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Good Research Paper Topics You Can Really Use, With Examples and Ideas

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Good research topics

Good research topics

Good Research Topics, Ideas, and Examples

This article contains topics that are narrow enough to handle in a research paper but broad enough so that you can locate excellent information.

This is more than a list of general subjects. This is a collection of good research topics that make writing a paper easy and quick. Each research topic is specific, manageable, and easily divided into sections. This makes these topics much more valuable.

Many of these topics will work for multiple subjects in many different classes. Some may work better as high school research paper topics, while others will make good research paper topics for college students. These topics are not recommended for middle school students.

It may be useful to look at topics that don’t seem, on the surface, to match your assignment. Often, one topic can be adjusted or altered slightly to fit with another angle. You may also want to explore specific topic suggestions for history papers.

Good Research Topics With Examples

As you look at the list of topics, you may consider changing one or more of the keywords within the topic. Changing one or more keywords can change the whole angle of a topic, making it more in line with your subject or assignment.

Here’s an example:

  • Affirmative Action and College Admission Policies

This might be changed to:

  • Academic Scholarships and College Admission Policies

Another variation of the same topic idea could be:

  • Affirmative Action and Workplace Diversity Programs

Alter this topic to suit almost any assignment by changing keywords and keeping the structure.

You can continue to substitute keywords until you find a topic that suits you. Take any topic from one of these general lists, and experiment with the ideas.

Research Topic Examples You Can Use

Let's say the topic example is:

  • Abortion Dilemmas Faced by Adults

Keep the overall structure of the topic example, but make significant changes in both of the main ideas.

Examples of adaptations for this topic might include:

  • Life-Stage Dilemmas Faced by Older Adults


  • Peer-Pressure Dilemmas Faced by Preteens in After School Hours

This idea can even work well with science topics, especially if you have a little bit of knowledge. In the ten science topics at the end of this article, there are multiple variations that can lead to interesting and creative research papers. Start with any science topic, and experiment with adjusting keywords based on your knowledge, experience, or interests.

Once you have determined your topic, the three sections will make it much easier to write a thesis sentence.

Good Research Topic Starters


Advances in...

The Key Characteristics of...

Benefits of...

The Evolution of...

What Is...

Effects of...

Three Main Events in...

An Exploration of...

Limitations of...

Good Research Topic Ideas

Choose one idea from each column in the table below. Create a phrase that combines those ideas. Use this to generate the beginnings of a research topic.

Utilize a search engine to explore the phrase, and you may find a good research topic, even with the wildest combination of ideas.

Granted, this is a wildly creative approach, and not all topics will work well together. But even the most unusual combinations can yield productive ideas. For example, take the crazy combination of:

  • Middle Eastern Fashion Trends in the Dark Ages

Place that text in a search engine, and you might be surprised. Several very interesting ideas present themselves. Many of them are perfectly realistic and appropriate for serious research papers.

Try it and see.

Research Topic Lists and Examples

LocationPerson/ThingTime Period



17th Century



18th Century



19th Century



20th Century



21st Century



Ancient World



Modern Times

Native American

Social Values




Middle Ages

Middle Eastern

Fashion Trends

Dark Ages



Colonial Period



Millenial Transition


Religious Figures

Golden Age

Scientific Adances

Choosing a topic in a creative way can make writing a paper much more interesting. If you choose this route, you will also need to make sure that you have a good thesis sentence. Sometimes, you will start with a thesis statement that needs some help to become better.

10 Good Research Topics in Science

  1. The Classification of the Species: How it Started
  2. The Study of Constellations in Astronomy
  3. Biology of the Wetlands: Three Key Species
  4. Significant Advancements in Organic Chemistry
  5. The Evolution of Computer Science.
  6. Desert Ecology and Water Conservation
  7. Geologic Ages That Created Coal
  8. The Kepler and Hubble Telescopes
  9. Damage to the Ozone Layer: Why It Matters
  10. Structure and Actions of Tsunamis

20 Good Research Topics in the Humanities

  1. Arthurian Legend in 19th Century Paintings
  2. Definitions and Examples of Nocturnes in Musical Compositions
  3. Science Fiction Versus Science Fantasy: Comparisons and Contrasts
  4. Folklore and Fairy Tales of France
  5. Historical Architecture of Germany
  6. Theatre Styles of Ancient Rome
  7. The Decorative and Practical Functions of Egyptian Ceramics
  8. Archetypes in Heroic Literature
  9. Obscure Religions of Spain
  10. Sculptures Representing the Ideal Human Form
  11. Christianity in the Middle East
  12. Traditional Dances of Algeria
  13. Textile Arts as an Expression of Cultural Beliefs
  14. Protest Art: Posters, Paintings, and Murals
  15. The Harlem Renaissance in Theatre
  16. Regional Theatres and Summer Stock During the 1950s in the US
  17. Evolution of Women’s Shoes
  18. Design and Construction of Worship Houses
  19. Family Structure in the Inuit Culture
  20. The Function of Kivas in Worship and Social Life

30 Good Research Topics for Current Issues

  1. Abortion Dilemmas Faced by Adults
  2. Government Subsidies for Agriculture: Pros and Cons
  3. Adopted Children: Issues Faced as Adults
  4. Discovery of Pluto by Astrologists
  5. Affirmative Action and College Admission Policies
  6. Ethical Practices in Clothing Manufacture
  7. African American Vernacular English (Ebonics) in Elementary Schools
  8. Animal Management for Sustainable Living
  9. Biased Media Practices in Television Reporting
  10. Chemically Altered Products in Specialty Markets
  11. Body Art as Personal Expression
  12. Civil Rights Struggles of the 21st Century
  13. Cost Analysis of Prescription Drugs
  14. Disaster Relief Actions Following Earthquakes
  15. Distribution of Condoms to Students in Urban Schools
  16. Emotional Aspects of Cocaine Addiction
  17. Growing Up in a Minority Culture: Confidence and Confusion
  18. Identity Theft: Three Most Common Sources
  19. Impact of Assisted Suicide on the Medical Community in the 1980s
  20. Individuality Versus Conformity for Young Adults in College Settings
  21. Physical Effects of Bulimia
  22. Power of Women in the Media
  23. Punishment and Prosecution of Hate Crimes in Alabama
  24. Reform of Social Security Programs: Supplemental Security Income
  25. Rural Poverty for Non-Agricultural Families
  26. Recreational Marijuana’s Effect on the Economy
  27. Effective Use of the Insanity Defense for Crimes Other Than Murder
  28. Urban Farming Within City Limits
  29. Variations in the Legal Drinking Age Among States: Effects and Causes
  30. A Post-Privacy World: What Does It Mean?

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