Fifty Shades Freed: a Book Review

Updated on February 10, 2018
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Fifty Shades Freed movie poster
Fifty Shades Freed movie poster

Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Freed by E .L. James is the final installment in the Fifty Shades erotic novel series and picks up right after the engagement between Ana and Christian. For anyone new to the series, here's a quick recap. In Fifty Shades of Grey, Ana meets with Christian Grey who is a wealthy bachelor and CEO with an acquired taste in BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, and masochism). After their first meeting, they are inseparable. However, the intensity of their relationship along with his lifestyle pushes her away.

Now enter Fifty Shades Darker, more of Christian's horrific past is revealed. Also, his ex-dom Elena makes an appearance as well. It takes a great deal of soul-searching but Christian enters a 'normal' relationship with Ana. Throughout, Ana and Christian grow closer and more sure of their relationship and eventually become engaged. Now, Ana's newfound confidence and trust in Christian allow them to understand each other better than before.

Fifty Shades Freed

Now in Fifty Shades Freed, some time has passed since the engagement, and Anastasia Steele is now Anastasia Grey. What Fifty Shades Freed does best (maybe too much) is reminding the reader of their married life. Mrs.Grey, (do well to remember it) since you will hear it many times. Oh, and what about Jack Hyde? The last we saw of Anastasia's ex-boss he was plotting his revenge. I'll get back to that later.

Anastasia Grey (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) at their ceremony.
Anastasia Grey (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) at their ceremony.

Sex & Marriage

The first two novels don't hold a candle to the amount of sex in this book. Towards the end, it actually started to become tiresome. But, in typical "Fifty Shades" style it holds nothing back. It is detailed in all its steamy goodness. And it is important to note that the writing is very refined and not smutty at all.

Plus, their marriage isn't all bliss. They face many challenges as they continue to understand, learn, and tolerate each other. It is not a surprise, that since they both rushed into this, they would have many problems that they would still need to iron out. However, what is great is their commitment to each other. Somehow they always get past the next fight with their love unwavered. Also, it's almost comical at times the way problems seemingly go away with a simple touch from Christian. Arguments don't usually get interrupted with spontaneous moments of lust. Or, do they?

Christian Grey & Jack Hyde

For me, the most interesting part about Fifty Shades Freed is the mystery that is Christian Grey. My favorite parts include Christian being completely vulnerable and outright about his past. Frankly, I'm more invested in Christian by this point in the series. I know everything there is to know about Anastasia from the first novel. But, I want to know more about Christian. What makes him so controlling? Why does he prefer the BDSM lifestyle? Everything is answered, thankfully and it is satisfying.

Back to Jack Hyde, the book really shows its weaknesses with the letdown that is the "Hyde plot line". Fifty Shades Darker introduced us to this troubled character and his obsession with Ana. We left him as he sweared his vengeance. All throughout, their are strange occurrences and it's obvious who's behind them. However, he takes a backseat until the last remaining chapters. I'm grateful for this character because he adds some much needed conflict but it'd be nice if he was featured more inside the main storyline. And not treated like a mere afterthought.


In a nutshell, Fifty Shades Freed is everything fans of the erotic series came to love. There's a lot of love making, sex, and it is a pleasure to see the evolution of Anastasia and Christian's relationship. She's no longer his sub, but his wife. And she still has this newfound confidence that lets her stand up to Christian when need be. It's great to read. However, Mr. Hyde's sorrowfully forgotten plot was better off not being in the book since it only distracted from the better story that is Christian and Ana's marriage.

Fifty Shades Freed is available in book stores near you.

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