"Brokenhearted: The Power of Darkness" by Elisa S. Amore—a Personal Review

Updated on February 20, 2019
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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do, but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.

396 pages of a suspenseful romance that will help you feel that passion of true love.
396 pages of a suspenseful romance that will help you feel that passion of true love. | Source

A Quick Summary

Book Title : Brokenhearted : The Power of Darkness

Author : Elisa S. Amore

Publication Date : October 30, 2016

Page Length : 396 pages

Book in Series : Book 3 of 4

Going to Hell is much of a pleasure cruise, but sometimes going against all odds for the one you love takes you to that path. For Gemma, it was a no brainer. After learning what she really was during her heart broken time and fighting for her life once more, she decides it was time to fight for herself and everything dear to her. Although he precious Evan no longer was in her life, she found strength in her misery to try to rekindle old friendships. Fighting with her new threats and learning to fight for what she believed in, was all it took for her to realize, nothing will stand in the way of what she wanted. Not even Destiny. The only question now is, will she overcome her own self doubts to rise from her own Hell to save those she holds dear, or will she let the overpowering emotions lodged deep in her heart and soul rule over her and get herself killed?

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Brokenhearted - The Power of Darkness: Young Adult Paranormal Romance (The Touched Saga Book 3)
Brokenhearted - The Power of Darkness: Young Adult Paranormal Romance (The Touched Saga Book 3)
$3.99 for the e-book normally. It can be read for free with Kindle Unlimited

Review Time (May Contain Spoilers)

In this 396 page love story, its clear to see why the Touched Saga has become so popular. Unlike the previous books before it, this one takes place around Gemma. The first half has you feeling sorry for Gemma and even teary eyes. Whereas the last half leaves you breathless and anxious. I found that the whole book kept me on edge. With new information and new ways to think about things, I can't help but be left in a state of amazement and stupor. Don't get me wrong, each book thus far has left me with a lot of new ways of thinking of things, but this book has left my mind boggled and my heart gripped in a vice.

I had first though this was taking on another Twilight Sage feel, with Gemma being all dressed and even making it seem the love interests will change in a way. This might have been slightly annoying at first. Even though I love Evan and all his character stands for and often wanted to cry a bit myself, I couldn't help but have that feeling it might have been inspired by the Twilight Saga. I was glad I held my breath though. I understand that the depression and what not had to be endured as it was crucial to learning more about Gemma and her role in everything. And though it seemed slow moving at first, it wasn't long before things began to piece together.

Learning that Gemma wasn't as mortal as she appeared to be, even with her ability to see things she shouldn't, was quite unrealistic and not exactly what I expected. I had thought maybe she was an angel as well, but to find out she was a witch left me breathless. I was intrigued to learn more about witches and how Hell works was quite a breath taking experience. I hadn't ever thought to Hell being a beautiful but twisted place to reside. I found that I quite enjoyed learning about the Souls residing in Hell as well as how it worked. The details on the different souls, the wildlife, and different things that can be found in Hell were truly awe inspiring. I was floored by how the images Amore had given me through her details of Hell and the Souls that resided there. I especially loved how the level of humanity also determined how the Souls lived and how some of them can be grouped up and live in villages together. To see how the way one mortal lives to be the determinating factor in how their soul is affected in Hell. I was just truly amazed to how it all worked and how the Witches would take claim to the Angels they managed to capture and how that Witch blood could lead to ecstasy to the Souls in their realm was a concept that was new to me, and I loved it.

We all know that we have that one person we would do anything to keep by our side and to watch Gemma be willing to become a full fledged witch in order to save Evan was truly liberating. I couldn't help but be moved by this sacrifice she was willing to make. To see how her love could allow her to see the deceptions and give her courage to stand against Sohpia, or Lucifer, was truly encouraging and proving her character has grown stronger and even more brave than she had when the series started. I was just excited by her actions and her willingness to do whatever it took to keep her Evan close to her, no matter what.

Overall, Brokenhearted was a truly amazing book. I would rate it five stars out of five stars. I firmly believe that out of the series thus far, this has to be my favorite book. It not only allowed the reader to see how much Gemma would do for her love, but brought up Hell and all the interesting concepts Amore had thought of where Witches and Souls acted in Hell.

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