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"Final Notice" by Van Fleisher Review

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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do, but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.

My Personal Review

Final Notice by Van Fleisher is a book that hits you hard with facts of life today in the United States. It begs the question, "What would you do if you knew you had one week to die?" Although reading the book for enjoyment had been very enlightening, I found it raised many common issues of today's world into light. However, it also made me think about the different issues that could come with knowing when I would die and how would I react. Though uncertain what I would do in that situation, Fleisher has some pretty good ideas on how some people would go about their final days. In the book, you can see how guns, anger, and other situations could affect such a decision, as well as, how different parties would react to such. With advancing technology, I wouldn't be surprised if someone who read this was able to create the VT2 like in the book. After all, who doesn't want to know when they will die?

The book follows a great many of characters, all having their own personality and involvement in one way or another to a device that would inform you of your impending death. It would give you a notice so that you could get your affairs in order, or so its creator had intended for it to do. You get to read about how the some people reacted poorly while others just let their end meet them. You also get to see how the government and other agencies (like the press and the public) are affected by the actions of some of the people who knew their end would be soon. In Final Notice, the reader will see how some of the gun laws, racism, and other bigoted treatment can affect the way someone will carry out their final days. Although the book is mainly about the device that can detect with accuracy your time of death, the reader will find themselves completely relating to stand points and often agreeing with certain characters over others. I know I spent a lot of time wishing Vince, a main character you can learn to love, was real so that I could have some of the conversations he often had with his group of friends.

In fact, I found that there were a lot of characters that I could admire and see many others feeling the same way. Most stood for what they believed in, even when others were not as supporting. It gives me hope that even if a device like this came to us now, that maybe as a society we could still do what is right for our fellow man, and start fighting back peacefully against those who wronged us. But as seen in the book, there is also a chance that it could make things worse as well. Having such realistic details on how people could react, had my interest the whole time, especially when a new character was involved.

I had found this book to be an amazing representation of how the United States of America is now. Though it was considered to already have happened, based on the time line being in Obama's presidency, I was able to relate to a few characters and their opinions on the people around them. I enjoyed being able to connect to characters and see that, although they aren't real, there are good people out there wanting to stop some of the wrong doings of others the way I wish to. I often found myself lost in the book, not able to put it down because I just couldn't wait for the next thing to happen. With all the realistic situations these characters went through, and all the gut wrenching suspense, I found it to be a real page turner, which is what I want out of a good book. However, I did find that I longed to hear more about some characters that apparently weren't as important to the story as others. So, I do believe that could have been improved, but over all I found this book to be enticing.

I would rate this book to be 4 stars out of 4 stars. There didn't seem to have any errors, and it often used a plethora of words that I enjoyed seeing instead of all the basic words you can find. I even had to look up a few as I don’t see them often. From the beginning, Fleisher had mapped out the main idea of the book with easy understanding and had slipped in issues we have in our world without a problem. It ran so smoothly together, that it made me feel like it was possible that this book wasn’t fiction at all. I would definitely recommend this book to all my friends, and I have already recommended it to my husband and family. It’s a rather short book, but the ideas and heart in it, makes it a savory delight in my eyes.

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Final Notice by Van Fleisher is a must read in my mind. With great story telling and a beautiful way of words, the reader can easily get lost in this fiction work. It was dealt with care and professionalism and it shows. I, again, will state that everyone should read this book at least once if you have interest in how people and the world around you would react if there was such a device. This is by far one of the best books I read, and I hope you will feel the same after reading it yourself.


Wanting to read it your

As I have stated, I would definitely recommend this book to a lot of people. I am sure you can pick it up at a local library, but maybe you don't want to read an actual book. I understand libraries in a lot of areas, offer the ebook verision for rental, but if you are like me and want to get it for yourself or someone else, I would suggest going and picking it up. If you have a Kindle, like I do, you can get the Kindle version for $2.99 plus tax of course, or you can buy a physical copy there as well.

It is a Sci-Fi book, so if you look it up on another preferred source of book acquiring, keep a look out for in the Sci-Fi section.

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