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Grand Firmament: The Alliance of Secret Societies

Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience. She holds degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

The Grand Firmament

During times of unrest, revolutionary groups emerge from every crevice. They might have the same goals in mind, but they exist and function in different areas of society or in different areas of a country. Rumor has it that the Grand Firmament was the connection between them all and helped guide them though they might be far away.


The early 1800s were full of revolutionary ideologies. Younger generations were upsetting the establishment as they listened to philosophers and questioned the society they lived in. There was unrest everywhere.

In France, Napoleon was failing in his attempt to rule the world and found himself a prisoner by the very ones he tried to rule. He escaped and tried to regain his power, but he was captured eventually. During this time, all of Europe was trying to fight off the noose Napoleon had placed around their necks. Young men planned to help overthrow the government, thinking this would lead to better lives. This period was a perfect breeding ground for secret revolutionary groups. The change would be acquired at any cost.

Giovacchino Prati

Giovacchino Prati

Forced Underground

Many of those revolutionary young men were outspoken. They demanded to be heard which meant that the authorities turned a watchful eye on them. The result was the revolutionaries having to flee their native lands and find sanctuary in countries such as Switzerland. In particular were Gioacchino Prati, Carl Follen, Wilhelm Snell, and Flippo Buronarroti. These men were already part of organizing secret revolutionary groups such as the Burschenschaften in Germany with Carl Follen. As the founders of the groups went underground along with their groups, they found themselves in the company of others from neighboring parts of Napoleon’s empire.

They were not alone. They discovered many others throughout Europe fighting the same yoke and yearning for a new world order.


These leaders formed an alliance that many believed was the Grand Firmament which was an “over-arching revolutionary committee” seated in Paris. They returned from Switzerland and set up base in the French capital in order to overturn all of Europe.

This would have been a committee to help guide the groups and synchronize them. Each group would still have a unique identity throughout Europe, but they would not be working independently anymore. Going forward, they would work with one agenda in order to bring the whole order down. This committee would have helped them all work together to achieve their dreams and not find themselves fighting against each other or invading another’s territory. It would have been a revolutionary (pun intended) alliance that history had rarely seen.

The Truth

The truth is that there is no historical evidence that the Grand Firmament ever existed. Even during the time that it was said to have been created, no government had concrete proof that it existed. But this did not stop governments from seeking out the men who supposedly established it and those that were rumored to help support it.

Executions resulted from the sheer belief and fear of the existence of the Grand Firmament. Governments knew of what power it could yield if it really did exist. The thought of its existence was enough to cause bloodshed.


Since the early 1800s, the Grand Firmament has been historical speculation and an example to many today who long to cause a little revolution against established governments. Other secret societies use the “Grand Firmament” title to describe the main committee that directs the other lodges or individual groups. It does exist today in a slightly different form and purpose.

Did they really exist in the 1800s? Though no evidence exists to concretely prove it, it would not be surprising considering how many revolutions took place at this time and how connections can be made among the various faction leaders. If there was not an official Grand Firmament, there very well could have been a looser version that only grew in power the more the governments persecuted them.

It all comes down to the power of an idea. The very idea of the Grand Firmament's existence resulted in the deaths of many. The thought of it having existed has given future generations hope and encouragement. It lingers today through the revolutionary thoughts that still carry the world forward.