Book Review: Selection While Waiting at the Airport

Updated on March 20, 2017
3 stars for Selection While Waiting at the Airport

Babesh is waiting at an airport in New Delhi to pick up his grandson. While there he ends up talking to a young woman also waiting for someone, only to realize this young woman, and the woman sitting next to her, are both potential brides for his grandson.

Ragini, the first woman he was talking to, was sweet and outspoken. The other one, Ambika, is aloof but likes to flaunt her money.

The prospective groom, Anupam, is torn between the two women. His father wants him to marry one and his mother wants the other. Anupam doesn't want to hurt either of his parents and does not know either of the women that well. He might even let his grandfather choose his bride to be done with it. Which of these women will he end up choosing?

I've read a few other stories by Hiranya Borah and for the most part I've been unimpressed. He tends to have a lot of melodrama and wordiness as well as excessive exclamation marks. But this story pleasantly surprised me; the action and dialogue started fairly quickly and the story was really interesting. I found myself rooting for Ragini very quickly.

The writing is awkward in areas, as though it hadn't been proofread carefully. Here, for example, when Babesh and Ragini are talking:

‘I am a doctor, doing masters in medicine. But my friends say, I should have done my masters in HR being very talkative.’ Bhabesh thought his idea was correct, she is a very intelligent girl with a very simple lifestyle and frank in nature.

There is also this slightly concerning sentence:

In India people are not racist but always prefer fair skinned girl as daughter in law.

Last time I checked, that is racism. Let's not pretend that it isn't.

The writing is like this for most of the story. However, there were some points of humor, which I enjoyed, like when Anupam was deciding which woman would drive him home from the airport.

‘Grandpa, you go with Ambika. I shall go with Ragini, because I am already fed-up with big cars and high speed. I want to travel in a small compact car with less speed.’

The grandfather nodded with the proposal of his grandson. He prayed to Almighty, his grand child’s selection should not be limited to the car only.

There's actually humor here! I love it! I also love the multiple view points that told the story well. This is probably my favorite of Hiranya Borah's stories so far.

You can read this story for free on Smashwords.


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