oath to protect the Order, slides into a deep suspicion of Bree. In the end, he sees her for the powerful leader she was destined to be, but Bree is still very much a mystery. The romantic feelings between them are a mystery too.

The sequel "Bloodmarked" picks up right where their relationship left off in "Legendborn" with, of course, some exciting and difficult new circumstances that challenge them once again.

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