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Julia (Pastrana) Lent: Buried After Being Dead 150 Years

Gerry Glenn Jones is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, as well as scripts for theatre and film. This is a factual article.

The embalmed body of Julia (Pastrana) Lent

The embalmed body of Julia (Pastrana) Lent

Julia Pastrana Born in Mexico

There are many strange, but real things that we see in our travels around the globe, but in this article, the strange part is what the traveler carried with him; his wife, both alive and dead. Julia Pastrana, who was labeled the "Ugliest Woman in the World," and also known as "Bear Woman," and “The Bearded and Hairy Lady,” had the uncanny fortune to travel more after she died than when she was alive.

According to Reuters, Julia Pastrana was born in Mexico in 1834. She was born with two rare diseases; generalized hypertrichosis lanuginose, which gave her a great abundance of animal-like facial hair and gingival hyperplasia, which thickened her jaw.

Theodore Lent Buys and Marries Pastrana

Pastrana was sold to Theodore Lent, a U.S.circus promoter in 1850, as reported by Time News Feed. It was not her beauty that attracted Lent, but more, his greed for money. He had to marry her to keep her from being deported back to Mexico, and he knew by marrying her, he would have more control of her and possibly, any money that he could make off her as a freak of nature in a traveling show. Although he married her for money, Pastrana supposedly, fell deeply in love with Lent, and he returned that love by showcasing her as a freak all across the U.S. and Europe. But, as they say, "There is always an end to good things;" and this is no exception. Pastrana died in 1860 while giving birth to a child. The child was born with the same diseases that Pastrana had, and he also died several days afterward.

Julia (Pastrana) Lent's Death

Lent was not one to give up on a good thing, even if his good thing had died, so he had Julia mummified, as well as his dead son. He then continued his world tour, again showcasing both his dead wife and son as freaks of nature, until it is reported that the boy's body, which was very fragile, began to fall to pieces. He continued to travel with his wife's body until his death, or until he sold her body.

The mummified body of Julia (Pastrana) Lent, was sold numerous times to other showmen, who traveled for many years with it. Finally, after the woman's body was literally worn out from time and handling, the roadshow stopped, and according to the New York Times, the body was placed in a storage room at the University of Oslo in Norway, where it rested until Feb 12, 2013. At that time, Julia (Pastrana) Lent made her final trip. She was returned to her hometown and buried in the local cemetery. It had taken 153 years after her death, but she finally came back home.


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Gerry Glenn Jones (author) from Somerville, Tennessee on January 03, 2020:

It is sad what some people will do for money!

Dee Hebert on December 31, 2019:

That was an awful story but it is history. God Rest her soul and may her son also Rest In Peace. As far as her so-called piece of a shit husband, I hope his terrible soul is in hell.

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