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Author Recommendations for Readers Who Love Nora Roberts

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Love Nora Roberts? Check Out These Similar Authors

If you love reading romance novels, chances are you've got more than a few books by Nora Roberts on your bookshelf or Kindle. She's undoubtedly one of America's most popular romance authors, writing everything from romantic suspense to historical romance.

Eventually, though, the devoted reader runs out of Nora Roberts books and needs to find a new author.

If that sounds like you, consider picking up a book by one of the writers in this article--you may find a new author to love!

Facts About Nora Roberts

Did you know these fun facts about romance author Nora Roberts?

  • To date, she has written more than 209 romance novels.
  • She also writes under the pen name "J.D. Robb."
  • Harlequin rejected her more than once.
  • Many of her books have been made into TV movies.
  • She is of Irish descent.

Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is one of America's most popular and prolific authors. If you enjoy her novels, you'll probably love some of the authors highlighted in this article!

Nora Roberts is one of America's most popular and prolific authors. If you enjoy her novels, you'll probably love some of the authors highlighted in this article!

Kristin Hannah

If you love Nora Roberts's novels that focus on family with romance woven in (think Montana Sky), then you'll probably love Kristin Hannah. While she doesn't focus so much on suspense, Hannah does create compelling female characters and absorbing romance. Female relationships are often just as important--if not more important--than finding love.

Kristin Hannah books you should read:

  • True Colors
  • Fly Away
  • Firefly Lane

Kristin Hannah's Fly Away

Tami Hoag

If you find yourself drawn more to Nora Roberts's romances that have a bit more suspense, try a book by Tami Hoag. Hoag is also a prolific and popular writer, though she hasn't reached quite the readership levels of Nora Roberts. Her books are fast-paced and thrilling, with the couples often thrown together in times of danger and falling in love despite the circumstances.

Tami Hoag books you should read:

  • Cry Wolf
  • Dark Horse
  • Kill the Messenger

Julia Quinn

If you favor Nora Roberts's historical romances, then novels by Julia Quinn will also keep you entertained. Julia Quinn writes light-hearted, historical romance, filled with dashing heroes and sparkling, feisty leading ladies. Her characters are endearing and memorable, especially those in the Bridgerton series.

Julia Quinn books you should read:

  • The Duke and I
  • A Night Like This
  • On the Way to the Wedding

Luanne Rice

If you love Nora Roberts but blush at the raunch that's often within her books, you might enjoy Luanne Rice, who writes sweet romances with more restrained (read: less graphic) bedroom scenes. Many of her novels wrap the romance around family problems, making them cozy, feel-good reads. Her books also often have a little bit of tragedy, making the experience a little bittersweet even though chances are everything works out in the end.

Luanne Rice books you should read:

  • Follow the Stars Home
  • Blue Moon
  • Safe Harbor

Interview with Luanne Rice

Enjoying Romance Novels as a Genre

When many people think "romance," their imaginations may immediately jump to the familiar cliché of a Harlequin novel cover, a busty woman clinging to a muscular, half-dressed man. But romance has a lot more to offer readers, and the novels of Nora Roberts helped to break the barrier! Her books are filled with interesting, realistic characters, passionate romance, and heart-thumping suspense. The romance genre has grown to encompass such a wide range of sub-genres that you are sure to find a new author you adore based on what you love best in the works of Nora Roberts.

Who is your favorite romance author, and why?


Kara Skinner from Maine on October 21, 2015:

I love this list. I have a lot of Nora Roberts novels. It's impossible to walk into a thrift shop or a used bookstore and not find at least three novels by her for about fifty cents each, and since I love a lot of her stories, I pick them up whenever I can. Although none of these authors are familiar to me, I think I've heard of True Colors and Dark Horse before. I'll have to check out Julia Quinn because I love historical romances.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 08, 2014:

A great insight to Nora Roberts I do have some of her novels.