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Top 8 Bewitching Books Like 'Twilight' Everyone Should Read

The mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. Tyrion knows it, and so does every book lover. Let's find you some great books!


What Books Are Similar to Twilight?

While everyone was busily opting for higher career options, I wanted to be a vampire. Seriously, vampire fictions have horrified and entertained us ever since the gallows of Transylvania. The vampires have developed from cold, isolated killers to eternal lovers falling for a human bond.

Stephanie Myers, through her Twilight Saga, has found sublimity. Edward and Bella are the dream couple for every teenager who seeks comfort in eternal love. But vampires, being cold-blooded killers, have to stalk and kill from time to time. Intriguing and mysterious, these bloodthirsty creatures might be dangerous, but we still can't get enough of them.

Twilight created a massive sensation and was awarded as a bestselling children’s book. However, there are more novels that have settled in the mind of the readers ever since. So, let's take a look at some books similar to Twilight that'll keep you hooked for a while.

Books Similar to Twilight

  1. Salem's Lot
  2. Dark Lover
  3. Interview With The Vampire
  4. Vampire Academy
  5. Shiver
  6. The Light at The End
  7. Abraham Lincon, Vampire Hunter
  8. Let The Right One In

1. Salem’s Lot

Salem’s Lot is one of the most spine-chilling vampire novels written by Stephen King. The ancient-sounding name of the title takes us back to the Salem witch trials of England.

This was the second novel written by Stephen King after the success of Carrie. Although the author has presented us with various petrifying books such as Pet Symmetry, Misery, and IT, just to name a few, his personal favorite is The Salem’s Lot.

The story centers on the fictional town of ‘Jerusalem’s Lot’. Ben Mears is a young writer who moves into his native town. He comes home to his childhood memories and long forgotten faces and decides on staying there for a better future, totally unaware of the fact that ‘Salem’s Lot’ is home to an ancient evil.

Something has surrounded the town in a dense shroud of mystery and the whole town has fallen victim to cold-blooded murders. The Boston house has unspeakable secrets that are leading to these murders.

The author has a natural way of storytelling. He is equally concentrating on making the characters and the plot enticing. King is very particular in describing the theological themes cleverly used in the story.

Salem’s Lot has many gothic elements such as an abandoned house, legendary folk tales, Byronic personalities, and unusual paranormal activities. The story has a way of getting inside our heads. The novel was adapted for television and was made into a miniseries in the late 70s.

The beginning is somewhat similar to the Twilight Saga, with the novel's protagonist moving into an old, forgotten city where a deadly surprise awaits.


2. Dark Lover

Dark Lover is a modern-day vampire romance novel. The author has penned a number of novels under ‘The Black Dagger Brotherhood’ series. Written by New York’s bestselling author, J.R Ward, Dark Lover is no less spectacular than The Vampire Diaries.

The spellbinding story gets better with every successive book. This is not a series for school going children as it has a lot of adult content. The physical projection of vampires is highly intimidating. The series revolves around a group of vampires who are brothers bound by blood. Every vampire is powerful and has specific duties to perform.

The readers find themselves obsessing over all the books of the series. There is a continuous quest for survival among the vampires and their hunters.

The bond of the family illustrated in the book is very similar to the Cullen family in Twilight. So, if you're looking for a book like Twilight, Dark Lover should be right up your alley.


3. Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampireis considered as one of the best gothic vampire novels. Written by American author, Anne Rice, the book was first published in 1976.

This was the debut novel for the author. The author has a humane way of describing the supernatural, describing them as much more than just ruthless nightwalkers.

Although a work of complete fable, it’s strange that the unwanted urge of transformation into an immortal being can be so cruel. It was for the first time we as readers felt sympathy for the pale creatures.

The story is centered on a two-hundred-year-old vampire called ‘Louis.’ He shares his story with an honest heart and deceptive personality. His life has not been easy before, and after the transformation into a vampire, things have pretty much stayed the same.

There is an emotional part, similar to what Edward Cullen in Twilight saga felt before turning Bella into a vampire. The story, however, develops at a slow pace, taking its sweet time to establish the plot.

We find the philosophical elements drenched in the vampires who have a good experience of being undead. The book has an erotic appeal and an insane amount of nudity. In 1994, an American gothic movie based on the novel with the same name was made. If you like the book, maybe give the movie a shot.


4. Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy is a series of six young adult vampire romance books. The first book was turned into a TV series of the same name, followed by Frostbite, then Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, and Last Sacrifice, being the successive installments.

American author, Richelle Mead, has sold 8 million copies of her series in 35 countries. It turned out to be the New York Bestseller and was eventually appreciated by a huge crowd of young readers. The Book had a whole new concept of cool vampires and a university that caters to their kind.

Just like any majestic, modern school, the ‘Vampire Academy’ has various departments and houses that categorize every student according to their potentials. The characters in Vampire Academy, however, are not interesting enough to linger in our mind long after we’ve finished reading.

The story follows the sacred bloodline of the royal family of vampires in trouble. They are the constructors of the St. Vladimir’s Academy. A Dhampir girl called ‘Rose’ has a solemn promise to protect the princess of the family, ‘Lissa Dragomir’. We find a lot of action sequences in the book as Rose has to undergo heavy training to protect the lineage. She also has the potential of psychic vision which keeps her preoccupied in the vicinities of the Campus.

Every book shares a story with new characters and adventures that surround them. But there is nothing we can pay homage to until we read the entire book. The ending is very obvious and the romance aspect is just clichéd.

The first part of the book was adapted into a movie with the same name in the year 2014. The movie did not turn out very well with the central characters portrayed in a generic manner.


5. Shiver

Shiver is a New York Times bestseller by Maggie Stiefvater. The book follows a forbidden love story dwelling between responsibilities. Shiver treads the familiar ground of human-vampire romance. In this case, it is a human and a werewolf.

Shivers is the first book of The Wolves of the Mercy Falls series, which contains 4 books in total. The story revolves around two teenagers, Sam and Grace. Sam is the leader of the pack of werewolves. He has beautiful yellow eyes, often noticeable from the woods behind Grace’s house. She has been observing him ever since he saved her once in her childhood. She feels a cosmic connection to the wolf, which reminds us of Bella and her supernatural boyfriends in Twilight.

The story is narrated from the point of view of both Grace and Sam. The author has introspectively presented her characters. For example, Grace is utterly scared of these supreme beings but she never surrenders to fear no matter what, even when her life is at stake.

Shiver is a real comforter for the readers who look forward to a lot of soothing romantic moments. The affectionate Sam and Grace share is full of devotion and sacrifice.


6. The Light at the End

The Light At the End is one of the most unheard of but great vampire novels. It was the New York Times Bestseller. The book was so popular in the 1980s that it not only boosted the vampire genre but also started a new movement.

It was called ‘Splatterpunk Movement’, which is the depiction of gore, violence and blood alignment. The authors nailed the bad boy punk vampires concept, paving way for books like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The writing style was very popular in 1986, but the classic writing would not favor the punk youth of New York City. Therefore, the author came up with a brilliant, entertaining style. It’s nostalgic to feel the absolutism of NYC during the 80s.

The book gives us the story of manly and unromantic sinister vampires. The story centers around the vampire called ‘Rudy Pasko’. He wasn’t a good human and he’s worse as a vampire. He terrorizes the subway streets of the city at night and preys on people. His dark image is further perpetrated by his lustrous bike filled with smoke and stains.

The book stands out as an excellent choice for those who want to see vampires as cold-blooded killers. The action is frequent and the romantic aspects are pretty much non-existent. Every new chapter brings with it something dangerous and abrasively interesting. If you're looking for some enthralling books like Twilight, The Light at The End should be a good bet.


7. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Readers beware, for it’s an unusual story about ‘Honest Abe’, the man who resurrected America from the clutches of slavery. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter astonished America by adding another feature in President Lincoln’s personality. It is one of New York Times bestsellers with unanimously positive reviews from all the publishing houses. The novel is written in the form of journal entries.

Seth Grahame Smith is an American author who writes books powered with history, humor, and fantasy. Abraham Lincoln was a celebrated public figure, but a fraction of his life remains a secret, which is the central theme here. The story centres on the private life of Abraham Lincoln before and after he became the president of America. He is taught secret ways to slay a vampire by someone known as Henry Sturges, who it turns out, is a vampire himself.

The story is as much fable as it is political. Young Abe is traumatized by vampires who killed his mother. In his youth, he begins his secret life as a vampire slayer. The story strikes a perfect balance between his demon hunter life and his academic and political life. The concept of slavery has been clearly depicted in the story.

We also find renowned author Edgar Allan Poe in the story. He’s introduced as a friend of Abe. In this book, the ex American president was shown not just as the savior of slaves but also as a warrior who freed the world from the grip of evil vampires. If you're looking for some enthralling books like Twilight, this thriller is a must-read.

8. Let the Right One In

Written by John Ajvide Lindqvist, Let The Right One In is a 2004 Swedish vampire novel that encapsulates child psychology and bullies. This is an emotional tale surrounding a twelve-year-old boy and a century-old vampire girl named Eli.

Swedish novels are known for their gore and patriarchal themes. This novel shares a similar shade of darkness but surprises us with a love story as well. Let the Right One In was reckoned as one of the bestsellers in Sweden and was later recognized as the best novel in translation in Norway. This is a terrifying tale that forbids us to walk alone at night unless we want to get bitten from a cold-blooded monster.

This is, however, not just a vampire story. It covers disturbing topics of child abuse, pedophilia, prostitution, drug use, and above all, loneliness. The young protagonist leads a monotonous life and lacks friends. However, one day, he befriends a girl next door who is his age. She is a bit strange but she is loyal to him. She also seems to be fiercely intelligent as she can solve the Rubik's cube in seconds.

The characterization of the novel is phenomenal and focuses upon every little detail. Even the setting is so neatly described that we don’t have to put our imagination to work.

Eli has her way of preying on the people as her thirst increases. It’s dreadful to read about the way she kills her victims but we never hate her as her back-story is traumatic. The relationship between the two kids is beautiful. They don’t have a dreamy and romantic relationship like the vampires of Twilight. However, the cold-blooded killer becomes a symbol of hope for the lonely boy. In spite of their obvious differences, their friendship blossoms.

The story was adapted in the form of a Swedish movie in the year 2008, which was critically appreciated and won many awards. The movie was again remade in English in 2010 with the same name.

Did I miss out on any other books like Twilight? Let me know in the comments section.


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