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Simple Modern Homes and Plans by Jahnbar

Updated on June 24, 2015

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Modern House 3 and Valencia 2

Two model homes, Modern and Valencia.
Two model homes, Modern and Valencia.

Paulina and Hernanie Ocean Blue

Paulina and Hernanie Ocean Blue houses.
Paulina and Hernanie Ocean Blue houses.

Attic House

Attic House exterior.
Attic House exterior.


Ludenio home exterior model.
Ludenio home exterior model.

This Ludenio Home is fit for a lot measuring 15 meters by 10 meters, or 150 square meters. Its two-tone external wall colors are a fantastic combination of maroon and light yellow.

On the ground floor are:

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Water closet

The upstairs boasts:

  • Two bedrooms with one shared bathroom
  • One master bedroom with a master bathroom
  • Balcony for relaxation

The ground floor area is 53 square meters and the first floor is 60 square meters.

Countryside Style

Charming Countryside home, exterior.
Charming Countryside home, exterior.

This is Countryside house style was designed for one of my clients. The floor plan is the same as my Bacolod Bricks House, and includes a 75-centimeter cultured stone finish on the exterior wall and wood siding. It makes a perfect match for your countryside lifestyle.

Sun Flower

Sun Flower exterior model, two stories.
Sun Flower exterior model, two stories.

This is my latest design for Filipino overseas workers, as many of my friends here are OFW. Recently, I've been receiving many emails from them requesting me to make a design for their future homes. Here is one of my favorites. The Sun Flower is nice and elegant, with a two-toned light yellow external wall. Yellow is a color of happiness, much like a sunflower. I'm sure you would be happy to live in this house with:

  • Spacious master bedroom (6 meters by 4 meters)
  • Two bedrooms (3 meters by 3 meters)
  • Two bathrooms
  • Dining room (3 meters by 2.8 meters)
  • Elevated kitchen (3 meters by 3 meters)
  • Living area (6 meters by 5 meters)
  • Entryway (1.5 meters by 2 meters)

Rain Forest and Royal Maroon

Rain Forest exterior model.
Rain Forest exterior model.
Royal Maroon exterior model.
Royal Maroon exterior model.

Light Peach and Dark Brown Shingles

A simple, modern home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and attic.
A simple, modern home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and attic.

Bacolod Victoria House and Floor Plan

Bacolod Victoria exterior.
Bacolod Victoria exterior.
Bacolod Victoria floor plan.
Bacolod Victoria floor plan.

I named this house Bacolod Home Bricks after the nickname of the friend who asked me to design it for him. The total floor area is 95 square meters, suitable for a five- or six-person family. It features a shingled roof and brick tile external wall finish, which acts as an insulator of heat and fire, saving heating and cooling costs.

More details:

  • Two bedrooms (3 meters by 3 meters)
  • Master bedroom (4 meters by 4 meters)
  • Bathrooms: one master and one common
  • Kitchen (3 meters by 3 meters)
  • Dining room (4 meters by 3.5 meters) with a small bar
  • Living room (4 meters by 4 meters)
  • Entrance (2 meters by 1.5 meters)
  • Garage
  • Minimum lot area: 150 squared meters

Rough Finish Cost: PHP 700,000.00 (USD15,000.00)
Elegant Finish Cost : PHP 1,500,000.00 (32,000.00)

Jay Marasigan House

Jay and Aya Marasigan House exterior.
Jay and Aya Marasigan House exterior.
Ground floor plan.
Ground floor plan.
First floor plan.
First floor plan.

This two-story house looks bigger than it is; the ground floor total area is only 100 square meters with a total of 200 square meters for the whole house. It is suitable for a square lot of 15 by 15 meters. It features a spiral staircase and an elevated kitchen and dining room.

More details:

  • Four bedrooms
  • Master bedroom (4 meters by 4 meters)
  • 2 bedrooms measuring 3 by 3 meters and 1 Bedroom at 2.5 meters by 3.
  • Bathooms: 1 master and 2 commons.
  • Kitchen (3 meters by 3 meters)
  • Dining room (4 meters by 3.5 meters) with a small bar
  • Living room (4 meters by 4 meters)
  • Entrance (2 meters by 1.5 meters)
  • Garage

Lot area minimum: Recommend at least 15 meters by 15 or 300 square meters
Rough finish cost: PHP 850,000.00 (USD18,000.00)
Elegant finish cost: PHP 2,500,000.00 (52,000.00)


Valecia House exterior, perspective view.
Valecia House exterior, perspective view.
Floor plan.
Floor plan.

This is a one-story home with a master bedroom and two bedrooms, same as the Jays Marasigan house design. It looks big, living area floor is only 118 square meters, which is still affordable. It has a spacious living and dining area and U-shaped kitchen.

More details:

  • Total floor area: 118 square meters
  • 3 bedrooms (2 at 3 by 3 meters, and one at 2.5 by 3 meters)
  • Master bedroom (3.6 meters by 3.6 meters)
  • 1 master Bathroom and 1 common bathroom
  • Kitchen (3 meters by 4 meters)
  • Dining room (4 meters by 3.5 meters) with a small bar
  • Living room (4 meters by 4 meters)
  • Entrance (4 meters by 1.5 meters)
  • Garage

Recommended minimum lot area: At least 15 meters by 15 meters or 300 square meters
Rough finish cost: PHP 750,000.00 (USD15,600.00)
Elegant finish cost: PHP 1,800,000.00 (37,500.00)

Modern Home

Simple Modern house.
Simple Modern house.

Here's my Modern House. It's for those who have a 12 by 12 meter lot and wish to construct a modern house on a budget. Small and low cost, it has an only 80-square-meter ground floor so you can save some space for a front yard. Feel the simplicity of my modern house style.

More details:

  • Total floor area 180 square meters
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 measuring at 3 by 3 meters
  • Master bedroom (3.5 meters by 3 meters)
  • 1 Master bathroom and 1 common bathroom
  • Kitchen (3 meters by 4 meters)
  • Dining room (4 meters by 3.5 meters)
  • Living room (4 meters by 4 meters)
  • Porch (4 meters by 3 meters)
  • Garage

Recommended minimum lot area: at least 15 meters by 15 meters or 300 square meters
Rough finish cost: PHP 750,000.00 (USD15,600.00)
Elegant finish cost: PHP 1,800,000.00 (37,500.00)


Annabella Patangan exterior model.
Annabella Patangan exterior model.

This house is elevated one meter above ground level so that you can have an overlook in your front yard from the deck. Nice, classic typically Asian-style house.


Jerry's House, exterior model.
Jerry's House, exterior model.
Jerry's House floor plan.
Jerry's House floor plan.

This house is only 5 by 8 meters because the client's lot dimension was only 6 by 10 meters, which is a typical narrow lot for low-cost housing. It has:

  • Two bedrooms (3 meters by 2.5 meters)
  • Living area (2.5 meters by 3 meters)
  • Kitchen and dining area (2.5 meters by 3 meters)
  • 1 bathroom (2 by 2 meters)

This is not just a low-cost house, but a special low-cost house with a taste of luxury.

Large Modern Home

Exterior model.
Exterior model.

This house is one of my favorites. Suitable for a highland area overlooking the sea, city, or mountains. It has a spiral staircase in front that goes all the way up to the terrace.


Apostol exterior model.
Apostol exterior model.
Apostol floor plan.
Apostol floor plan.

I design thiss house to can fit into a lot measuring 15 by 12 meters, as you can see from the floor plan. Other features:

  • Master bedroom (4 meters by 3.5 meters)
  • Master bathroom
  • 2 bed rooms (3 meters by 3 meters)
  • 1 common toilet
  • Living area (4.7 meters by 4 meters)
  • Combined kitchen and dining area (5 meters by 3.5 meters).
  • 2.5-meter front yard for your parking area

Modern House II

Modern House II exterior model.
Modern House II exterior model.

This is a new design: I call it Modern House II. It's two stories with enormous windows for a wide surrounding view and exterior light. This window glass also traps heat inside to keep your space warm during the winter.


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    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 7 years ago

      Dearest Jahnbar!!

      These are very nice homes!! I am a big fan of smaller homes!!

      Here in the U.S., ego motivated people into larger and larger McMansions!! After the collapse of the real estate market, many are looking for better balanced alternatives!!

      Great ideas and great designs!!

      Keep up the GREAT Hubs!!

      Blessings always, Earth Angel!!

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 7 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Thank you Earth Angel for the inspiring comment.

    • Linda Myshrall 7 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar, What great work! It looks like you have made great use of space. I particulary like your modern home---you certainly do have a flair for design.

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 7 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Thank you very much Linda for droping by my hub... Your comment will inspired me to design another new modern house again.... Glad you like it.

    • Ahmed 7 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar, Godd Job man, u got so much cool ideas, i got a land 180 sq meter (15m x 12m)& i wanted your idea how to build a house in it, the land is open from 3 ways & 1 side is blocked. so if u got any idea plz lemme know by mail.

      thnx alott.

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Ok i will make some sample for you and post here soon.

      Thank you Ahmed for your interest on my design. Promise!

    • Dong Palmos 6 years ago

      Pre ung Apostol house ba e ung kay Berwin na bahay?

      Ok ka talaga sa design the best talaga mga idea mo. Keep it up Im happy for you pre.


    • Don Joseph 6 years ago

      Mr.Jahnbar nice & cool work of art beautiful, simple sample very interesting. Just keep up the good work! by the way can you also post my request when you finished it! Thanks in Advance!


    • Ka Omar 6 years ago

      Halu Mr. Jahnbar, your creative designs inspired me a lot and hoping that u could advise me at a later date about my dream small but elegant home, regards and God bless always, Ka Omar from KSA

    • bloodraven 6 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar! good designs! great house plans!

    • Anuraj Asokan 6 years ago

      Dear Jahanbar,

      Your work is simply great.

      I am interested in such kind of simple houses

    • HERNAND C. ABAYON 6 years ago


      I'm impresive to your design. can you please tell me where the locations of your model house. so I can reserve if choose the one I like.

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Thank you Kabayan Hernand.

      All my house model is for home ideas. So if you have your own lot and planed to build one of my design - I can send you the floor plan of your proposed house.

    • cuteako88 6 years ago

      hello..i was browsing the internet for a houseplan for a floor area for a lot area is 620 corner lot with a 22mtrsx22mtrs(square xa).my husband specially liked your brick house..can u make us a house plan for that but with a countrystyle porch with a stone n wood material for the porch.and an additional for a family room area?tnx very much

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello cuteako88... Thank you very much for your interest in my design. Sure i can do your request. Just give me few days to design and i will post it here ok.


    • reza 6 years ago

      hie can i know what software did u use..

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello Reza...

      If you are a renderer i think you might want to try POV-Ray program for Best rendering.

    • Lody 6 years ago

      I didn't expect you will give an ample time and effort to create a design for me. Im pretty amazed coz the design really suits my taste. Now my concern is to start saving so I can built the house you design for me (LOL). Wow! you did it for free. I like the Ludenio design. Ill keep in touch and thank you much for that wonderful design.

    • london 6 years ago

      Hi Mr.Jahnbar!

      We are planning to have a house constructed this year. would you mind designing us a house/floor plan with the least possible floor area(we are on a tight budget and I read that contractors bill their clients per sqm, is that right?). 3bedrooms, living area, dining area, kitchen, 1-2 toilet&bath, and a provision for carport and storage room. bungalow or 2-storey type. whichever is cheaper or more feasible for the design you have in mind.

      Thank You! I would appreciate it much.

      *btw, you have great designs! I love your attic house, bacolod and hernanie house designs.

    • darbil 6 years ago

      nice design sir...i have a 150 sqm lot (12m x 12.5m),does the valencia homes style fit to my lot?heheh,am looking for a simple and elegant least 3 bedrooms,1 toilet and bath(common),spacious living and dining room,..if pwede pang malagyan ng storage and a carport...

    • darbil 6 years ago

      bacolod homes bricks is awesome for my 150 sqm...kahit walang brick sir,just a normal hollow blocks with a nice paint color sobrang ok na ok sir..tanx

    • jaeger 6 years ago

      sir, what is the floor plan size for your APOSTOL design?

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello Jaeger... The Apostol floor area is 110 square meter.

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello London, I will make your proposed and post it here ok.

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Thanks Darbil, glad you like Bocolod Bricks... yes it is fit to your lot 12 x 12.5 square meter.

    • Theresa 6 years ago

      Gud day Mr. Jahnbar,

      Could you send me soft copy of the house/floor plan for your design Sunflower??? I have lot with 100 square meter. I got crazy wen i saw this design of yours. Simple but really elegant.b Kepp up your good work...!

      GOD Bless po...!

    • Theresa 6 years ago

      Here's my email id:

      Thanks in advance Mr. Jahnbar.

    • eriqmiles 6 years ago

      gud day sir, Could you send me soft copy of the house/floor plan for your design rain forest or royal maroon, kunukulit kc ako ni misis hehe d nya makalimutan ung design ng house, may 100sqm na lote po kami and hope pede ung design pra dun, thanks in advance... God bless.

      here's my email pla sir.. thanks uli

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello Mr. Martin,

      Yes I knew some contractor but only in Cebu, Dumaguete, Dipolog & Ozamiz but not in Luzon rigion.

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Thank you Eriqmiles. Ok, I'll send you soon the floor plan. Royal maroon & Rain forest are the same floor plan.

    • Eriqmiles 6 years ago

      Gud pm Sir Jahnbar thank you very much sa pagsend mo ng floorplan nung royal maroon and rain forest, i'm sure matutuwa ang asawa ko pag nakita nya ung design and for me maganda and very elegant ung design... God bless and keep up the good work... thanks!!!

    • ishe 6 years ago

      Hi sir jahnbar! My brother really loved your Royal Maroon plan, and because my father's planning to build him his dream house, he would really love to have your plan as a guide!Can I also request for the floor plan? Thank you so much! You could send it to, thanks again!

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello Mr. Martin, yes you can built your house brick with Ph700T but it will be rough finish only. I mean it will not included the interior and exterior or wall painting but it will be livable already with roof, electrical and plumbing - which is more important. Putting all bricks around the external wall will be costly to. So, my advise you can do it in installment way (dahan-dahan) :-)....

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello ishe, ok will send you.

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello Mr. Martin,

      Yes cast in place conrete is good, it is strong, durable, not thick and gives you more space and a nice finish surface (no need for concrete plaster finishing). It's little bit expensive but in the long run you money from maintenance.

    • fishy  6 years ago

      thank oyu so much those are so beautifuk houses i like it

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Ok Fishy - will send you soon ok...

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello Fishy, you forgot to give me your email add.

    • lheila 6 years ago


      really like ur one of ur avid lurkers...keep it up...favor naman po...pwede din po ba pasend nung floor plan nio for Ludenio model email add is

      thanks sir...hope to hear from u soon...

      God Bless...hoping to see more of ur design...


    • Ndasi Grace 6 years ago

      Sir Johnbar, you are doing a wonderful designing, keep up. I really love your work. Please I wish you design me a simple 3 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen and sitting room. Please also do the ground plan. My email is Thanks very much and God bless you.

    • wilziel 6 years ago

      hi,,,,good day,,,can i view i see the mango and coco floor was a nice house...

    • pat 6 years ago

      hi, wat is the floor area of your attic house design?..

    • MARICES 6 years ago

      Gud am, gud day sir, i really lyk your attic house but im curious with mango & coco flootplan, i will really appreciate if you send me those, here is may email add:

      thank you so much!

    • Chris 6 years ago

      Hi! I really like your designs jahnbar. I am planning to build a two storey house with a big balcony on a 150sqm lot. Can you share some of your ideas? I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello Mr. RBA075,

      thank you for you interest and you appreciation to my design. You can click this link to my Attic home or paste in to your web address. if you you want to built 3d home more faster you can try 3dhome Architect because this program can convert the floor plan & elevation to Autocad easily. There is a lot also features for all architectural object and landscape.

    • jr 6 years ago

      hello... very nice po yong mga house design nyo.. :)

    • Myles 6 years ago

      hi you have arabic-mediterranean style?

    • shaina03 6 years ago

      hi great design.Can you help me i have a house design but inside i cant set the rooms?

      thanks shaina. waiting for your reply

    • Bercton profile image

      Bercton 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Really interesting designs !! do you model these Using BIM system

    • jane 6 years ago

      pede po ba maka hingi house design na simple lang po sa 180m2, 2-3 bedrooms...pede po sana 2 storey plan siya maraming slamat po sa patuloy na pag tulong sa mga kababayan mo

    • jane 6 years ago

      paki pdala po pala ang plan sa

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Helo Shaina... is it for 1 storey or 2 storey house?

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      Hello Mr. Berton, no I don't use BIM system. I use POVRay software to render my 3d modeling. Try it.

    • jahnbar profile image

      jahnbar 6 years ago from Ozamiz City

      ok Jane - will send you.

    • solgozum profile image

      solgozum 6 years ago

      hello! good day! you have good designs Mr. Jahnbar :) I love coming back to your page, imagining one of your designs for my future house :) keep it up! :)

    • Miriam  6 years ago

      Your designs are great, I need your help, i bought a house from 2 floors and roof. I would like your in the enterier design. I want to make an open kitchen in the 1st floor since the area is 80 m. I would like a simple style, relief as of it is i am in a beach house.


    • van 6 years ago

      your design are very great, i like it. thank you so much

    • Azu 6 years ago

      Hello Jahnbar, your designs are so fabulous, we are planning to have our house soon and we'd like get one of your designs, we have the total lot area of 80 sqm, is it possible to build Ludenio design for the said lot area? can we ask for its floor plan? you can send it through my email add:, your reply and effort is certainly appriciated, thanks. Godbless

    • 6 years ago

      i really love your design...

    • khadija  6 years ago

      Oh you are wonderful man ! it is too great and amazing!! I love all designs. I wish I could build one of the house which you desiged so could you give me the floor plans of these please ,my spece is 10m x 12m and it has a little slop I want to have 4 bedroom,kitchan,2Toilet,landry storage if you have any new design please send me. my email is

    • Eunice 6 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar, gud day to you... I saw your design and Im so please and found it very creative, is there a way that you can also help me by sending me some house plan.. I do have a 100 sqr mtr lot and Im planning to build like a 4 storey house, lam mo na iwas sa baha..yung design kung baga 1st flr po ay garage lng..pwede kaya yun?..Im hoping na sana me design po ikaw na ganun..Thank you and More Power to you...

    • Dennis 6 years ago

      hi sir,

      i like particularly your attic houses design.and of course all of the design you have made.but i think i can only afford to build the attic house.It's truly very economical,functional and practical for small lot area.i like to build one like suits my need(named COCO)

      thank you for helping me.


    • egoist mhay 6 years ago

      wow nice nman ng mga designs mo....i love it!!!sna pag nagpgwa me ng house one of ur designs ang gus2 ko,japanese kc ang husband ko me nbili kmi lot 138 sq.m maliit gus2 nmin 2 storey w/ rooftop.gudluck

    • joselito guevarra 6 years ago

      i like your 6m X 9m attic house house, could u pls tell me how it cost for rough finish and fine finish including labor cost? if possible can u send the full design MEP,structural etc.? pls? i will start building that design soon. thank you very much. awaiting for your reply

    • fcramos 6 years ago

      Hi.. I was pretty amazed and astonished by your wonderful ideas. I'm just thinking if you could give me design for a 80 square meter lot. Due to size restriction, two storey plan is a great choice. Is it possible to have three bedrooms and spacious areas for kitchen, dining and living rooms? I hope its not too much to ask, can we still include a garage space, laundry areas too. Thanks in advance. You may email me at

    • joselito guevarra 6 years ago


    • shaina 6 years ago

      hi its 1 story

    • Vanessa 6 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar,

      You have cool house designs. We like your countryside style and we hope that you can share with us the house/ floor plan in a soft copy. Here is my email address: Thank you..!

      Best regards,

      Vanessa from Dipolog

    • billrobinson profile image

      billrobinson 6 years ago from CA, USA

      Great designs! I like it. Thanks for this, helps a lot.

    • jully 6 years ago

      hi mr. jahnbar,

      i'd like the spiral stairs all the way on terrace... can you please email me the elevation of the house??

      i am a civil engineering students and i am very inspired by that house,,, i need a model for me to study hard...

      thank you for your understanding

      Jully from Cavite, Philippines

    • maynerie profile image

      maynerie 6 years ago from Iriga City

      Good day sir, I saw your masterpieces in the net and i was so amazed with your work. I am actually planning to have my own house at the end of the year and I think I will be needing your advice and expertise regarding house designs and floor plan as well. We have our own lot and i wish to have a 1 storey bungalow type house. The lot area is 8 meters width and 14 meters length, but i want to utilize only at least 81sq. meters only. I dreamed of having a 1 master bedroom with CR, 1 bedroom for my 2 kids and 1 maids room. A living room, dinning room and a kitchen with bar also having an open ambiance for refreshment and relaxation and no wall in betweens. I also want to have a small garden in front of the house with fishpond and koi fishes. want my house to be simple but elegant looking. Thank you for your time reading my email. I hope you could help me with my dream house. God bless you and your family.

    • Chuma 6 years ago

      I have 15x14m square area I want to build a house of 3 bedrooms,1 kithen, 1 bathroom, dinning area, and a tv room. Single storey what can you do for me?

    • vikki torres 6 years ago

      Good day sir, my husband & I cant help but scroll over and over again your designs. They are beautiful.

      We are building a house this year and we are processing thru pag-ibig now. we are looking for a house design that fits our budget of P700,000.00. The lot area is 5 meters width and 10 meters length, but we want to utilize only at least 80sq. meters only. We want a 1 master bedroom with CR, 1 bedroom for my son and 1 maids room. A living room, dinning room and a kitchen with bar and probably a lanai overlooking my grotto with fishpond -although this this can come later, hehehe. we like your brick house design. On the hand hand, I also want a two storey house - the attic house design in case flooding occurs would my budget still fit, also the we like modern house design? what is important to us it fits our budget. Thank you for your time reading my email. I hope you could help us in building our house. My email add is More power to you and God bless. vikki

    • dreamer 5 years ago

      hello jabar

    • 5 years ago

      Good Day Sir, we are planning to build a 2 storey house for our 60 square meter lot 6mx10m . If you can help us for the house design & floor plan. Should have a carport, 1 room on the 1st floor for my mother,living room,dinning,kitchen & CR. On the 2nd floor , 2 rooms and 1 CR , a mini living room(provision for room) and have a balcony. Hope you can help me. I am on a tight budget of P800k. Thank you and GOD bless.

    • Anva 5 years ago

      hi sir Jahnbar, pwede po ba nyo ako i desgn ng isang house na may 2 bedroom na at masters bedroom wth toilet at isa common toilet yong maliit lang parang low cost design cya but elegant.

    • Anva 5 years ago

      hi sir Jahnbar, pwede po ba nyo ako i desgn ng isang house na may 2 bedroom na at masters bedroom separate yong room na para sa pagbibihis wth toilet at isa common toilet living room, dining room and kitchen sa dining room ng pala gusto ko may extension cya sa labas kung puno na sa loob para sliding door. Maliit lang ang house parang low cost design cya but elegant. cguro parang jerry design m at ocean blue house. ito po palang email ad ko.

    • shannon 5 years ago


      I love your designs. If I sent you a very rough sketch of what I want for a two story 14 x 10 meter house, could you do something up for me so that I could better visualize it??

    • Bernadeth Paiman 5 years ago

      I plan build a residence for one family on a flat beachfront site. We'd like a noiseless aircondition, a terrace at the seaside with a roof above, which could e g form a balcony, 3 bedrooms all together. Bathroom with hydromassage bathtub for two by master bedroom, toilet and bidé. Another shower and toilet together. Open kitchen by the livingroom. Carport with entrance from the oposite side of the sea. And we would like the roof to reach meters outsaide the walls to give shadow around the house (except outside the carport).thank you very much

      Please send some suggestion of an outline plan to my email add.

      Best Regards


    • Chowhound 5 years ago

      Wow! Your designs are amazing! I found your blog while I was looking for plans online. I'm about to build a single storey house for my parents but I can't quite figure out how to do it since I live overseas and I cannot . I've never seen the lot, the only thing that I know of is that it is narrow lot (rectangular I guess) and has a total area of 250 square meters. They told me that it can fit a house that is 32 sq. ft (roughly 2.97 sq.m) wide and 44 sq. ft (about 4.18 sq. m) long. Can you tell me if one of your designs will fit this dimensions? I am thinking of suggesting the Victoria or the Apostol. Would it be possible for you to post the 3D floor plan of the Apostol? Both of them look really spacious. I really like them both.

      Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more of your posts.

    • yan 5 years ago

      hi.. nice works.. may i ask what exterior house color with be better to much with maroon roof? tnx!! great job

    • kaleem 5 years ago

      friends i have a plot of 53 foot long and 19 foot from front and i am very much confused how could i made a right size and shape and 1 thing is that after 26 foot from front there is a mango tree in left side corner and i am confused to design my home

      please give me some suggestion and send some pics of 53*19 square foot home pics

    • Ric Sobral 5 years ago

      I like your houseplans/designs. I would like to see a bungalow plan that has an atrium, open floor plan for living/great room/dining, front and rear portico or porch or veranda. I like a a craftsman-bungalow style of roof or a multi-roofline.

    • Ric Sobral 5 years ago

      Good morning Jahnbar,

      Would you design a bungalow house plan that includes the following features:

      3 bedrooms; 2 full baths; a small study/media room; atrium within the house; open plan for living room, great room, and dining room (one large area) and with cathedral ceiling; front portico (porch); covered porch at the rear; and multi-level roof-line.

      I will view the plan and make suggestions for modification, if necessary. I will compensate you for your effort.

    • mikael abraham 5 years ago

      I love ur designs, and i like jay 2 storey residential house kan u send me the sketch. thanks in advance

    • lulu mamaril 5 years ago

      hello sir,please make a floor plan for me.i decided to use my 80squaremeter lot including carport.its your bacolod victoria fit to my lot.pls give me ideas and floor plans for 80square meter.thank you,hope you could email

    • jorj60sip 5 years ago

      sir, napaganda ng mga designs mo...i like most ung "RAIN FOREST" design..very suitable ito sa provinces...

    • Judith L. Cabigting 5 years ago

      Hi ! Johnbar , I like the design of your house especially the green one ( Rain Forest) although my lot is just very small only 75 SQ Meter . Is it possible to have that design also in a 75 Sq meter lot ? How much will it cost for a house construction ? Idea lang please although I dont have money yet, but I really dream to have it build for my 2 kids sake. I will deeply appreciate your reply . Thank you & God Bless.

    • ianvox 5 years ago

      hi sir,magaganda po yun design mo pero i don't have the money to build one,average earner lng po ako. suggest ko lng po kng pued include po yun mga native designs na made of bamboo and coco lumber.hoping for your rply


    • Pradeep 5 years ago

      Sir.. I have a land of 60'' X 22.5'' square feet...please suggest me a house design that suit that space..and of low cost email id is

    • Louieg 5 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar,

      I like your designs, I sent you a message regarding a house that we are planning to build on our small lot, jerry's house is really nice. Low cost but has some taste of luxury, our lot is just around 97sqm corner lot, I dont know how to position our house, whether to build it as a house with two level or built a two unit townhouse, considering that i can have the other one rented while my family lives in the other house, which is really practical for me. Need some help. thanks. and more power.


    • Finalleon 5 years ago

      Hello Mr. Jahnbar,

      I couldn't find any attic style this so elegant. Sir, is it okay if I'm going to use your Attic House Design (6m x 9m). Could you send me soft copy of the Attic House Design (6m x 9m) please???

      Thank you... :D

    • Jay 5 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar,

      I like your design especially window glass of this Modern House II. Could you please post the floor plan of your design to get an idea when I build my own house soon.

      Thanks a lot...

    • nandani 5 years ago

      owesome designs mr jahnbar, i have chosen one of your designs "valecia" for my home. my is lot 250square metres and your designs perfectly matches it....

      thanks a million

    • Jokko from ozamiz 5 years ago

      Hello Johann.I like the concept of the modern house.I would like to build like the modern house.Can it fit to my lot with 10meters frontage and 12meters in length (W-10m x L-12m).

    • Wennie 5 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar,

      ang gaganda ng mga designs mo. meron ka bang design for a typical apartment style, i have a property kc sa laguna and balak ko magpatayo ng apartment. 212 sqm ang lot pero like ko lang gamitin ay around 150 sqm. yung style na comfortable at ndi sya parang suffocate tingnan. i hope you can send me some of your apartment design sa email ko:

      thanks po at God bless always...

    • Zendie 5 years ago

      Hello po!!!

      Pwede po b pagawa ng two storey with rooftop po in a 120 sq mts lot?

      Tnx po!!!

      Ang gaganda ng mga designs nyo!!! God bless you po!!

    • kiko3 5 years ago

      Beautiful designs...By the way, can you pls. send me a design for a 7 meters X 15 meters floor area in a 2-3 storey. both sides are closed to neighbors. Can u send me one with a garage please? Your reply will be highly appreciated. Best Regards.

      Here's my e-mail address

    • liangzhu 5 years ago

      Your houses are simply beautiful, Engr.! So great for you to help out those who are looking for their dream houses!

    • ren 5 years ago

      hi, can you pls help me a house design and plan for 80 sqr meters lot,magpapagawa na sana ako ng bahay this year wala na akong plano ng bahay sana masagot mo salamat

    • Ahmed Yusuf ALI 5 years ago

      Dear Jahnbar,

      What a great inspiration. I like the way you design superb houses with great use of space.

      My plot 18 x 18 meter. I was wondering, if your designs such as:

      Sun Flower,


      Modern House II,

      Rain Forest and Maroon and

      Jay Marisigan.

      Which do you think is the best in my scenario with tight budget from $30,000 - $45,000.

      Please need your consulting!

    • mark 5 years ago

      gud day sir, pwed ba makahingi ng floor plan 10 x 10m po ung sukat, pakisend na lng po sa email ko... thnx...GODBLESS...

    • jainal 5 years ago

      Hello Mr. Jahnbar, can you send me blueprint of the patangan house. Lot area 12.5mx7.5m......My e-mail is


    • vic 5 years ago

      jhanbar- i want to know more about that design you made that one.. below jerry house.. that blue one.. just send me in this address...

    • Reden Garcia profile image

      Reden Garcia 5 years ago from Doha

      Sir Jhanbar, good day... I have a 200sqm lot area, and I like your design of MODERN HOUSE II... is it possible for my lot, and if you you could send me a soft copy of the floor plan to my email? cause my wife and I were planning to build the house as early next year... and also if you could make the garrage will be on your left side when you're facing the house and a rooftop after the 2nd floor... GOD bless you Sir Jhanbar and your family

      my email add:

    • Catherine Yumping 5 years ago

      Hello Sir, I'm really surprised at your price. I had the 1st flr of my house constructed in 2006 for 700Thou++ ground floor only for approx 48sqm flr area - rough finish pa. My lot area is 122sqm only. I'm wondering if you could do the 2nd floor of my house here in Taytay, Rizal. I already have the Design complete with Blue Print and Permits although I want some "minor" revisions in the Design (esp the stairs & bathroom) and Finishing. I want it to be "modern-functional" style and somewhat Japanese inspired. Cld you also give me an idea about how much should we save for my 2nd flr? will appreciate it a lot. Many Thanks!!

    • Catherine Yumping 5 years ago's my email pala: will be glad to hear from you.

    • lifeandme 5 years ago

      Hello Sir! Glad to have come across your hubpage. Wonderful and realistic home ideas. I'm commenting for two things (3 things actually: the 3rd reason is to tell you what splendid home ideas you have): First, have you ever designed for container van homes? I know it's not yet very popular in the Philippines, but I'd like to know what you think of them (if they're practical, durable, etc..)and if you have any design ideas for these, and second, I'm interested in your "Jerry's House" design. Can you give me particulars of how much it will cost to build it? Anticipating your prompt response. Maraming salamat po!

    • Tarkeshwar Verma 5 years ago

      Sir.. I have a land of 40.6'' X 22.3'' square feet...please suggest me a house design that suit that space..and of low cost email id is

    • Lala 5 years ago

      Good day Mr.Jahnbar! Ur work is awesome and im so impressed with your attic house.. Im wondering if u can do a duplex house design with attic.. Im from marikina and planning to have a home renovation for my family. Our house was devastated by ondoy and need to be renovated soon. If u could please give me a good duplex plan for our lot 9.80m by 13m... Thanks po and more projects to come po!

    • joseph perez 5 years ago

      awesome designs mr. jahnbar,looking forward for more. can u kindly send floor plans of 'sunflower two-storey" and "rainforest" to I'll wait for them. THanks a lot and more power.....

    • Matess abuyen 5 years ago

      I really like your atic house design, simple yet very elegant. I even love the interiors you posted in the attic house very suitable for a small family with a limited budget for an elegant home

    • liza 5 years ago

      good evening sir i really like your design will you please help me because i want to build a 2 storey house but i wanted it in a hang balcony 1bedroom upstair 1 toilet and on the ground 2 bedrooms 1 toilet and bathroom and kitchen and 1 garage. and i want a small garden but i wanted a room not so small and not so big my lot is 180square meter. pls send me your suggested design pleassssssssssssseeee. here is my account thanx a lot sir.. GOD BLESS YOU and your family sir..

    • zameer 5 years ago


      i need a plane so that i can construct a house my plot is o 100sq yard which is 30x30 n my plot is sorround by the other houses so please help me as soon as posible.

      i hope you will help me.

      thanking you


    • zameer 5 years ago

      n my email id is

    • cucu 5 years ago

      hi sir,i like all ur design,but i want the plan and all elevation like the front view of the simple modern house cuz i want to make a small one with simple materials for the uni plz can u help me

    • cuizon 5 years ago

      hello po,

      pls..can you send me a house design for 100 sq. meter lot na may 3 bedrooms bawal po ang 2nd floor..pls send it to my email po sana po matulongan ninyo ako..salamat po..

    • Arthur 5 years ago

      Sir Jhanbar, good day... I have a 270sqm lot area, and I like your design of MODERN HOUSE 3...and if you you could send me a soft copy of the floor plan to my email? My e-mail is im from Roxas City Capiz, cause my wife and I were planning to build the house as early next year... and also if you could make the T&B of master bedroom bigger include the closet inside and put T&B in the middle of both rooms.... Pls, include the over all cost of it. GOD bless you Sir Jhanbar and your family.

    • Glenn 5 years ago

      Hello Mr. Jahnbar,

      Good Day...First thing i really like your house design, espicially (Apostol House). I have already a 300sq. mtr. or (15x20) lot in palawan and were just planning next year to build. Can i ask you a favor to send for me a soft copy of Apostol House Design? My email: (Floorplan & Inside the house Design)Your response is highly appreciated. Thank You & God Bless to your family

    • Glenn 5 years ago

      Good Day...First thing i really like your house design, espicially (Apostol House). I have already a 300sq. mtr. or (15x20) lot in palawan and were just planning next year to build. Can i ask you a favor to send for me a clear copy of Apostol House Design? My email: (Floorplan & Inside the house Design)Your response is highly appreciated. Thank You & God Bless to your family

    • josephine pelingon 5 years ago

      Merry Christmas to you. Your designs are all very beautiful.Congratulations for having such brilliant ideas. My family owns a lot measuring 12 m by 10 m located in an area that is flooded when heavy rains pour. Right now we have a very simple one-storey house but we're planning to build a two-storey house so that when floods come there is a safe space for us. Can you please give me a design of a two-storey house with 3 bedrooms on the first floor and the master's bedroom on the ground floor. Also please include the amount that we will prepare for this house. Thank you and more power. Here's my email add:



    • alex lianza 5 years ago

      Good Day Sir jhan,can you send me the blue print of the Attic House design.i really love that design.Its very nice and cool.thanks and more power to your hub..

      Here's my email add:

      Best regards,


    • noemy 5 years ago

      hi sir jahnbar, i like your designs especially the hernanie ocea blue and the apostol house. can you send me the blueprint of these house? thank you in advance.. godbless and more power...

      here's my email add:

    • bob 5 years ago


      Can we see the plans for the modern house?

      Thank you.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Jerry's 5 years ago

      Hi sir Jerry

      have a good day, i like your house design, simple and very elegant. i wish to have this design house in the future. can you pls tel me how much the materials needed to build that kind of house.thank you so much here is my Email God bless.

    • Francis 5 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar,

      i like the simple and elegant deigns you've posted.

      if you could help or give me an idea design i'm planning for my lot

      i have a 196 sq meters lot and i want to use 100 sq mters only for the house.

      could you be kind enough to send a sample design and floor plan for me please! is it possible a 3 b/h 2 story house?

      thanks and more power,

      Francis -

    • teposki 5 years ago

      Sir jahnbar, I would like to ask if you can make me a design for a 70-80 sqm. floor area that not so expensive? I like the sun flower 2 style and if you can also show the plan. I really like your designs. thanks a lot and more power...

    • luchie 5 years ago

      hi sir,

      im presently having our house renovated. we started having our 2nd floor but we'r having prob as to wer our stairs would be placed... our house is 5x14 though our lot area is 164sq.m. we still have a vacant space. installment kc paggawa ng bahay due to budget constraint. fully slab na sa loob kya we'r planning to have our stairs outside connecting from our side door to the lawn. i would like to ask any advice please...

    • Mark Fernandez 5 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar,

      I love all your design and ideas,I'm planning to start our house construction this year, and I want to use your ideas. I have a 280 sqr mtr corner lot and I'm planning to build two storey house with attic (I still love Semi-Quadro Aguas Style and High Roof) and carport for two. (Restriction no doors facing to west side), allow space in front for a small garden, I love flowers and plants, in Living Area, I want a High Ceiling. If you allow me please let me know and send me your Ideas on my email address:

    • Rizza 5 years ago

      i want a simple house pwede po ba. padalhan nio ko ng floor plan and ung magiging kala2basan salamat po,,,godbless.

    • Ramon 5 years ago

      sorry its 10 m wide * 15 m long.. 150 sqm lot area.

    • Ludy 5 years ago

      Hi i like your designs, how i wish you can make me a plan for a 2 bedroom house for a low cost housing style...txns more power to you!

    • Marilou dela cruz 5 years ago

      Good job!! Exceptionally beautiful house designs!! I wish i've seen this before!! If God will give me another chance to build a new house im going to pick one of your design!! Hope to see more of your works in the future!! God bless!!

    • Wallabdas Eric Gasta 5 years ago

      This! is indeed an amazing piece of work, the houses are exceptionally beautiful, and more importantly affordable to build. Thanx for letting us have the belief that it,s possible to build a stylish low cost house. I'm planning to start construction of my dream home, and surfing the internet I came to your site, it was a blessing. Get to you soon for a house plan. Be blessed.

    • gem310 4 years ago

      Hi Sir Janbar,

      May I kindly request po if possible to send me the floor plan of your Ludenio design. My email address is And also, if it will fit in my 126 lot area. Hoping for your response and May god bless you for sharing your talent to us.

      Thank you so much!

    • 4 years ago

      hello mr.jahnbar i have an empty land 18 feet width and 60 feet long place can u give a good looking 1 floor building

      plan with the house image and inner design with vastu. plan needs to be 2 bedrooms, 1 hall, with parking

    • ioan 4 years ago

      epic houses

    • Mr Segun Omolere 4 years ago

      Good day Mr J, am happy to see some of your designs, they are beautiful and want to saz you some of the the philosophers that should be emulated. Am using this opportunity to request for a 4 bed rooms flat bungalow with toilet in all the rooms. The master should have a wall drope with dressing room on it's own. The land is a plot. Am seeing this message from Nigeria. I appreciate your handy work and a big kudos for that. My regards and email address is You mail scan, attach and send to my box. Bye

    • Jemellyn 4 years ago

      Hi Janbar,

      Can you show the floor plan of your modern house II?

    • niel 4 years ago

      hi sir..., am one of your avid reader, i always pass by with this site. am just curious if you can help me, i have a 60 sq meter lot area with a house sized 30 sq meter am just wondering if you can help me top build a plan am just worried because my budget is only for a bungalow style am planning to have 2 small rooms and a neat kitchen, dinning and living room. is it possible and can you so me plan by any chance? thank you

    • Saira 4 years ago

      Hi Janbar,

      Your pics are real gud. Wonder if could send you pics of our bungalow for selection of exterior colours? (india)

    • Lester Ilagan 4 years ago

      Hi Janbar,

      Your design is very nice, you have a sample of two story house with a lot area of 18sq meter and it is 100-120 sq meter floor area.

    • junila19leops 4 years ago from Cagayan de Oro

      Kababayan ko, i really appreciate ur work. WOW and very nice, love to build new house in tudela mis.occ. I like rain forest house design.. Keep up the good work!

    • Mr. Nave 4 years ago

      Hi sir,,u design is very elegant,,can u plz design a bungalow type with 7m x 8m with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom,this is my email: hope ur response soon,,thanks and keep up the gud work

    • Kudos!! great designs. How do you get your living? You're so kind that you give your time and ideas for free. 4 years ago

      I am now an avid fan of your designs and certainly love to see more of modern designs using an almost low maintenance materials. Thanks to see it here in the next weeks or months ahead.

    • Jeanette 4 years ago

      Am planning to improve my house by adding second floor. We have 44square meter floor area. Any suggestion for cheaper cost home improvement. Thank you!

    • Imran 4 years ago

      Dear Sir i like your all design. They all very very nice and I want buildup my house so i need one house plan. Dear my place is 33" feet in wide and 60" feet in long front side main road and right side street left side one house and back side my own empty plat I want 2 story house 2 bed room, kitchen, store room, living room, drawing room, one attach both room and one commen and wash area also in ground floor and in first floor what you like you can make. So sir can you give me a plan and how much your fees? My email id is

      Sir I will wait your feed back.

      Thanks you

    • Rajeena 4 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar,

      All your designs are really brilliant. I have a tiny lot of 100 sq.m (10m x 10m). I would be extermely grateful if you colud please sent me a design for a 3 Bed,double storey house with car accomodation to fit in this plot. My id is Thanks in advance.

    • Arnee 4 years ago

      Good evening sir, I love your designs, Sir, i have a small lot of 100 sq m. I am single woman decided not to marry, if will be okay sir,? if you could sent me a design for a single woman, here is my email add Thank you very much.

    • munira 4 years ago

      ilove him is house very much with my dreeeam by

    • Anthony 4 years ago

      Your designs are elegant and above all very sensible and practical. These are far fetched from some of those monstrous designs created by those designers and architects who live on cloud-cuckoo-land. Keep it up buddy.

    • Hamad 4 years ago

      Hi there loved your home design could you design a building in under 100 sqm? if so could you make aruond 3appartments with 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen and one & half bathroom.. if so plese could you design it for me and show me the floor plan with taking care of all exhaust and fire saftey and one elevator

    • Andreas from Atlanta, GA 4 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar,

      I've been searching the Web for a design that will fit my 80 Sq. meter lot then I bumped into your hub and found your Designs are very impressive and beautiful. Hopefully you can post one day a design for an 80 Sq. meter 2 storey with garage for a townhouse.


    • neljohn 4 years ago

      floor plan design, i mean

    • Adrian 4 years ago

      Nice house plans... i have a 600 sq meter lot (20m x 30 m)...the 30 m alongside the road... can you help me design simple house?

    • Allan 4 years ago

      Good day sir. I was planning to put up an apartment in La Union,with a 28.92m x 10.15m lot area. I was thinking a one floor flat with 2 BR, 1 TB and a Kitchen, DR and LR. How many Units do you think I can build if I will put one more on top of each other. Pls show me a simple suggestion design if you have time. Thanks and God Bless . . .

    • robert 4 years ago

      wow, it was really nice seeing these great designs of yours Mr. Jahnbar. it definitely suits the kind of house i am planning to build as it does not require much of a land area. I am planning to build just a single-story house, with 3 bedrooms, on a 100 sqm2 lot and you have given me more than enough choices. Thank you, and more power to you and tho your sight. Job well done :)

    • santosh 4 years ago

      my plot is 15ft x 52ft facing west can i get structure for that

    • Maloy 4 years ago

      Hi Mr. jahnbar!

      Nice designs po.. Can we ask po for a floor plan of your MODERN house? we are planning to build a house and my husband and i like your modern house very much.

      we would appreciate po if u could email at

    • Elit 4 years ago

      Hi Sir Jahnbar! This is my first time to visit your site and i find it very helpful. I specifically like your design for the Ludenio house. Can you please post its floor plan? Also, would it be possible for me to request you to make a house design for a two storey house with a floor plan of 50 sqm for the ground floor and 50 sqm for the 2nd floor. The ground floor would have the living room kitchen, one guest bedroom and a common toilet and bath. The second floor would have two bedrooms. The first is for the master bedroom with own toilet and bath. The second bedroom for my two sons to share with their own toilet and bath. Thank you very much and more power to you po!

    • Melissa 4 years ago

      Dear Jahnbar,

      I cant help but to visit your site whenever I go online. I just love you concepts and design. May I request for a floor plan and house design for a bungalow type house: living room, dining, kitchen, common toilet and bath, master's bedroom with toilet and bath, dirty kitchen, laundry. The actual dimension of the lot is 10sqm (width) x 20sqm (length). Your designs are truly cool, simple and elegant. May I request for floor plan a design for 100 sqm floor area. I hope that the good Lord will continue to bless you more and your family!

    • jelly2125 4 years ago

      Sir Jahnbar, do you have a floor plan for Modern House and Modern House 2, could you please post it here also. Additives for roof slab are available in Philippines and what type of glass is better? (include the factor of natural disaster)

      Thanks a lot, you post are very interesting.

    • jasmeen 4 years ago

      Hello sir,ur elevation r amazing. m also an ARCHITECT from INDIA pls tell me best software for render the view.

    • marim 4 years ago

      hi jahnbar, how are you i saw all your designsand i admire for a nice and a sampl . can you help me Mr,jahnbar, i want from you to design my house it 400 meter and i want to mack three house in the same earth every house or appartment take 130 m . i hope to help me i want anice home .

    • Isaac Lenard 4 years ago

      Dear Jahnbar,

      Firstly great design. I love your design on Ludenio, is it possible to email me the floor plan? My Email id is

      Thanks I'll be waiting to hear from as I am planning to build one in 130 sq feet.

    • Rose 4 years ago

      Mr. Jahnbar,

      Madami po akong nakitang mga pages ng mga ibat ibang houseplan, pero hinde po yun ung fit sa cost.. kaya po nung na visit ko poang site ninyo, I am very amazed sa mga designed nio..^^,,lalo na po ung Hernanie Ocean Blue house at ung Jerry's House..pwede po ba ask ko lng po na pwede po yan magkaroong ng 3 bed room same,concept din po ng Hoose na nabanggit ko po?? Maraming Salamat PO...napaka artistic tlga!^^

    • sanjay 4 years ago

      dear jahnbar i am planing to build my house. my plot is facing east south and front of my plot is 46 and length of my plot is 31 pls suggest me a rough sketch for my house with vastu. thanks my mail id is

    • SUNGAT 4 years ago

      hi mr. janbar... pwede mo send sa akin ang floor plan ng PATANGAN. may be kung mas mura sa inyo ang pagpapatayo i might call or invite you .im living in surigao del sur. this is my email add salamat po

    • chhirag 4 years ago

      all THE homes are very beautyfulllll

    • mpostor 4 years ago from philippines

      Good day sir Jahnbar...napa wow ako sa Ludenio design mo..napakaganda po...pwede mo ako mabigyan ng floor plan sir? send lang sa email ko

      thank you very much sir and more power..more success po sayo

    • Chef Maynard 4 years ago

      Hi...I have a 900 sq meter lot, can you make me a home design that fit to a Modern design, with a glass wall and a terrace in 1st flor close to master bed room. and have a parking space and a swimming pool if possible... thanks...

    • jl deo 4 years ago

      Good day. Am interested in having you render design ideas for the exterior of my home... i already have a floor plan... are you also good with interior design ideas?

      I noticed you dont do a lot of the modern asian houses we see today...bali style...

      how much to get your services for this? please pm me

    • Ricardo Pasana 4 years ago


      Your designed is so amazing. We are planning to build our house and I am interested to Ludenio design. May I have the floor plan of Ludenio Home? You can send it to my mail at and if need some advise where can I contact you.

      Thanks and best regards...

    • Ann Loren 4 years ago

      Hi sir great plan! pls help me to plan for my bare type house up and down with floor are of 40sqm. thank. waiting for your reply

    • Jamyang Dorjee 4 years ago

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I was really touched with your housing design of Annabella Patangan and I was not able to see the sketch of the same house designed inside the beautiful house.

      I was always looking for good design with low budget cost . I will be highly appreciated and oblige if you could send me the soft copy and design lay out for getting me out of this needy house plan.

      thanking you and god bless you always! your job is marvelluos and superb!



    • Edison Conchada 4 years ago


      Nice to see One of My Kababayan, do this great ideas, And all of the ideas was precisely great really, Actually I'm searching and finding simple house and elegant as well so please give some sample to choose the rignt and compatible one for me...appreciated a lot...thanks(400 Sq Meters Lot Size)

      Edison of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    • lavish 4 years ago

      dear sir,

      i need best color combination for my front side home picture,

      i want to know where to upload my pic so that i get color picture of my home pic

    • joe 4 years ago

      hi.imhv seen al ur plans. all r really very good looking n also good color combination. can u plz draw me i such type of plan on 13m x 13m of land.i want 2 flors on ground floor galery, hall, dinning, 1 bedroom with atteched bathroom n 1 common bathroom.on 1st floor 2 bedrooms n also de cost of cunstruction in indian rupees.thank u so much.

    • monaliza apostol 4 years ago

      Hi!Sir. i like all your design its nice and elegant. Parang nababasa nyo po yung mga dream houses na gusto ng tao. its really nice. Sir, baka pwede namn po pa send sa email ko yung floor design nyo ng apostol style or baka pwede din po other designs for single storey house fit for 130sq.m..add: sir!~! keep up the good work

      thank you so much and god bless!

      keep helping our OFW!

    • secretary-admin profile image

      secretary-admin 4 years ago

      A talented man with generosity of sharing his masterpieces. Engr. jahnbar, you made us realize how our dreams would look like, please continue posting for more.

      God bless you, mabuhay!

    • francis 4 years ago

      Good day mr. jahnbar

      I am a foreigner who lives in general santos city you build houses there? So yes! Can i ask for a floor plan of your MODERN house?

      I would like to reply to my email address.

      thanks god bless

      greetings: Francis

    • vince 4 years ago

      Dear Mr. Jahnbar,

      I like your design of the valencia home style and apostol,if you don't mind can you please send me the soft copy of the floor plan and other details on my email..thanking you in advance and keep up the good email add is

    • Ryan Tina 4 years ago from Zimbabwe

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar

      i really like your designs, i am buying a plot 400 square meters and would appreciate it if you could design me an open plan 2 bedroomed cottage and a 3 bedroomed single storey, open plan house with a double garage and main ensuite. thanking you in advance my email add is

    • nhycole 4 years ago

      Hi Sir Jahnbar,

      Good day! Really like your home designs, we're interested in Rain Forest and Royal Maroon design, can you please send us the floor plan of those designs for my future dream house. This is my email address,

      God Bless and Keep up the good work!

    • lanz 4 years ago

      Dear Jahnbar,

      I was so amazed with the designs you've posted in the internet. I am interested with your LUDENIO house, hope you can send me the floor plan as well as the bill of materials and the estimated costs through my email Thank you and God Bless!

    • irma 4 years ago

      dear jahnbar, my house is 3x6 sq.meters only...what can you suggest?i know that its small but only three of us lives there...i want to maximize every space and i know you can help.thanks vey much!!!

    • Sameer 4 years ago

      Hi Sir

      iam from very small town called Assam (India)...U are one of the greatest Artist of the house.....u know the art of build the spectaculer buildings....sir if possible plz send me the soft copy desing of Ludenio and its estimate cost(as per the cost of very small town where is labour charge is very low)....plz sir plz give to chance to say proudly my house is design by the great Jahnbar..sir plz send ur plans, design and suggestion to build that house with low mail id is

      We appreciate for ur continued help and support..!!

      Thanks & Regards


    • amsky 4 years ago

      I just want to know if how much will be the construction cost of an attic style house interested on it...can you email me at

    • famedev 4 years ago

      Your plans are very impressive and beautiful. I have a 200 sq metres lot and i want to build a two floor house on it. grateful if you can help me with a plan. My email is:

    • enrico moreno 4 years ago

      sir my parents are planning to build a house with their limited budget of 600thousand,will you able to design a house with this budget.(3bed rooms)thank you sir and God bless.

    • Casper 4 years ago

      hello sir really apppreciate your beautiful house designs.. can you please send me the floor plan design of anabella patangan house really appreciate the design...simple yet beautiful.. thanks.. my email add is

    • Evelyn 4 years ago

      beautiful designs i love it

    • veronie 4 years ago

      hi sir,very beautiful your house designs i love it simple but elegant...can you please send me the plan of anabella patangan design house i like it thanks my email add is God bless....

    • MrPJake94 4 years ago

      I was browsing the net to look for beautiful houses for I was planning to build one... I was amazed to see this page, seeing beautiful house designs like this... I was looking for a house that is simple but elegant and this Countryside Style really attracted me...

      Can you post on your page the floor plan of this house? and how am I going to have its fence(design), fence for the Countryside Style and Bacolod Home Bricks?

      And by the way, include in you post the in formation about the house; the size of the rooms, area, etc...

      WOW! this page is great... Hoping that my requests would be granted...

      Very useful page!

    • MrPJake94 4 years ago

      It's me MrPJake94 again...

      Here's by the way my e-mail for some matters...

      Thank you!

    • Michelle 4 years ago

      You are genius!

    • olaneric 4 years ago

      Sir pwd po bang mka hingi ng plan sa royal maroon.

      maraming salamat po marami kayong napapasaya sa mga design nyo.eto nga pla email add ko

      God bless po to you and your family and many more blessings to come.

    • dayl 4 years ago

      hello Mr.Jahnbar,i liked all ur i wish you could help me to find an exact house to be build,i have 5 kids,and i want a house that can make them comfortable while they are growing up,but my land area is only 100sq.m..can you help me to have a simple floor plan?i am here in bacolod,how much its cost in building it?thanks a lot..and more power.May God almighty will continue to bless you always..

    • minez 4 years ago

      hello sir jahbar,

      good day po,tanong ko lng po if magkano ang budget ng apostol na house po,at kung pwede na din po magrequest ng clear na house at floor plan po salamat..

    • Khaled Mahgoub 4 years ago

      Dear sir,,i just bought a piece of land in Dahab,Egypt,the land is 9*20 meters,,so the total area is 180 square meters,,the front of the land is the 9 meters side and as well the east side,,i have a wide street in front of the east side of the land,,i have neighbors from the south which is the 2o meters and the west which is the other 9 meters and the north which is the other 20 meters,,i would like to build a 2 stories building,,65 sq meters each with internal stairs,i would like a modern style,,as in open style plan with one big bedroom, big toilet ,kitchen with an island and a dining

      area and a living area in the first floor and 2 big bedrooms and a terrace in the second floor,,i would like a fire place in the living room,, thank u so much,,here is my email ( )

    • Maria cecilia 4 years ago

      Hello sir! I saw all your house designs and the rain forest is the best one for me since i have a 150 sqmeters lot purchased in thephilippines but this one rainforest does not have a carport. Sir can you send me the floor plan and kindly add a carport tk it if its possible. Thank you. 15mx 10m

    • Onkhomang Haokip 4 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar,

      Good day! I really appreciate your home designs, we're interested in Rain Forest and Royal Maroon design, can you please send us the blue print of those designs for my future dream house. My email addres is

      May God bless you to continue the good work!

    • markandeya aithal 4 years ago

      Hello sir! I saw all your house designs, its very nice! I also wanted build two rooms in my terrace,please give me suggestion for low budget & good looking roof please, my mail id

      thanks markandeya

    • lonelyphil69 4 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar

      I really like your house designs. It's really amazing and perfect for the family, hope you can post more house designs so that I can get idea for my future home. Thank you.

      God Bless...


    • naia 4 years ago

      ^^,nice..very creative and simple designs...

    • romavirgo 4 years ago

      sir your designs are awesome. we are planning a duplex house to a 250sq.m lot/ can u pls design us a simple flr plan. tanx. is my email ad

    • 4 years ago

      Hello sir just want to ask for any suggestion design for a 200 sq m land(18x11).I am thinking of a 2 storey house with 1 bed ground floor and kitchen,dining ,living area and upstairs is master bed with walk in robe,insuite.3rd bed with share wash room lastly decent size patio for BBQ

    • Vincent 4 years ago

      Hello sir jahnbar! I really like ur designs... I think its awesome... Anyway i'd like to ask if maybe u can send me the floor plan, ground floor, proposed kitchen,dining,living,bedroom, bathroom for the simple modern house...this is my email add:, tnx and lookig forward to ur positive response... God bless!

    • del 4 years ago

      Hi Mr. jahn,the first time i saw all your design specially for those who have small lot area which is specifically which makes me inspired and it is my honor to be one of your followers,by the way my name is rodel i'm a half japanese and i'm leaving here in seoul korea,like what i said,i want to build a house and i want you to be part of it because i'd like you to make me a floor plan the same as your "MODERN HOUSE DESIGN" but with floor plan and i want a roof deck on top of the house,would you mind if you send me my request because i really inspired all of your builts and ideas,i hope you will consider it,here is my email,thank you!!!

    • sar 4 years ago

      hi there

    • rhina 4 years ago

      hello...i am planning to build a house and hoping to find an affordable house plan for me. The lot is located near the sea shore.

      Your site is so helpful for somebody like me who doesn't have any idea on how much would it cost to build a house.

      i would like to know how much would it cost(estimation w/out furnitures, just the building) if im going to build the "Jerry's House" you had designed.

      I hope you could help me for this. thank you so much in advance...


    • Marie 4 years ago


      LOVE your designs.They look awesome outside.Nice colors.Anyhow...I would love to see all the floor plans,some of the houses do not have them.Just helps to

      visualise it better and also...then I can decide what is

      right plan for us !

      But...yes,when I am ready to build...I will contact you.Love your house desings.Very nice.Love your colors,too.EVERY house looks so nice on the outside.

    • abegail grace 4 years ago

      i love your work and because of that , i got some idea about the design and also the top view of the house, i hope that i used this idea of being an architecture ^_^

    • lhen08 profile image

      lhen08 4 years ago from philippines

      wow! naamazed nmn aq sa mga designs nyo kuya ang ga2nda. gus2 ko rin po mgpatayo ng bhy with second floor and with balcony with 3 rooms or 4, posible po b un s 60sqm house plan then ung floor plan ko po ay 100sqm.. gus2 ko rin po sna ung my car park at pwede rin aq mkgawa ng small garden ko s lbs.. sna po mgwan nyo po aq ng plan n mgaan nmn po s budget. thanks po!

    • ghee santos 4 years ago

      Good day po sir! I like your home designs. Pwede po ba makahingi ng floor plan para sa 8x10 lot Bungalow with 3 bedrooms: master bedroom with cr, 2 bedrooms for guests, with wide porch facing the hghway. elevated 3 meters high mayroon din pong patio at the back? This is my email add: Thank you very much and God bless

    • YAHYA 4 years ago

      Hello sir jahnbar ,

      could you please send me the plans for the Ludenio Home.

      with best regards

    • sweetje 4 years ago

      Hello sir jahnhab

      Gusto ko po umg mga gawa mo ang ganda pti kulay.

      Plan ko po kc ipaayos ung bhay nmn s negros mlpt din s tbing dgat. Kasya po ba s 60 or 70 sqm po. 2 rm and dining and. Kitchen at kg maari my terrace din kht maliit lang.

      More power po sa inyo at nway marami pa kaung matulungan na kapwako po email ko

      God bless po

    • coocub 4 years ago

      Sir. JAHNBAR

      One thing.. WoW

      Sir 201sqm. Lot area ko corner lot po.


    • Dan Ndori 4 years ago

      Great designs,

      i am in tanzania africa,i am about to build a simple house,with attic space on 650 square meter plot.i would like to have plenty of garden space.any suggestion would be much appriciated

    • rhona mae 4 years ago

      hello sir pwede poh bang pakipost yung floor plan nung countryside!!tnx po and GOD BLESS!!

    • isha 4 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar,

      May I know if your estimated cost of the flor plan already includes the materials and the labor?

      Thank you so much

    • jahangeer 4 years ago

      Hi sir.

      Those are beautiful houses. I saw them in moovies. I never see such type of house in my Country.

      I love your Modern house plans. I am looking for house plan.

      Ground level for parking and my pets fish fountain or small tank. (fishes). 1st and 2nd floors for my Joint family.

      Details 18*37 Square yards. Looking for reply. Please post on your site. or mail :

    • Johnny O. Gerarcas 4 years ago

      Sir, im your follower about your artistic design....and your budjet for construction,,,sir please can u send me your floor plan for this model house;;;;MODERN HOUSE II

      HERE's my e mail;;;

      salamat in advance sir

    • luis 4 years ago

      sir magandang umaga po...napakaganda po nang mga design nyo, plan ko ren po sana na magpagawa nang haouse para sa mga magulang ko pag uwe ko nang pinas d2 po ako kc ngayun sa saudi bilang isang salesman sa mall, bali binigyan po kme nang pinsan ko nang lupa na 100sq meter po bali tatayuan ko nlng po sana. pwed po ba magpatyo nang house sa halagang 100k sana po mabigyan nyo po sana ako nang floor plan sa halagang 100k kahit sana simple lng ...salamat po and GOD bless po (

    • miso 4 years ago

      Hie, may you please if possible send me the floor plans for the Simple Modern House, this blue and yellow one. Its so beautiful

    • miso 4 years ago

      Hie, may you please if possible send me the floor plans for the Simple Modern House, this blue and yellow one. Its so beautiful. My email is or

    • santer 4 years ago

      admin, kindly pm me some sample of a simple house design w/ flr plan 2 storey having 1 rm on the 1st flr and two rooms on the 2nd flr for a 120 sqmtr lot. thanks a lot-

    • Deepa 4 years ago

      Hi jahnbar,

      I have a small narrow lot. A want to construct a very cute beauitful home. its dimensions are 19' wide and 75' long.Could you please suggest any good design?



    • mr. simple 4 years ago

      hi jahnbar, i love the design of simple modern house, i wish to know if how much would the plan costs

      email me,

    • von vaquilar 4 years ago

      Good am, I'm planning to build a house, can you pls help me design my dream house, my requirements are: a masterbedroom with cr/closet at least 36 sqft., 2 rooms with cr/closet at least 4 x3 a kitchen with cabinets, a dining room, living room and a family room. with lanai. thank you very much.

    • sarah 4 years ago


    • Jade 4 years ago

      Are you using chief architect software?

    • yahya 4 years ago

      Hello sir jahnbar ,

      could you please send me the plans for the Ludenio Home.

      You could send it to

      with best regards

    • zdar 4 years ago

      please send me the floor plan of that modern house in blue and may bill me for your service.regard

    • libbey 4 years ago

      hi sir,I am impressed with your house designs.My husband and I are planning to build our home on a 200-300sq m lot.Could you please make us one with the bacolod style with elevated porch with few stairs from the living room going to the bedroom.We prefer 3 bedroom(1 master and 2 rooms)with baths and a privision for carport.Please please email me complete floor plan and house design and dimensions please my email ad is a lot sir.More power!!!

    • Ryan 4 years ago

      Hello Sir! I am very impressed with your designs.. i was just thinking if you could do a bamboo house design with 1 master bedroom and 2 bedrooms.. you know, Bamboo House designs are getting a lot of popularity nowadays because of its exotic designs. and also a bamboo house is very suitable with the present climates that we have right now. Looking forward on seeing the design! Thanks

    • Kathy 4 years ago

      Wow,your house designs are so good and its looks alot cheaper than the other ones i saw. I like the rain forest house design. How mush do you think it costs for the whole house to be completed. How much do u cost for a complete plan of the house?

    • Jason 4 years ago

      Sir Johnbar gud day.. i have this lot area about 120 sq. m. and with neighbor both sides on my lot its a sub-division type of lot, do you have design that suits this type of lot??? your reply would be appreciated.... thanks, and more power...

    • Rommel Parales Bugasto 4 years ago

      good day po sir,,,ang gaganda po lahat ng designs niyo,,,kung pwede lang pagawa lahat,,,hehehe...sir pwede po bang makuha yung floor plans ng ludenio home,,,pang 150sq meters lang po kasi lot ko,,,eto po email add ko....( thanks po sa pagsha-share ng mga magagandang designs,,,God bless you always!

    • 4 years ago

      Good day.

      I find it very interesting to visit your site. Your designs are very much elegant. Is it ok if i'll ask from you a house design including the floor plan?



    • Z'ebeiv Nylazil 4 years ago

      Hi, i've seen all your house plan drawing, compliments it's beautiful and very artictic. I'm planning to build a house next year, in my lot of 204 sq. meter, diagonal w/2 entrance on the right and left street. Can you kindly draw me plan of 2 storey house, w/ 100sq. meter each floor and the roof top is open space, that i can use for party needs, w/ the stairs out of the house going to the roof top. Master bedroom on the ground floor w/ toilet and baths, plus one room for the maids. On the first floor 1 room w/ toilet and baths, plus onother room.....thanks and wait for your response.

    • lloyd bustamante 4 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar,

      Good work on your design, you inspire me a lot to renovate my house when i brows you design. However, i wanted to renovate my bungalow house with narrow room and 7X10 ft floor for my sala and 7X10 ft for dining. to your attic house. How i can start renovating at low cost because i had only 25K, but i want to be look like your attic house. i have a lot 75 sq meter, currently my floor area is 35 sq meter. Could give us some tips or sending me a sketch plan.

      My god shower you blessing.


    • blackrose 4 years ago

      good day!

      I love all the designs you got are a very talented person. I got inspired by your designs and wish to have soon one of your design. Does you build houses in any area in phil like in puerto princesa? if so can i get help from you? i want to have the ludenio design can u please email in this

      hoping for your response.

      thank you.


    • martinnetsims 4 years ago

      long time no see tommy sorry iv took so long i think this is the site

      filling address ,ring them if you need them in a hurry ,just say m netsims told you to ring

    • Anthony 4 years ago

      Gud day sir. Like others request, sana matulungan mo rin ako to visualize our dream house. Sir may lot po kami na 19mx10m at my wife like very much the bacolod victoria and the valencia house. We required at least 4mx5m na master bedroom with toilet, 2 bedrooms, 1 common toilet, kitchen/dining, living room and car port. Hope you can send us the design and the 2D plans with the sizes para po macheck namin. Eto po email add ko

      Love your house design. Napaka cool and elegant.

      Thanks in advance and GB.

    • engineer 4 years ago

      can you please give us a detailed plan for a lot of (10*10)m but it lies in non opened area thank you very much

    • Derek Alba 4 years ago

      hi sir, do you have a detailed plan for a 17 sqm two-storey lot? here`s my email - thanks in advance....

    • rodel 4 years ago

      Hi sir, do you have a 2 storey modern house design that will fit with a lot area of 10x17 sq m , 10 m is the frontage and with spacious living room . Thankyou po .

    • lorna ilagan 4 years ago

      hello mr. jahnbar,,

      i really like your house model.. they are so inspiring.Could you please provide me a plan for ludencio model..i like it too much...

    • jc 4 years ago

      Sir.. I have an east facing 60'' X 22.5'' (road facing) square feet...please suggest me a house design that suit that space..and of low cost email id is

    • pinayako55 4 years ago

      hi sir! mas mabuti ba magpagawa ng sarili which takes longer time kase magiipon pa or get a house and lot package from a developer worth 3M

    • joan 4 years ago

      hi sir.. i love your designed especially ludenio.. sir, can you please send me the blueprint of your ludenio design... tnxs a lot... email..

    • rodolfo 4 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar,

      I think you are in trouble now, since you exposed your fantastic house floor plan design a lot of people got enterested on it, even my self. :). and still alot of person still requesting to have their own house design. and you are not replying them anymore. I would like to have the blue print Bacolod Home Brick, please it really fit my taste, I am ready to start to build the house at any time as soon as I get the plan, so thank you soooooo much and god bless you!

    • jo 4 years ago

      gud day sir! im a fan of ur designs. i really love ur sunflower house. cn u please send me the floor plan of that model? here's my email

      thanx & God bless!

    • cheche cacao 4 years ago

      hello po sir, ang ganda po ng designs nyo. pwede nyo po ba ako bigyan ng design para 100 sq meters na bahay. kung pwede po sana ay 1 master bedroom with bathroom, 1 room for 2 kids (boys) and 1 for servant's quarter kahit maliit lang with 1 common bathroom, 1 living and dining, kitchen room and a garage and isang maliit na bodega po... Please help me, I really want to have a house of our own na abot kaya lang po sa budget..

    • martellawintek 4 years ago

      long time no see dennis if your still hanging around i think this is there site

      and some info , just give them a call , mention martells put you on

    • khanzy 4 years ago

      hello jahnbar!

      good day! i have a plan to build our own home a very simple made of wood with 3 bedroom , 1 cr and 1 room for the things and flat. My problem is the design and ideas how can i implement it i have no idea for the design. if possible may i request you to help me for this.

      tnx a lot and merry Christmas to you and more power...

    • Michael 4 years ago

      Sir I would like to ask you to make us nice house 2 storey bedrooms and 2 cr it has a balcony at the 1st floor no parking lot i really like your creativeness please send it to my email

    • Fely 4 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar,

      Good day and happy new year. I really like your house design its so simple and very artistics. I have a lot and the size is 9 x 12 . Is it possible to make me a simple bungalow 2 bedroom and 2 toilets and elevated like 5 steps ? Please send me to my e-mail Thanks a lot.

    • Charlotte 3 years ago

      hello po sir ask ko sana if u can send a native or wood house design in 100 sq.meters lot with two storey house with garden. Pls send at thank you po and more power

    • maudyns profile image

      maudyns 3 years ago

      Good day sir! I like your rain forest and royal maroon design, simple and it. Husband and I planning to build a house like this... Can you please send the floor plan at or

      Thanks and more blessings!

    • JulietBustos 3 years ago

      hi po, pwede moba send skin ung floor plan ng simple modern house mo, ang ganda nya eh, paano mo inarange ung floor plan nya ko salamat po

    • angela muriki 3 years ago

      Sir, I like the Rainforest and Royal Maroon design. My yard is 15m X 30m and would like to construct an 2-3 storey apartment. Kindly email me the floor plan of the two houses to

      Thank you so much


    • RomChabyabody 3 years ago

      When i used to obtain at the top of lifestyle however recently We have established a weight.

    • MG Projekt 3 years ago

      I like Apostol most. Has catchy name, nice, functional interior (I think), and just right proportions.

    • Marja 3 years ago

      Valencia Home Style about ; 12 meters length x 10 meters width /30 feet ? I love the look of this house,but would like to modify some of this plan.

      This is a one storey residential house with 3 bedrooms. The floor living area is only 118 square meters. It has a spacious Living & Dining area and U-shape kitchen.My Idea for this plan : remove the walls dividing hallway /-living-dining and kitchen areas and create totally open living space. The bathroom in the Master bedroom would become walk in closet…the two other bedrooms share a hallway and that would become the full bathroom for the whole family . Bathroom should not take the whole space so both Bedrooms would have good sized closets. The house would only have one full bath for the family. I would raise the roof and create loft area there/ for kids/ TV room and storage space. Master Bedroom where the tiny closet space is …could be turned into a small bathroom with a small ,tiny sink and toilet.No shower.Front hallway wall should be removed but closets added on both sides Of that area to accommodate jackets and shoes.Storage area at the back of the house and the patio should remain as is.

    • Jay 3 years ago

      Sir Jahnbar, are you having house project in Cebu also? Please reply how may I contact you. I'm planning to build a house at a budget of 1M only. Maybe you can help in giving shelter to my kids a wife.

      Thank you.

    • Jeff 3 years ago

      Hi Mr. Janbar,

      I like your paulina house design. but I would like you to send me a breakdown of the materials to be used if it is possible.


    • lovege2x 3 years ago

      Hi sir....good day...!

      You have a great designs of favorite is the blue house with spiral stairs on the outside....! Can i have a floor plan of the entire house sir if its much does it approximately cost to build the house...i would appreciate your reply sir...

      I will leave to you my email address...hope to hear response sir...

      email ad-

    • lherchy 3 years ago

      hello sir you have nice design..can u please help me find a nice design - one story house if it is ok wihth you.,ttanks....i just visited ur site.thanks

    • Erick 3 years ago

      What i have to say is that this is a great achievement in archtectural indusry God bless u so much i like it thanks,i could also like your idea in this piece of land 30m by 60m in term of a building and floor plan

    • Rose Maja profile image

      Rose Maja 3 years ago

      Jay & Aya Marasigan House , Napaka Ganda po nang Design nito , sabi po ninyo na roughly mga 850, 000 siya , includes naba ang Labor , plumbing , mga electrical and etc things pa except po yung finishing ? Jay & Aya Marasigan House , thanks po

    • Redrick 3 years ago

      I like the simplicity of Patangan design. Do you have floor plans for it? I have a 2002qm lot and I think this will suit our preference. Nice work Janhbar!

    • karl castillo 3 years ago

      hello Sir, your designs are nice,hope you could help me,i need a simple home design and a floor plan for a 8Osqm lot,it is an old house,please help,we also have a minimal budget,i know U could help.Godbless Sir,

    • NERIE 3 years ago

      GUD day sir, kindly send the materials needed and all the estimate cost for me to budget my cash intended for jerry's house plan design of you?

      thank you.

    • Dina N. Cruz 3 years ago

      Hello po Sir,

      Yung mga design nyo po ay modern lhat ska and ganda!naghahanap po ako ng design na pwede sa 150 sqm 2 story house po sana bka po pag lumaki pa hindi na kaya ng budget. un pala pong lupa namin inaabot ng baha hanggang tuhod kaya po balak sana namin ni hubby na elevated bago po mag 1st floor. If magkaroon po kayo ng time bka po pwede give nyo ng plan for our future house. 3 BR and 2Bathroom. Thank you po in advance!

    • stoecki 3 years ago

      our plan is to build on mactan cebu and on bantayan cebu. for bantayan we think about something like hernanie ocean blue. the lot is big enough. can we start from here?

      please contact:

    • Charlemagne Almendras 3 years ago

      Good Day sir Jahnbar ! :)

      Sir, curious ako sa Jerry house Design pwed po ba e email mo yong sketch plan or blue print ng deisgn mo sir ? kasi may lot area ako 200sqm 10m x 20m. ito po email ko sir : Email:

    • mushipatrick2013 3 years ago

      hellow Jahnbar, your work is very impressive. I have a lot having 8m width x10m long, Please can you e mail to me through my adress ( the Atitic house design, floor plan and interior design. The house of 3 or 4 bed rooms; Sitting room, dining and kitchen combined together. I want to own the Atitic house, good day.

    • fabria 3 years ago

      Hi Sir Jahnbar,

      Your house plans are great. By the way I have a house picture that I really love it and I would like to build one but the problem is I have no copy of the floor plan. If you don't mind could you make a floor plan with 3 br & 2toilet for me please. My email is . Many thanks and more power!

    • narliegavia21 3 years ago

      good morning mr. jahnbar :) nakita ko po nung isang araw yung attic design nyo at ramdam ko na balang araw ito ang magiging bahay naming mag asawa,,our deram house at masyang masaya po ako kc gusto ko po tlaga ay attice style pwede ko po ba mahingi ang ekasktong plan nung bahay next year po namen plano mag paumpisa mag asawa magpagawa ng bahay,,thank you po :) eto po ang email ko maraming salamat po. napakagnda po ng mga designs nyo

    • stanley 3 years ago

      Sir Jahnbar,

      baka po meron kpang deatil ng rain forest design mo? pa send nmn po sa emil ko.. tnx...

    • stanley 3 years ago

    • Janice Hurloll 3 years ago

      Hello Mr.Jahnbar,

      What a fantastic design of you! :-) I was planing to build a house for my mom in davao, 120 sq meter. can you please give me some of your best ideas. maybe 2 or 3 rooms, kitchen,1 toilet,leaving room and laundry area. Here's my email address. janice_vigo2000

      Thank you in advance and Best of Luck. God Bless

    • Henry 3 years ago

      I really like these designs. Could you please provide the floor plans for "Rain Forest or Royal Maroon"? Thanks.

    • EricRBX 3 years ago

      Excellent designs. AutoCAD is a great house design tool. Could you please provide the floor plans for "Patangan"? I may ask for others later. We hope to build in the Batangas City area next year or so. My wife says all of yours are her favorite!

    • clef 3 years ago

      hello janbar could you send me a copy of a floor design of the Modern House II building that you design. i have a 200 m2 lot and want that design very badly coz its fits the location and climate here in baguio especially nowadays.

      Thanks a lot .

      here's my email:

    • Henry 3 years ago

      Thank you for these nice designs. Please send me floor plans for Rain forest/Royal Maroon. Thanks.

    • Dee 3 years ago

      Your designs are spectacular, simple and definitely low cost as one can clearly see there is barely any space wasting this is brilliant for someone like me who is looking forward to constructing my own home as thats basically the trend here in Africa as the real estate market is unreachable for many who are in the middle income brackets. Thanx alot and keep up the great work

    • Bewar Abdullah 3 years ago

      Hello Dear

      Your designs are wonderful. Please I'm interested in the house that has a spiral stair front all the way up to the terrace, that you said it is suitable in high land area with over looking to sea. Kindly can you send me it's floor plans. my email is


    • Floradel Ortal profile image

      Floradel Ortal 3 years ago

      Hello sir! ang gaganda po ng mga design u gusto ko ung design ng LUDENIO bibili po kmi ng 500 sq meter lot pwede po ba yan s Ludenio at pwede pong isend u po sakin ung floor plan ng Ludenio? my email is thank u po.

    • spaky 3 years ago from Iloilo City, Philippines

      Hi good day Sir! ang gaganda po ng designs ninyo. Nagpaplano po kami ng husband ko magpagawa ng bahay, 2 storey house, floor area 80 sqm, lot area po namin is 120sqm., pwede po makahingi design with floor plan, simple lang po, budget po namin 700k. 3 beedrooms po with maid's quarter sa ground floor, at maliit na terrace sa 1st floor. my emails is Maraming salamat po. God bless

    • Nina 3 years ago

      Hi..good day! your designs are husband and I are planning to build a 2 storey, 3-4 bedroom farmhouse or rest house, do you have any design for that?If not could you please send the floor plan of your Ludenio's my email add. a lot and i'll be looking forward for more of your creations..Godbless you.

    • Birhanu yeshitla 3 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar, i got a land (10m x 10m)& i wanted your idea how to build a house in it, so if u got any idea plz lemme know by mail.

    • Matet 3 years ago


      Do you have a 2-storey house plan for 100 sqm lot? Please send me an email. Thanks!

    • MPR 2 years ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar. Do you have a design with a floor plan for a LA of 277 sqm fairly square and a little elevated? Would like to request a plan for 150-180sqm FA. sea behind us and overlooking the hills so verandas will be awesome fore and back.


      Pls e-mail

    • Laarni 2 years ago

      Brilliant!!! Love your designs.

    • gendulu profile image

      gendulu 2 years ago from Nagcarlan, Laguna

      good day!!ask ko lng po kung my floor plan po kau dun sa rain forest?

    • Cito 2 years ago

      Hi! Sir,]

      I really appreciate your design, however i would like to know if you can built in Laguna area. I have 10x15 M lot, do you have any design will fit in it? I am planning to have 2 bedroom and 1 master berdoom, 2 toilet and an open sala, I mean opened straight through the upper level ceiling. I do have model house but I think it will not fit in 10x15 house. I can send it to you through e-mail. Anyway here is my e-mail address

    • Rosalie P. Langgamin 2 years ago

      Hi Mr.Jahnbar, You have a beautiful houses design I love yong country design and the Annabelle house I have 117m2 lot and I want to build a home at only 80m2 please don't you mind send to my email the 2 plan? Thank you. by the way iam from Iloilo I don't know if your near there so that I will hired to build my house if you have contruction workers in your own... but now I still here in Singapore but this July im going back home. Have a good Day. God bless.

    • Edcris 2 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar,

      Your designs are great. I would appreciate if you can email me the floor plan of Light Peach and Dark Brown Shingles?

      Thank you.

    • Anna 2 years ago

      Hi. I love your designs, they are all awesome.

      Can you do a design & floor plan for a 2-storey house with 60sqm and advise on the approximate total cost.

      Thank you so much.

    • Anna 2 years ago

      Hi Janbar. Sorry, lot is 120sqm, if possible with proposed small garage. I am an OFW and planning to remodel our house. If you could email it to Thanks.

    • yasmin m 2 years ago

      hi jahnbar. fortunately for me i was browsing the net and luckily found ur site.the houses are all stunnin!!!! i like how u managed to fit in so much in so little space. i need your advice and help. can u please give me an idea or plan for a extention. we buildin our home ontop of my mums garage. its 10 by 11mt. 100 sq. id like to hav a kitchen n dining area,main bedroom with ensuite. 2 smaller rooms sharing a bathroom. whats ur advice, im open to ideas. tanx a million.

    • marjorie 2 years ago

      hello,, i found your page amazing,,,me and my fiance are planning to build house and found d ludenio home design of yours,, could u pls send to me all d details of the house including d floor plan, structural design,, project cost and everything... pls email me at we need as soon as possible,,thnxxx

    • marjorie 2 years ago

      Hello jahnbar...

      I am very much interested of ludenio homes,, can you please send me d floor plans and estimated cost of the house? I am from Siquijor and in fact me and my fiancee had already ordered hollowblocks for our house but unfortunately we still not decided d design until i found your site,,, amazing,,, pls,,pls,,, pls,,, give a favor,,, pls email me at racal_marjorie@YAHOO.COM..THANK YOU,,, more power,,,,

    • 2 years ago

      I have a fist floor area 20 meter long and 6 meter wide, I want to build residential home on the 1st floor slab, but there is iron rod reft by the builders to make pillars for construction concrete roof. Pl. let me know how I can make the home with plan.

    • babloo chauhan 2 years ago

      Your designs are great, I need your help, i bought a house from 2 floors and roof. I would like your in the enterier design. I want to make an open kitchen in the 1st floor since the area is 90 m. I would like a simple style, relief as of it is i am in a simple & modern house.


    • ramir 2 years ago

      Hi! Would like to ask if you can give me soft copy of house plan suited for 100sq meter lot area. Budget at 1M na fine or elegant finish na may 3 bedrooms and 1 common t&b. thank you.

    • raymond baradas 2 years ago

      hi sir ,gustong gusto ko mga design mo but our lot is limited only to 7mX17m. pwede mo ba ko matulungan sa sukat ng lupa ko....tnx a lot...

      pls email me @ ....more power..

    • Yani 2 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      I love all the designs of your house. I am planning to build a house of our own sana this year. We like the bungalow type of house. Can you please provide me a design for a 200-250sqm floor area. we want 3 bedrooms, 1 common bath, 1 bath for masters and dining na may patio ...please send me your designs at

    • romeo 2 years ago

      Hi Engr. Jahnbar! U got the coolest designs for a Hope u could giv me some ideas, just a floor plans as am having nightmares in planing our retirement 1 storey house. I got a lot area of 12 met.(front) x 15 met.sides =185sqm in all. What i want in a house is, cool, especially during brown-outs. A 2 car garage on the right side, a small garden left side, a bigger recieving area, big master room w/cr, additional 2 childrens room, a maid quarter, music room, storage room, etc. I just hope you could throw me some ideas....Thanks & more power


    • Don Case profile image

      Don Case 2 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta

      Good day,

      Do you have the Floor plans for the Rain Forest house? Pls also provide the cost for finished product and roughed in. What does Roughed in mean? pls advise, thxs.


    • g-ann 2 years ago

      Sir I think your designs are fantastic... specially the rain forest house. We have a lot and my parents areplanning to have a new house, a two storey house. I hope you could help me out. I really like the rainforest design, Im just wondering if it could be adjusted to 6bedrooms. Hope you can share the design and the floor plan with me. At

      I hope to receive a response from you sir. Thank you and godbless you! :)

    • bryan 2 years ago

      hi Sir Jhanbar.

      may lot po ang parents ko 1om by 13m po ung sukat. gusto ko lng po sana makatulong sa knila kc wala naman po kming mkita sa lugar nmin na architect. Sir sana po mapagbigyan niyo naman. 2 storey house po sana na may isang bedroom sa ground floor at 4 na bedroom po sa first floor, with a garage at terrace.Hoping na mapagbigyan niyo po sir. Humahanga po talaga kami sa mga design niyo

      .Thank you po.

    • abella Quindoza 2 years ago

      Hi Sir! I Would like to ask po if you can give me soft copy of house plan suited for 110sq meters lot area. Nagustuhan ko po yong Ludenio Model nyo puede po ba mag request sa inyo ng floor plan details with measurement and perspective po sa palagay nyo po ba puede sya sa lot ko na 110sqm at bagay po b sya sa location ko na 2nd to the corner lot yong location ko. Gusto ko po sana may 3 bedrooms and 1 common t&b.

      Thank you so much po.

      Ito po yong email add ko:

    • Oliv 2 years ago

      I like the apostle house design type very much . I have a plot about 24ft x 35ft of hill slope land and that i wanted to build your apostle type house. my requirement are 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 dinning, 1 large common room to have a home prayer service that can hold atleast 25 people. can u help me build my house sir? You can send it to me at

    • robert LC 2 years ago

      gud am sir ,I have a lot size 4 meters frontage and a length of 14.5 meters,pahaba siya na makipot kaya nahihirapan ako na maghanap ng ideal na design para ditto,gusto ko sana yung parang zen type na townhouse na design na 2 storey with 2 bedroom sa itaas ,may sarili toilet and bath sa masters bed room at may common toilet and bath din sa ibaba,pwede po ba 4x 6 sa baba then 4x8 sa taas na may maliit na terrace,,,,magaganda mga designs mo sir kaya lang hindi siya kakasya sa lote ko,,,,asking for your help to build me a house plan,thank you sir...God can send it to me at my email add...,

    • shelajane28 2 years ago

      wow its kinda amazing and awesome plans:)

      hoping for more design and plans:)

      im an avid fan of u Eng'r. Jhanbar:)

      im excited to passed the board exam and b an engineer like u someday:)

    • SHADAAB NAZAR 2 years ago

      WOW VERY NICE I HAVE SEARCH EVERY DESIGN IN GOOGLE BUT CANT FIND A DESIGN COLLECTION U HAVE, I WANT A DESIGN FOR MY 21 FEET WIDTH BY 45 FEET LONG PLOT .CAN U PROVIDE PLZ EMAIL ME AT NAZAR6@GMAIL.COM and also for a West plot of 55 feet width with 52 feet depth according to vastu plz plz i want to leave some space on all side

    • anne 2 years ago

      hello sir janbar i like ur design... please help me create a my sketch plan of my house 26 x 30 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.. thank you

    • Grace 2 years ago

      Great designs. How much would a 6m x 9m house a little bigger than the Jerry's floor plan be?

    • Dennis 2 years ago

      hello sir, can i ask for your help. I need a house design for my 8m x 15m (120 sqm Lot). id like to have a 2 storey house with 1 garage. thank you very much..

    • Minerva 2 years ago

      Hi, I love your designs especially the Attic design, and the royal maroon, please can u share the floor plan of the royal maroon I hope it's ok coz we are planning to build our home here in Bukidnon hopefully before year ends.

      More power & Godbless

      Email :

    • lelefil 2 years ago

      House plan cost 400 thousand can build a house with 2 bedrooms

      My email:

    • bhabyann5678 2 years ago


      All of your design are wonderful that i can't stop myself looking at it again & again. We are planning to have our own house soon and i fell in

      love with your Rain Forest design. Pwede na po ba ang 60 sqm? Can you please send me the floor plan?

      Thank you very very much po & God Bless


    • Perci 2 years ago

      Hi Sir,


      Your design are all very good looking. I'm planning to building my house soon in General trias cavite.

      I am looking for design and construction services. can you pls. send me your estimate price cost for 100sqm with 4 rooms.

      You can send me your quotation thru my email:

      Thank you for sharing and hoping for your reply.

      God bless!

    • Asim Chakraborty 2 years ago

      Sir.. I have a land of 12.5'' X 26'' square feet...please suggest me a house design that suit that space..and of low cost email id is

    • Rommel Santos 2 years ago

      Good day sir!! I really love the Bacolod Victoria Design. I was planning to build the house on my 180 sq meter lot. Enough to go around the house and still jave a place at the back for laundry and dirty kitchen for barbecue. Can you send me the floor plan for bacolod victoria house. Thanks and more power

    • Edwin Tugaoen profile image

      Edwin Tugaoen 2 years ago from Singapore

      Good day Sir Jahn, i was very impressed to your design i love them all especially my wife. We are planning to build the house but in tight budget my wife like with rooftop that can use for small gathering . The lot is 200sq m it is a dead end area. Sir here my email add Thanks and keep up the good work Sir Jahn

    • reylan 2 years ago

      sir gudeve po; pwde po ba ung jerys house sa 8m x 9m pwde po ba malaman ung estimate cost at ung list break down ng materials. . please po plan na po kc namin magpatayo mg house this january. thank u po sir

      eto po email ad ko. .

    • jhudz 2 years ago

      hi mr. jahnbar gud day po...nagustuhan ko po ang mga design ng house nyo pati na rin po ang asawa ko ay na impress sa mga design nyo... gusto po namin ang mga design pero mukhang sobrang laki po nito para sa lupa namin... nais ko po sana magpatulong na makahingi ng bungalow design ng house sa 80 sq.meter na lupa (10x8) with 3 bedroom..nagpaplano na po kc kmi magpatayo... maraming salamat po...eto po ang email add. ko

    • Connie jugar 2 years ago

      DEAR Sir,

      Gusto nko u mga design is it possible to ask quatation for 2 story house? I just bought lot in samal island davao soon we want to build house to it, but I dont ha e any idea what it looks like to be...

      beres my plan

      ground floor


      @dining room


      @1 small guest room

      @guest toilet with shower

      2nd floor

      @1 master bedroo with toilet and veranda

      @2 small bedroom

      @1 toilet and vasin no shower us there is shower downstairs

      just send me quotation simple but elelgant not heavy for my pocket hahahah quoation with all finish and painted:::

      my email add is my budget is 1.500million lot area could be 180sq

    • sam1774 2 years ago

      Hi Jahnbar, I really enjoy browsing your designs you posted here especially for budgeted space. I have 220 sqm lot but I only want to use 150sqm of it and I need to build two storey house with roof top like the middleast style house but on the parapet has partly roofed so it can be seen outside as if there's a roof of the entire house. I wanted to use the roof top for mini garden. I want my master's bedroom in the ground floor so by the time we will retire we don't have a hard time of going up and down. But there's also small maid's room. The second floor will be 4 bedrooms for our children. If you can send me the quotation and the soft copy of the design this is my email address Thank you.

    • Angely DC. Minel 2 years ago

      hai.... I love your attic house design... very simple yet very ideal. Like me I love the way how you consume the lot space and even the entire house space consuming area. I hope you will continue designing small houses like this ATTIC house you design! GOD BLESS!

    • Elgo 2 years ago

      Hi Janbar, I really like your Modern House design... I have a 224 sqm lot but would only use 120sqm, can you please send me a blue print and cost estimate. THANKS and GOD BLESS.

    • Jun Naval 2 years ago

      Sir, I like all the design you posted,if I do have financial source to build one of those design you make, i'll let you know to pick one of your design.

    • menchie 24 months ago

      Hi Mr.Jahnbar

      I really like the design of your ATTIC HOUSE. Hope you dont mind if I ask the floor plan of the house ,heres my email add.

      thank you very much

    • Shane 24 months ago

      What a talent! My own house design in the near future will be based on your designs. Thank you and more power.. Godbless

    • Vanessa 24 months ago

      Good day! I was browsing for house plans and designs and this page has given me the info I needed. My family has 125 sq.m lot and we are planning to build a 2floor, 4 bedroom. Can you give me an estmate of the costing so we can prepare? Thanks. May you be blessed more. Email: Bacolod, Neg. Occ.

    • Mili 23 months ago

      Good afternoon sir, your designs are amazing, the Attic House is wonderful. How does one buy your plans? Kind regards Mili

    • Mili 23 months ago

      Good morning, having commented before I did not include an email, I am wondering about obtaining the attic house, I have a block of 300m square, though I note the Attic does not have a laundry, is it possible to obtain this design with a laundry. My e-mail is Many thanks in advance for your response.

    • r-jay 22 months ago

      good day sir,

      i really like your design ung light peach & dark brown shingles,how much would be the cost of that design, can u please give me the total cost? we have land lot area 144sq.m,same design xa.

      thank you sir and hope u will give the cost and whole plan details.

      Here is my email ad:

    • r-jay 22 months ago


      i really like design, i have a land lot area 144sq.m, can u please give me

      ung soft copy ng whole plan details and how much its cost,

      light peach & dark brown shingles

      thanks and more power

      please email me at

    • Grace Lee Bagking profile image

      Grace Lee Bagking 22 months ago from Pingchen, T'Ai-Wan, Taiwan

      grabeh sir very like ko ang design mo..sna magpost ka pa po ng iba ...

    • lito o. 22 months ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar,

      magaganda ang design ng mga gawa mong bahay pwede po ba ako magpatulong ang lot area ko po ay 300sqm ang gusto ko pong bahay ay mga 60 to 80 sqm lang po walang itaas o second floor at 3 bedrooms pwede po kayo mag mag guhit para mo magaya ko wala po kasi akong malaking budget salamat po.

    • jerry basco 22 months ago


      meron pu ba kayong design para sa 3.6m x 14m na lot. Ground floor may car port sya living dining and kitchen at toilet and washing or laundry area. Sa first floor may terrace at 2 or 3 bedrooms.

    • gerome 22 months ago

      Gud day po.

      Pwede po ba magpa design ng bahay na bungalo type na may 3 bed room? Na ang budget 600k lang. Eto po yung email add ko thanks po ng marami.

    • Elvira 21 months ago

      Hello jahn, we have 80sqmm lot & I want to utilize all the space as much as possible. Grnd flr. 1 car garage 1sala 1 cr 1kitchen 1 dining & 2nd flr. 3 br & 1 small attic that will serve as small office & shelves. May you provide us floor plan & external design for the complete house. My budget is only 1m kaya po ba? Please advise? My email add

    • Elvira 21 months ago

      Hello jahn, we have 80sqmm lot & I want to utilize all the space as much as possible. Grnd flr. 1 car garage 1sala 1 cr 1kitchen 1 dining & 2nd flr. 3 br & 1 small attic that will serve as small office & shelves. May you provide us floor plan & external design for the complete house. My budget is only 1m kaya po ba? Please advise? My email add

    • Elvira 21 months ago

      Elvira 4 hours ago

      Hello jahn, we have 80sqmm lot & I want to utilize all the space as much as possible. Grnd flr. 1 car garage 1sala 1 cr 1kitchen 1 dining & 2nd flr. 3 br 1cr & 1 small attic that will serve as small office & shelves. May you provide us floor plan & external design for the complete house. My budget is only 1m kaya po ba? Please advise? My email add

    • Tunde 21 months ago

      Thanks for your designs. I will need one soonest.

    • jomart 21 months ago

      Sir Jahnbar,

      Good day!

      I'm an OFW here in Saudi, I just browsing to look for house design that I could use in building a house for my parents. I found that you have the taste for good design and aside from that you provide the estimated cost in building a house which gives an idea to your followers.

      I really want to provide a comfortable house for my parents. I love your Bacolod design which I think it has classic taste and suited in rural place (especially in our area in Davao).

      Sir, I would like to ask your help if you could provide for the detailed floor plan and also list of specific materials if it is not too much.. My email address is

      Thank you Sir and more power!


    • Twana Q. 21 months ago

      Sir Jahnbar,

      Good day!

      Dear Sir, i have 1000m2 farm, its land, i want to build small house inside it, i want build 100m2 house, i prefer one big living room connect with kitchen, and 2 bed room, can you help me with a design,

      Thank you and best regards


    • carey 21 months ago

      Is a 2 storey 3 bedroom, 1 master bedroom with T/B, 1 maid's room, a family hall, 2 car garage possible in a lot with 15 meter frontage and 9 meter depth considering the legal easements in between property line and wall? Your designs don't have suggestions for a 15 x 9 meter lots.

    • christopher 21 months ago

      Sir Janbar,

      Ang gaganda ng design ng bahay.. pwede po ako mag pagawa ng plan para sa 80 sq.m. 2 storey with 4 rooms baka 3 rooms sa taas at isa sa baba katamtaman lang ang bawat room..

      2 toilet tag isa sa taas at baba

      Salamat po!

      email ko po

      mobile# 09082563872

    • 21 months ago

      carey 8 days ago

      Is a 2 storey 3 bedroom, 1 master bedroom with T/B, 1 maid's room, a family hall, 2 car garage possible in a lot with 15 meter frontage and 9 meter depth considering the legal easements in between property line and wall? Your designs don't have suggestions for a 15 x 9 meter lots.

      Could it be possible extending partly using firewall?

    • Cherry 20 months ago

      Hello po..pwd po ba aq magpagawa ng plan simple house plan po..3 bed rooms 1 T/B at list po ng mga material qng ilang po magamit..salamat po...eto po email add q..cherrymarienamalata

    • roy 19 months ago

      Magkano Po hang magagastos Sa 3 storey Na apartment with 12 units. Per floor Po 4 units and per unit Po ay nasa 70sqm.patulong Nyman Po admin. Salamat.

    • elias brizuela 19 months ago

      how much is the floor plan of your country side style?

    • Grace lee 18 months ago

      Hello sir,can you gve me the floor plan of your modern house ll and large modern home..please..

    • Paul Malugala 18 months ago

      Is a good house plan, It is looking nice.

    • Liwayway 17 months ago

      Good pm,sir. Pwd bang makaavail ng iyong house design/floor plan royal rain forest? I like it so much. We're planning to build our house this year but up to now undecided pa kami sa design. Upon seeing your design, wow! Nakita kong bigla ang hinahanap ko. Thnks for posting, sir. My email,

    • Doniber 17 months ago

      Good day! Sir I am interested with perspective of the rain forest but I want to know the floor plan design can you send me an e copy of the floor plan I am looking for a 4 bedroom 2 storey house, my email add Thanks a lot and more power!

    • RodelynSumergido profile image

      RodelynSumergido 17 months ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar,

      Pwd ko nimo mabuhatan ug house design & flr.plan f possible? I heard mahal mn gud dw mgpabuhat plan & im soo thankful i saw ur designs sa nternet.We are planning mg.balay sa oroquita city. 200sqm ang lot. I want 2 storey modern house w/roofdeck pra magamit f naa mga friends. 4 bedrooms w/cr bsan gagmay lang basta medyo dako ang master bedroom. Muask sdko ug refferal from u f u hav kaila contractor nga dili mahal.

      I really hope nga imong pansinon akong message.

      Thanks a lot!!


    • chel 17 months ago

      Hi! can you make a design of a two storey house with 2-3 bedroom for a 100sq.m lot? thanks! email is

    • Al 17 months ago

      Hello loved your rainforest design would you e able to make the house 4 bedroom instead of 3 and how would I be able to get floor plans the house

    • Benjie 16 months ago

      Sir, kindly make a house design for me. 2 storey with 4 bedrooms. About how much is it? I'm from batangas

    • Allan 16 months ago

      Hi! I am interested in your Countryside Style design. Can you send me the house design and may I know how much is the cost? Here is my email address

      Thanks and more power.

    • ermadelacerna 14 months ago

      Hi Mr. Jahnbar! I just want to thank you for the Attic house design you made. I used it in my own house, though it is progressively built, but i know few years from now, our house will look like your design. Thank you so much...

    • Sol 12 months ago

      Hi Sir,

      Gusto ko po yung Jerry's House, kindly me send me the floor plan.

      Thank you!

    • lmarix 12 months ago

      Hi Sir Jahnbar,

      Your designs were just... wow! I've been looking around for good floor plans and never found anything good until I got here in your site. I especially love the Jay Marasigan and Valencia floor plans. I have a 180 sqm lot and would like to ask if you can create a floor plan for a 2 storey house? I can email you my specifications if that is ok. :)

    • redd-d-pogi 12 months ago

      di sir,Goodday!ngsesearch po ako ng mga sample ng houseplan for a 50sq,meter lot,and luckily found ur site,ang gagandang ginawa nyo at napansin ko ginagamit nyo ng mahusay ang mga spaces para lumuwag at mging komportable ang bahay kahit maliit lng plus nagagawa nyo elegante kahit simple..magkanu po ba ang pagawa ng design s inyo ?thank you!and God bless po always.

    • MARK BINSON AQLUIZALAS 10 months ago

      VERY NICE DESIGN Mr. jahnbar and i'm interested your design. and also i want to know how to design like yours. b-coz, i'm the one of beginner and interested to design.

    • DoveFreexrolo 10 months ago

      Excellent weblog here! Additionally your website rather a lot up fast! What host are you the usage of? Can I get your associate link for your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

    • DoveFreexrolo 10 months ago

      It the best time to make some plans for the longer term and it time to be happy. Ie learn this publish and if I may I wish to suggest you few fascinating issues or suggestions. Perhaps you can write subsequent articles relating to this article. I desire to read even more issues approximately it!

    • Corazon 10 months ago

      Hello sir jahnbar, i am very inspired seeing those house designs specially ludenio home. I also like the color combination maroon and yellow. 2 years from or a year after we are planning to build a house little by little and i wanted to follow the Ludenio home design and color. Would you mind to also propose a floor plan for that two-storey house? Probably the lot area is 200 sq meters but i wanted to reserve extra area for landscape. Here is my email: Thank you.

    • DoveFreexrolo 10 months ago

      Nice post. I was checking constantly this weblog and I am impressed! Extremely helpful info particularly the closing phase I care for such information a lot. I was looking for this certain information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

    • Carina 9 months ago

      Hi sir! I would like to use your design of Attic house or the Modern house but we are planning to build it in a 80 -90 sqm flr plan only. Would it be possible for you to revise the design according to the flr plan that I mentioned & send me a copy of it. I would appreciate it very much. More power ! Ps my email add is

    • Jayson 8 months ago

      Sir like ko po yung design na Bacolod Victoria. Sir pwede po ba pasend sa akin ang plan nya. Maraming salamat sir

    • Jenniffer Tiongson 7 months ago

      i really love ur works.. i am from Pangasinan. wish i could have a soft copy of ur Royal marron Design.

      this is my email add:

      your big fan


    • Selene 7 months ago

      Hi Sir!

      I really like your designs! They are awesome!

      BTW, would you mind if i ask for help for our house?

      its only 30 sq mtrs. kinda small but i would like a design created by you.

      and how much it will cost.

      Thank you and more powers sir!

    • girlie 5 months ago

      Hi! just drop at this page, actually I'm looking for some ideas for my 150sq.m rectangular lot in Philppines. I'm planning to build a two storey modern simple but elegant design of a house. Your page is kinda interesting as I scroll down your ideas and read your reply to the messages, I really appreciate your kindness in sharing your talents. If you don't mind sir may I ask some of your ideas for my plan. here is my email add

    • john 3 months ago

      Hello Sir, just appreciating your love share the gift God given you. May I request if you could make a design for a bungalow type with simple roof design of 10 mtrs x 12 mtrs of floor area with 3 bedrooms; 2 baths with carport. Thanks and may God bless you more!

    • vincent 2 months ago

      hello sir! just want to ask lang po if may design kau for 150sqm na lot ang gusto po sna namin is 2 storey with rooftop baka matulungan nio po kami..thanks po. also this is my email i hope matulungan nio po kami this is our first home kaya gusto sna namin makakuha ng idea..thank you sir godbless you

    • Mary B 2 months ago

      Hi Sir Jahn, I need more info on the Valencia home plan, my email ad is Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Chelle 2 weeks ago

      Hello Mr. Jahnbar!

      Love your designs!

      It will be my pleasure if you will send me a design for a 150 sqm House. Thank you.

    • Lidu 5 days ago

      The designs are perfect.

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