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Biography of Enid Blyton: Author of Children's Books

Nithya Venkat loves to read books and write biographies about authors who have captured her heart.

Enid Blyton with her two daughters, Gillian and Imogen

Enid Blyton with her two daughters, Gillian and Imogen

Who is Enid Blyton?

Enid Blyton was the author of many children's books that opened a new world of fantasy and imagination for countless kids.

She thrilled her readers with many adventure stories and wrote many poems that have been published.

Even today, children love reading her books and they have sold more than a million copies around the world.

Enid's Early Life

Enid Blyton was born on 11 August 1897 in East Dulwich, South London. She was born to Thomas and Theresa and had two younger brothers Hanly and Carey.

After her birth, her parents relocated to Beckenham in Kent. It was in Kent that she spent many days of her childhood.

Enid's father, Thomas, was a cutlery salesperson. He loved nature and had extensive knowledge of flowers, birds, and animals.

He loved to take Enid on long walks and taught her whatever he knew. He encouraged her and loved her very much. He also taught her about life and often told her that if she wanted anything badly, she had to work hard.

Enid's mother, Theresa, was just the opposite of her father. Theresa believed that housework was essential. She did not have any interest in reading or art. She felt that Enid Blyton should be helping with the household work rather than reading or going for nature walks with her father.

Enid at School

Enid Blyton was a good student. She was brilliant and excelled in art and the study of nature. The first school she attended was a small one called Tresco, just opposite her house.

In 1907, Blyton was enrolled at “St. Christopher’s School for Girls” in Beckenham. She was very popular in school and full of life. She excelled at studies and cultural activities.

Blyton excelled in the field of sports. She became the school’s tennis champion and was elected as the captain of the lacrosse team. She won many prizes and accolades. She was elected as the school’s Head Girl in her last two years as a student.

A Devastating Turn of Events

When Enid Blyton was 12 years old, her father and mother separated. Enid was very close to her father and was devastated.

She continued to live with her mother but was not happy at all, because her mother never supported her writings. Irrespective of her mother's disapproval, Blyton kept writing. She sent many of her stories and poems to magazines. At first, many of her works were rejected, except for one poem printed by Author Mee in his magazine.

Even though her mother did not support her, she was encouraged to keep writing by Mabel Attenborough, the aunt of Blyton's close friend Mary.

Froebel-Based Teacher Training

Blyton enrolled in Guildhall School of Music in 1916. She was talented in music, and her family believed that she was going to become a musician. She did not want to become a musician though. She felt that practicing playing the piano was a waste of time and thought that she could spend the practice time in writing.

After having started her studies at Guildhall School of music, Enid Blyton suddenly changed her mind. She wanted to become a teacher. She felt that she would be close to the children she wanted to write by becoming a teacher.

On September 16, she started on a Froebel’s teacher training course at Ipswich High School. During this time, her mother's relationship had soured entirely, and she distanced herself from her entire family except for her father. She used to visit her father in his office in London.

Enid Blyton answering letters from children with a Noddy statue by her side

Enid Blyton answering letters from children with a Noddy statue by her side

Enid Blyton's Initial Publications

  • Many of Enid Blyton's stories and articles were published in periodicals in the year 1920.
  • Her first book, Child Whispers, was released in 1922.
  • In 1923, many of her books, short story writings, and poetry were published.
  • Book of Bunnies, her very first novel, was published in 1925.
  • In 1926, she started writing in a fortnightly magazine, Sunny Stories for Little Folks. This series became a huge hit.
  • The Enid Blyton Book of Brownies was published in 1927.

Note: It was in 1927 that Enid Blyton began using a typewriter. Until then, she wrote in longhand.

Enid Blyton's Typewriters and Diaries

Enid Blyton's Typewriters and Diaries

Married Life

On August 28, 1924, she married Hugh Alexander Pollock, from the publishing firm George Newens editor. In 1926, the couple moved to their first house, the "Elfin Cottage" in Beckenham.

In 1929, they moved to the "Old Thatch," a cottage near the River Thames in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. Blyton loved the cottage, and it was here that she enjoyed a social life. She loved to play tennis and bridge.

On July 15, 1931, she gave birth to a daughter named Gillian, and on October 27, 1935, she had another daughter, Imogen.

In 1938, she published a book of adventures, Secret Island. She then plunged herself into more writing and had little time to spend with her children. She relied on her domestic staff for all the housework. In 1950, she released the book Pole Star Family and Ship of Adventure.

During this time, her husband Hugh worked with Winston Churchill for his work about the First World War. He slowly went into depression, knowing that they were about to enter into a Second World War.

Enid and her husband Hugh were very busy and spent a little time together. They slowly grew apart and finally divorced.

During this time, Blyton became very close to Dorothy Richards, a maternity nurse who had helped her after her child Imogen's birth. Blyton relied heavily on Richards for mental and physical support.

In 1938, Blyton moved to another house in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, with Dorothy's help. This house occupied a space of two and a half acres built in the Tudor style.

This house was named "Green Hedges" by her Sunny Stories readers.

Enid Blyton with her family at Green Hedges

Enid Blyton with her family at Green Hedges

Her Second Marriage

Enid Blyton married surgeon Kenneth Fraser Darrell Waterson on 20 October 1943. She released her autobiography, The Story of My Life, in the year 1952.

Kenneth and Enid loved to play tennis and golf. They loved the outdoors and shared common interests.

Kenneth was hit by a torpedo when he was in the army, and his hearing was permanently damaged.

During this time, Blyton published three books: Queen Elizabeth Family, Five on Finnston Farm, and Five Have a Mystery to Solve.

After her daughters joined a boarding school, Blyton found a lot of time to write.

Many of her book series became very popular among children, including:

  • Famous Five
  • St. Claire's
  • Cherry Tree/Willow Farm
  • Faraway Tree
  • Wishing Chair
  • Secret Seven Books
  • Barney Mysteries
  • The Malory Tower series
  • The Six Cousins

In 1949, Blyton published her Noddy book series. Noddy was a big hit among the children.

After the Noddy series, Blyton started to publish the magazine Sunny Stories again. Through her writings in this magazine, she encouraged her readers to be responsible, kind, and helpful. She encouraged them to contribute to society in any way they could.

She formed groups for her magazine readers to get involved in social work:

  • "Busy Bees Club" who were involved in helping animals
  • "Famous Five Club" who were involved in raising money for needy children
  • "Magazine Club" who were involved in raising money for children affected by cerebral palsy

Demise of Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton’s health deteriorated after the death of her husband. She was diagnosed with dementia in 1960. Her husband, Kenneth, died on 15 September 1967 due to kidney failure. This affected her even more.

Blyton was admitted to a nursing home in Hampstead in 1968. She passed away in her sleep on 28 November 1968, leaving behind her legacy of books for children worldwide to read and enjoy.


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