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Learn 5 Farsi Slang Words- Cuss Like a Native Persian While Texting!

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Persian curse words

Persian curse words

Persian Swear Words

I’m not proud to teach you Farsi slang words. But honestly, a notable part of learning a language is about mastering cuss terms. So, be prepared to learn 7 naughty Persian cuss words to use (or protect yourself against) while texting or talking.

Unlike American English speakers, Persians don’t have many acronyms and abbreviations to employ in chats. However, they do have an arsenal of slang terms and Farsi cuss words to get back at you if necessary.

Is It Important to Learn Farsi Slang Words?

Yes, it is. No matter what language you’re trying to learn, you must be at ease with its vulgar dictionary as well. That’s because people in casual speeches use cusswords a lot (80 to 90 times per day).

Not knowing such terms would only make you a dumb-looking non-native person who’s constantly asking, “what does it mean?”

Vulgarism also allows you to get in touch with the street/informal culture of the people who speak the language you’re studying. So, it’s vital to be familiar with the rude side of the language you’re acquiring because sematic is a whole.

Now, let’s see what the most frequently used Farsi slang words in Persian chatrooms are!

1. Siktir

In my previous article (Siktir: Everything About a Turkish Cuss Word in Farsi), I elaborated on this term in detail. However, for those who didn’t get to read it, here’s the longline.

Siktir is a Turkish cussword that became trendy among Farsi chatterers after the spread of social media. The term literally means “buzz off” in most of the Turkic languages. However, Persians employ it to imply phrases such as:

  • Bi*** Please
  • Get the Fu** Out
  • Shut Up

It’s written as /سیکتیر/ in Farsi, but you can encounter alternative spellings such as /سیهتیر / or /سیکدیر/ as well. Since Turkish is a phonemic language, Siktir is pronounced the same way as it’s written.

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2. Kir

Another Farsi slang word that Persians use in texting is a body part, the penis! Pronounced the way it’s written, Kir is not a cuss word when used in technical settings. However, when people say it as a response to your text, it’s definitely a cussword.

Kir (in Farsi /کیر/) as a response means “shut up.” The speaker employs this term to indicate what you just said or did is not pleasing. So, it can be an explicit way of saying, “stop it,” too.

Persians also utilize Kir as a slang word when someone is speaking exceptionally loudly. But some other contexts in which they might Kir you are:

  • When you laugh at them or make fun of them
  • When you text or say something inappropriate

Note: Kir as a technical term means penis. But it’s best to avoid using it to refer to male genitalia since Persians refer to it more as a cuss word than a name for a body part.

3. Kos Nagu

This one also includes genitalia—but this time of a female. Kos Nagu (in Farsi /کُس نگو/) is an equivalent to phrases like “stop this bullshit.”

It’s composed of a noun and a verb. The noun part (Kos) is a Farsi slang term for the vagina. The verb part (Nagu), on the other hand, means “stop saying.”

When someone uses this cussword against you, they have one of the below intentions:

  • They are trying to indicate that what you said was awfully surprising. Kos Nagu, in this context, is comparable to replying with “bullshit” in English.
  • They want you to stop what you’re saying because they don’t like it for whatsoever reason.
  • They are implying that you’re lying or exaggerating facts.

Here’s a slanging tip: if you don’t want to go harsh, but you still want to tell somebody to shut up, use “Zer Nazan” (In Farsi /ضر نزن/). This phrase indicates the same meanings as Kos Nagu while being slightly less offensive.

Farsi swear words

Farsi swear words

4. Bokhoresh

Here’s a Farsi slang term to lend a hand when you want to insult someone by saying, “suck my di**.” Persians, as well as everyone else on this planet, sometimes need to show their indifference through cussing. And “Bokhoresh” (in Farsi /بخورش/) comes in handy on such occasions, as it implies the level of your irritation or sarcasm quite well.

The term Bokhoresh is a verb, meaning “eat it.” So, saying it alone won’t make you a naughty person. However, when used as a comeback in texting or chatting, it becomes a handy Farsi swear word.

Alternative usage of Bokhoresh can be seen in Esports very often. In such a setting, Persian video gamers bring it into play to mock the losing side and make fun of them. In that case, Bokhoresh is similar to a phrase like “kiss my ass.”

5. BK (Be Kiram)

How do you say, “I don’t give a fu**” in Farsi? Well, you can use the acronym BK to imply that effortlessly. This swear-phrase is an exciting one as it’s mainly written in English when used in the abbreviated form.

However, if you want to spell it in Persian, it’s best to avoid shortening the phrase because otherwise, it would become a meaningless expression.

Be Kiram or BK (written as /به کیرم/) is a trendy swear phrase among Persian boys. That’s because it includes the term “Kir,” which refers to the penis.

Here’s another Farsi slanging tip: “Tokhmam” is a different cuss word that shares the same meaning with BK or Be Kiram. You can utilize it when what the speaker is suggesting doesn’t sound important to you at all.

How to Pronounce These Farsi Slang Words Correctly

The Slang TermsPronunciation in Farsi




/kɪːr /

Kos Nagu

/kɔs' nægʊː/


/ bɔḫɔrəʃ / or / bɔḵɔrəʃ /

Be Kiram

/bə kɪːɹæ/m'

Have fun using Farsi slang words!

Have fun using Farsi slang words!

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