Lessons From Andrew the Apostle: Attitudes and Characteristics Exemplified in the Life of Andrew

Updated on December 31, 2016

Saint Andrew the Apostle of Jesus Christ

Andrew the Apostle of Jesus Christ

The story of Andrew the Apostle of Jesus Christ is found in the New Testament of Christian Bible. He was the brother of Simon Peter and a fisherman by trade. He was one of the first disciples of Jesus whom he began to follow at the bidding of John the Baptist. After he and his friend John spent a day with Jesus, Andrew went and found his brother Simon who he introduced to Jesus. This ihub explores some of the characteristics and attitudes exemplified in the life of the apostle Andrew.

Spiritual Desire

The first principle of self-management exemplified in the life of Andrew was spiritual desire. Andrew was sensitive to the things of God and wanted to have fellowship with God. This desire is seen in John the Apostle's account of Andrew's relationship with John the Baptist and then with Jesus of Nazareth. John the Apostle referred to Andrew of a disciple of John the Baptist's who then followed Jesus when John the Baptist pointed Jesus out as the Lamb of God. That Andrew spent so much time with holy men showed that he had spiritual desire to have fellowship with God.


A second characteristic of self-management demonstrated in the life of Andrew was teachability. As mentioned above, Andrew turned to follow Jesus at the bidding of his previous mentor John the Baptist. Often people who have a good thing or think they have a good thing get mired down in that thing and are unwilling to learn or do something new. Andrew showed that he was teachable in that when told to do so he immediately followed Jesus.


A third attitude or characteristic exemplified in the life of this follower of Jesus was availability. Andrew was not so stuck in his lifestyle that he was unwilling to change course or do something better like follow Jesus and do what Jesus wanted him to do. Andrew's availability was seen in his willingness to follow Jesus at John the Baptist's bidding and then again when Jesus called his brother Simon Peter and him away from fishing to be a fishers of men.


Another principle of self-management exemplified by Andrew was faith. Andrew had to have great faith to leave everything behind to follow Jesus. Faith is believing in what is unseen. It is fully accepting a proposed outcome before its fulfillment. One biblical author said that without faith it is impossible to please God because one must believe that God exists and that rewards those who seek him. Jesus had no money, no fancy house, and no job. There was no earthly reason for Andrew to leave everything to follow Jesus, but he had faith in God and fully placed his trust in Jesus who did not disappoint him.


A fifth attitude or characteristic demonstrated by this apostle was friendliness. At least three times Andrew is shown as one who introduced others to Jesus. First he introduced his borther Simon to Jesus (John 1); second, he introduced a small boy to Jesus (John 6); and third, he introduced a delegation of foreigners to Jesus (John 12). Andrew was kind and friendly and was quick to accept others.

Solution Oriented

A sixth biblical principle of self-management exemplified in the life of Andrew the Apostle was he was solution oriented. One time after Jesus had been teaching the people for many hours, his disciples came to him advised Jesus to send the crowd away so they could get something to eat. At this Jesus replied asking the disciples to give the crowd something to eat. Immediately they calculated in their heads how much that would cost and wondered in their heads how they could possibly provide so much food. In the meantime, Andrew found a little boy with a couple fish and some small loaves of bread and brought the boy to Jesus. Jesus used those small portions to feed a crowd of five thousand men. Andrew showed he was solution oriented.

Global Outlook

The seventh attitude or characteristic exemplified by Andrew was a global outlook. This attribute is seen in that Andrew introduced foreigners to Jesus. Most of Jesus' disciples believed that Jesus had come to restore the earthly kingdom of Israel. They did not believe that Jesus was for foreigners too. However, Andrew showed a global outlook by ushering the foreigners to meet Jesus. Andrew realized that the good news of Jesus was for the every man, woman, and child from every tribe and nation around the world.


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    • profile image

      mr theophilus 

      20 months ago

      pls is their no bible reference to back up Andrew character

    • profile image

      Joseph k 

      20 months ago

      Good meditation


    • profile image

      Sofia Vega 

      20 months ago

      it was gr8

    • profile image


      22 months ago

      A wonderful story

      Helps to know about Andrew

    • profile image

      Abram F. Bishay 

      10 years ago

      It was usesful attitude about St. Andrew the Apostle because of the little known about his life.

      Thank You


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