An Audio Book Review of Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz

Updated on July 11, 2017

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Yes, Odd Thomas can still see dead people.

It's true. Odd Thomas can see dead people. Usually they show themselves to him because they are in need of some assistance to, "move on". There is a big problem with this though, the dead don't talk. Odd is left guessing as to what it is they need, and want in order to move on.

Through his adventure of a life, other odd gifts, or maybe we should call them talents, pop up. He has something he calls psychic magnetism, if he focuses on someone or something, he will almost always, inevitably be drawn to that object of focus. And something he calls intuition, he has a very good penchant for knowing exactly what to do and when to do it. Even if he doesn't realize it, or mean for it to happen the way it does. Basically he is lucky, if you can call what happens to Odd Thomas, luck.

David Aaron Baker
David Aaron Baker

Another Odd Thomas Narrated by David Aaron Baker

Again David Aaron Baker has done a wonderful job with the character of Odd Thomas. He makes the series a joy to listen too. And if I had to choose my very favorite narrator in a specific role, I personally believe it's a toss up between David Aaron Baker and James Marsters doing Harry Dresdin, as to who captures the character best of all the narrators I have listened to.

David Aaron baker is that good with Odd Thomas. I have said before, something in his delivery gives the impression of innocence, but at the same time, you are given the impression that he knows way more than he is letting on.

Some books are ruined by the narrator, some are enhanced, the choice of David Aaron Baker is a definite enhancement. And the fact, I believe is proven out by them keeping him for the entire series.

Odd Apocalypse
Odd Apocalypse

The Plot of Odd Apocalypse

Odd Thomas and Annamaria have been on the move now since Odd Hours (which I will possibly get around to talking about) In Odd Apocalypse, they are now stationary. Having met a man, Noah Wolflaw, and said man being beguiled by Annamaria, Odd and Anna, along with the dogs are staying at his compound.

And, as you can imagine, strange things begin to happen on this compound. Odd Is approached by the spirit of a woman, who appears to be wrought with angst over something.

Odd investigates, Odd stumbles into the issue, and it is way bigger than he would have ever expected. In fact, it was way bigger than I expected to. There are monsters and evil do'ers and even a fart joke along the way.

It's hard for me to even write a plot line about this because I don't want to ruin it. I will say that this book takes Odd into a completely different direction from previous books. Some people may not like it. But the plot arcs well. It was a fun story for me.

My Final Thoughts about the Odd Apocalypse Audiobook

I am a little conflicted with this book. Not specifically the audio book version, but the book as a whole. I like it. I think it is very indicative of a Dean Koontz book. He has an ability with imagery that I could only dream of having, and it does not lack in this book. My real issue with this book is the strange direction it goes. It actually turned my audio book buddy off to the series, he felt it just got way too far out there. It might have, but I read or listen for the story, and try to have little expectation of where the story teller is going to take me.

I am not disappointed by this book in the least, but I mostly want to make you aware of the fact that you may not like it as much as other Odd Thomas Novels. Personally, I will listen to it again, for sure, I don't know if I will ever read it again thought.

With that being said though. If you are reading/listening to the series, don't pass this one by.


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