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40+ Common Greetings & Conversational Phrases in Tagalog

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Are You Ready to Learn Tagalog?

Well then, let's not waste any precious time. In this article, we are going to learn some common greetings and basic conversational phrases in Tagalog.

Tara na't matuto tayo! (Come on, Let's learn!)

Before we start the base lesson, did you that know Filipinos have high regard for respect and politeness? From a young age, they were taught to respect others, especially people older than them.

The following words are polite verbal cues that are used to show respect when addressing elders. Filipinos also use titles of respect for all elders such as Kuya, Ate, Manang, Manong, etc.

Greetings (Pagbati)


Good Day

Magandang Araw

Good Morning

Magandang Umaga

Good Afternoon

Magandang Hapon

Good Evening

Magandang Gabi


Madaling Araw









Great start! Now, Let's move forward to the basic common conversational phrases in Tagalog.

Common Coversational Phrases

Take Note: Don't forget to use the word 'PO', in able to show your respect to your elders.


How are you?

Kamusta / Kumusta

I am fine

Mabuti naman (ako)

Thank you (so much)

(Maraming) Salamat

You are welcome

Walang anuman



Pardon (please)

Mawalang galang na po

Can I ask a question?

Pwede ba akong magtanong?

May I ask a question?

Pwede po ba akong magtanong?


Oo / Opo


Hindi (po)

(Please) come in

Tuloy (po) sila



Take Care

Mag-ingat ka

Be safe

Ingat (po)

Common Questions and Answers

Take Note: Don't forget to use the word 'PO', in able to show your respect to your elders.


What is your name?

Ano ang pangalan mo?

My name is Jack.

Ang pangalan ko ay Jack.

I'm Jack.

Ako si Jack.

How old are you?

Ilang taon ka na?

I am 16 years old.

Ako ay labing anim na taong gulang.

When is your birthday?

Kailan ang kaarawan mo?

My birthday is on April 8.

Ang kaarawan ko ay sa ika-walo ng Abril.

Where do you live?

Saan ka nakatira?

I live in (place).

Nakatira ako sa (place).

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More Helpful Phrases in Tagalog

Take Note: Don't forget to use the word 'PO', in able to show your respect to your elders.


What day is it today?

Anong araw ngayon?

It's Monday now.

Lunes ngayon.

What are you doing?

Anong ginagawa mo?

Have you eaten?

Kumain ka na?

Have you eaten yet?

Kumain ka na ba?

Let's eat.

Kain na tayo.

What time is it?

Anong oras na?

Where did you go?

Saan ka nagpunta?

I went to [place].

Nagpunta (po) ako sa [place].

Where are you going?

Saan ka pupunta?

I'm going to [place].

Pupunta (po) ako sa [place].



Congratulations! Now you have learned some common greetings and conversational phrases in Tagalog. You'll get better at them if we also practice using them. Are you ready?

Let's Learn Tagalog: Quiz Time

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is 'Good Morning' in Tagalog?
    • Magandang Araw
    • Magandang Umaga
    • Magandang Gabi
  2. What is 'Good Evening' in Tagalog?
    • Magandang Hapon
    • Magandang Umaga
    • Magandang Gabi
  3. How will you say 'How are you?' in Tagalog?
    • Paalam
    • Kamusta?
    • Salamat
  4. How will you say 'May I ask a question?' in Tagalog?
    • Pwede po ba akong magtanong?
    • Mawalang galang na po.
    • Paumanhin po.
  5. What is 'You're Welcome' in Tagalog?
    • Maraming Salamat
    • Ingat ka
    • Walang anuman
  6. How will you say ' What is your name?' in Tagalog?
    • Anong ginagawa mo?
    • Anong kinakain mo?
    • Ano ang pangalan mo?
  7. How will you say 'When is your birthday?' in Tagalog?
    • Kailan ang kaarawan mo?
    • Kamusta ka?
    • Kailan ka aalis?
  8. How will you say 'I live in Manila.' in Tagalog?
    • Pupunta ako sa Maynila.
    • Nakatira ako sa Maynila.
    • Aalis ako ng Maynila.
  9. 'What are you doing?' in Tagalog is...?
    • Anong bibilhin mo?
    • Anong kinakain mo?
    • Anong ginagawa mo?
  10. 'Where are you going?' in Tagalog is...?
    • Saan ka nagpunta?
    • Saan ka pupunta?
    • Saan ka magpupunta?

Answer Key

  1. Magandang Umaga
  2. Magandang Gabi
  3. Kamusta?
  4. Pwede po ba akong magtanong?
  5. Walang anuman
  6. Ano ang pangalan mo?
  7. Kailan ang kaarawan mo?
  8. Nakatira ako sa Maynila.
  9. Anong ginagawa mo?
  10. Saan ka pupunta?

Interpreting Your Score

If you got between 0 and 3 correct answers: Practice makes perfect! Kaya mo 'yan! (You can do it!)

If you got between 4 and 6 correct answers: Better luck next time. Kaya mo 'yan! (You can do it!)

If you got between 7 and 8 correct answers: Nice job! Keep on practicing~

If you got 9 correct answers: Magaling ka! (You are great!)

If you got 10 correct answers: Napakahusay mo! (You're excellent!)

Maraming Salamat! (Thank you!)

Thank you so much for participating in today's lesson. I'm hoping you have learned something new today. Don't you worry, the learning process takes time. You will surely know how to speak Tagalog sooner or later, and this article is here to guide you.

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