How to Enhance Your Writing Skills

Updated on February 7, 2018

Why Is Writing Important?

Writing is a basic form of communication. Whether it be a way to communicate thoughts, feelings, morals, or messages, writing is a great way to express yourself.

However, not everyone has the ability to do so. There are people who have practiced years and years of writing to become best-selling authors and journalists. Then there are others who were born with the god-given ability to construct complex yet beautiful structures in literature.

Either way, becoming a good writer opens up new opportunities in the workforce, such as a magazine journalist, advertising copywriter, and creative director. Not interested in any of these jobs? Well, not to worry. Employers all over the work force look at prominent writing skills as a great asset. So great writing equals superior job opportunities.

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Here Are A Few Steps To Becoming A Better Writer


Step one: read! Reading is the first step to becoming a good writer. When I say reading, I don't mean reading the nutrition value off chip bags, I am talking books. Big books. It can be any type of book: fiction, not-fiction, short stories, articles, blogs, novels, you name it.

Whether you read often or not, it is important to stick to a daily reading schedule. Take time out of your day to read a book. Choose a book at the start of the month, and try to finish it by the end. After a period of time, shorten the time you have given yourself to complete the book chosen down a week or two.

Why read? Reading extensively expands your vocabulary, imagination, and more often than not, knowledge. Reading also introduces the reader to new styles of writing, which is a key factor to becoming an exceptional writer.

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Ever Read A Book In One Day?

Write A Journal

Step two to enhancing your writing is to actually begin to write. The best way to start writing is to keep a journal. Along with your reading, you will be writing in your journal daily, recording the ups, downs, and highlights of your day. Also include how you felt about each situation to the best of your ability. Doing so aids the development of how thoroughly you are able to express your feelings and thoughts.

The reason you want to start with a journal is the fact that you are the only one reading it. You are not trying to meet any criteria as you would for a school project, and no one is judging what or how you write. Naturally, when writing a daily journal will you will begin to use larger and more befitting words rather than being redundant. You will also begin to restructure your writing style in order to achieve self-satisfaction in your writing.

Time For Stories

Once you have been reading and writing on your journal daily for over a few months, it's time you start to write real stories.

It's best to start off with writing short stories, owing to the fact that they are short, and do not take a long time to complete in comparison to novels, or research papers.

A short story consists of five main elements: Character, setting, plot, conflict, and theme.

  1. Character: Your story should include a character, which is someone, or something, that is involved in and contributes to the action of the story. This can be a person, an animal, or even a tree. A protagonist is the main character of the story. An antagonist is someone who hinders the protagonist.
  2. Setting: This is where your story takes place. Give the reader a strong sense of the setting by instilling detailed descriptions of the landscape, scenery, structures, and weather.
  3. Plot: A plot is a series of events that occur in the story that surrounds the central conflict. Make sure your conflict is not cliche, as readers will become uninterested quickly.
  4. Conflict: The conflict is a dispute between two or more forces in the story. On one side, you have your protagonist, whilst on the other faction is the antagonist. The antagonist, however, does not have to be another single character. Instead, the protagonist can be hindered by a plethora of forces such as: society, nature, or even himself.
  5. Theme: The theme is the primary concept of your story. For an example, the theme of Julius Caesar was "Do the means justify the ends?".

If your short story consists of all these elements, then you are on the right track. To ensure your short story is appealing to readers, make sure that it is original. Nobody likes to read the same thing twice. Additionally, ask a couple of friends to read over your story. Feedback from readers themselves guarantees a suitable final draft.

Always Room For Improvement

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Want A More In-Depth Short Story Tutorial? Watch This Video:

Submit Your Hard Work

Don't let you hard work go to waste. You didn't read and write everyday for nothing. There are an abundance of different ways to put your all your hard work to good use.

One great way is HubPages! Once you feel you are able to create interesting articles or short stories, you can publish them to This is a great way for you to show off your work and even earn a bit of money through ad programs.

Article writing websites are also excellent for using your writing skills to earn money. Sites such as and Crowd Content hire writers to write articles and other passages for them for money.

Freelancing is also an option for great writers to earn decent amount of money. Freelancing is when someone is not committed to a certain job, but instead, is hired by multiple different people to complete tasks for them. You can setup a page for yourself on freelancing websites such as Fiverr, and eventually people will find and hire you to write up whatever they need.

The final way you can utilize your skills is by publishing a book itself. Take time to write a good, original, and entertaining story, or compile a collection of short stories you have written, and get them published in one book. Do this through sites such as Book Baby, or Friesenpress.

If you are not interested in any of these outputs, you are not out of luck just yet. As mentioned earlier, appreciable writing skills can earn you a great job almost anywhere, depending on what degree's you have and your career path of course.

Good Writers Publish Their Work, For Money, Or For Fun!


Writers, just like all other creators, get criticized for their content. As a good writer and content creator, you must learn to take in criticism, as it guides you to improvement. Criticism allows you to hear what the audience likes and dislikes, which gives you a sense of direction of where betterment is required in your work.

Do not ever take criticism to the heart. It is always hard the first couple of times around, when people don't like what you worked so hard on. Taking it to offense can discourage you, which harms overall performance in your compositions.

Open ears is the way to deal with criticism. Hear what everyone has to say. Everyone has their own opinions, and the readers opinions is the most important thing to a writer!

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