Does God really care?

Updated on August 10, 2016
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Where is God?

Does God Really Care?
Does God Really Care? | Source

Does He Care?

If you are a religious person then you have asked yourself this question a million times. I bet you ask yourself this question every time things get difficult or whenever things start falling apart. I am a Christian, and therefore believe in the existence of God- the creator. But for a moment lets imagine that a God exists-I’m talking to the atheists here- the reality is that he (god) has been blamed for almost everything - wars, famine, starvation, diseases and just about anything else man can think about. If it went wrong, then you can be sure someone somewhere blamed God for it.

But seriously, does God care at all? I won't pretend to have an answer or any knowledge of who God really is, how he functions or how he intervenes, but I would like to think he cares, and even intervenes when we need him to. Many people know of the story of Cain and Abel- yeah, the first kids to be born, or among the first kids to be born- Adam and his wife did have lots of kids (I bet you didn’t know that :)). Anyways, Abel is the good kid and Cain, well. He is sort of the hard headed type. But as I was reading the bible recently I can across some important passage I had never read or heard of before. It is genesis 4:7, and it reads;

"If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”"

All this time I thought that Cain just got angry and all upset and went straight in to the "killing mode". Ok, sure, that is somewhat true, but God did intervene. God knew what was cooking in Cain’s heart and mind, and was like; hey Cain, this is God speaking, do what is right, sin is waiting at the door, do not let it take control over you. This made me realize that even though we may have bad thoughts, certain bad desires etc, it is acting on them that is wrong. Sure, we may be angry or frustrated and in develop evil ideas in our hearts- but we don't have to act on them.

I like to believe that God is that inner voice we have- it begs us not to give in to the evil thoughts and ideas we cook up inside ourselves...

Do you think an animal with think twice? Do you think a lion will be like- hmmm, maybe I should not tear this person or prey apart- that would be the right thing to do....

We are not animals, and did not evolve from animals - do not let people deceive you that that is the case. I believe that God is always with us, always whispering something right to us, and warning us when we are about to make the wrong decisions. Don't tell me you've never heard of that inner voice. So, do we ever listen? Think about it for a minute; what happens whenever we ignore that small voice? Not a lot of good am sure. For instance, the voice will say;

"Don’t cheat on your husband/wife"

What happens when you fail to listen? Well, a number of things may happen:

  • You may destroy your marriage/relationship,
  • You may end up hurting not only your life partner, but also your kids,
  • Illegitimate kids, who may not get the best upbringing in the process,
  • Diseases (STDs)
  • Trust is lost,

These are just but few examples of what may happen in such a scenario- so whose fault is it in the event that all this happens? Many people will be like "how could God let this happen?" although we do have free will, the reality is that we also have that small voice shouting the right things to us- they are more like a compass; a compass to the right decisions. You have to agree that every decision we make has consequences. And even the simplest decisions we make can have very big consequences.

Man has never taken responsibility for anything- I don't think he ever will. I can just imagine of a situation where God just presents himself to the whole world. You know, something like, here I am- I bet the evolutionists and atheists would be like- "it's all your fault God- how were we to know you were real?" remember Adam? He had been warned not to eat that fruit. He was specifically told not to eat it, otherwise he would die. Adam did eat the fruit, but put the blame on his wife. God was full and gave them another chance. But then again they had made a decision to eat from the tree, and the consequences of doing so was that they could no longer live the perfect life they had before- they now had to work and sweat for food.

Does it hurt to do the right thing really? Does it take away anything to believe and trust in God? I doubt it does. You have nothing to lose by trusting and believing in God and his ways. So why not do so? Well, the answer to that is that man is and has always been proud. He wants to do whatever he wishes. It is for this reason that he would rather blame God or simply argue that God does not exist. Either way, he will not take responsibility for his actions when things go wrong.

What Do You Think?

Should we continue blaming Him?
Should we continue blaming Him? | Source

He Knows and Cares

So what do you think? Does God care? is He to blame for everything that goes wrong? or do we have a lot to answer for all the things that have gone wrong? a good number of those who believe in God will often find themselves questioning God. This is a reality, but we cannot forget that he always guides us; that he is always with us. I believe that through thick and thin he is there, intervening in His special way.

So What Do You think? Does He Care?

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    • Patrick Patrick profile image

      Patrick 19 months ago from Nairobi

      Agreed. We mess up every other time, but God still loves us. His Grace is unlimited

    • Dr CHE Sadaphal profile image

      CH Elijah Sadaphal 19 months ago from New York, NY

      Does God care? Yes.

      How do we know this? He was concerned enough for His creation that He sent His son to reveal Himself to us and restore a broken relationship. He continues to care by imparting grace, or unmerited favor. God didn't need the Cross, but we did, and this timeless reality informs us of God's love motivation for a fallen creation.