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A List of Simile Sentences

Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Read on for a list of similes

Read on for a list of similes

Looking for Similes?

I assume that since you are looking for a list of simile sentences, you, therefore, know what a simile is. Well, for those who just can't remember the meaning of a simile, let me be that simile refresher.

A Simile is a figure of speech that compares two different objects (stone to a cat, Man to a mouse) and brings an interesting connection between the two objects being compared. A simple example of such is the following sentence. 'He is as dead as a doorbell.' This simile compares 'He' to a 'Doorbell.'

Similes are used in literature all the time. It is used in Novels, newspaper articles, poems, and just about anything which requires reading and publishing. It is used by commentators in football and baseball games. One such simile is 'He pitches as slow as molasses.' You can use similes to enhance your sentences and bring the imagination out in the reader. Similes can be quite fun to use especially when writing about hilarious situations. You will find a list of commonly used simile sentences below which you can use to enhance your simile grammar.

List of Common Simile Sentences

  1. It fits like a Glove
  2. As white as Snow
  3. As hot as Hell
  4. As tall as a Giraffe
  5. As mean as Miser
  6. As light as a feather
  7. As cool as a cucumber
  8. As innocent as a Lamb
  9. As common as Nails
  10. As brave as a Lion
  11. As coward as a Mice
  12. As bright as a Button
  13. As innocent as a Baby
  14. As Blind as a Bat
  15. As Bold as Brass
  16. As black as Coal
  17. As Sweet as Honey
  18. As busy as a Bee
  19. As angry as a Bull, Wasp
  20. As cunning as a Fox
  21. As dumb as a doorknob, Rock
  22. As Ugly as Sin
  23. As stubborn as a Mule
  24. As wise as an Owl
  25. As noisy as a Cricket
  26. As pure as Snow, Gold
  27. As Pretty as a Picture
  28. As Hungry as Pig, Horse, Bear
  29. As Fat as a Cow, Pig
  30. As pitiless as the Sun
  31. As wide as the Sky
  32. As tiny as a Mouse
  33. As Still as a Statue
  34. As Talkative as a Parrot, Magpie
  35. As Slow as a Snail, Turtle, Sloth, Molasses
  36. As strong as a Lion, Bear, Horse
  37. As fast as lightning
  38. As easy as Pie, ABC, 123
  39. As proud as a Peacock
  40. As deaf as a Post
  41. As quick as Silver, Fox, Lightening
  42. As clean as a Whistle
  43. As flat as a Pancake
  44. As smooth as Ice
  45. As thick as Thieves
  46. As mischievous as a Monkey
  47. As tender as a Shepherd, Chicken
  48. As Smart as a fox
  49. As Smart as a Whip
  50. As Pure as Water

How To Use Similes in Sentences Examples

Even though the list above states similes with the "as a" reference. When making sentences using similes, the 'like' comparison can also be used. Let's examine this by writing a few simile sentences with the 'Like' comparison.

  • He sits there staring at the blank screen like a ghost searching for his reflection.
  • I said it twice and you are there acting like a deaf post
  • He moves like a ghost in the wind
  • His stance is like that of a peacock.
  • The Bully made him tremble like a cowardly mouse.
  • The match was like a fight between cats and dogs.
  • He moved like lightning before the police came.
  • His attire stood out like a soar thumb.
  • She looks like love in spring.
  • The woman's tongue was cutting them down like a razor.

Using Similes in sentences with the 'as a' Comparison

  • John saw the car coming and stood still as a statue.
  • She acted as brave as a lion even though she was outnumbered ten to one.
  • He had to move as light as a feather else he would have broken the ice.
  • Salesmen are as sly as a fox and will even sell you something your already own.
  • This water is as pure as gold.
  • This brand car is built as solid as a rock.
  • My God! This child is as noisy as a cricket.
  • I have to lift weights because I want to be as strong as an Ox.
  • The Police Officer is as smart as a fox, he will catch the thief.
  • My grandpa is eighty-one (81) years old and is as wise as an owl.


The English language would never be the same without using these wonderful similes. They are used to enhance and stir one's imagination when constructing comparisons. They are used to exaggerate or to place vivid emphasis on an object or action. They make writing and speaking much more fun. Go ahead, use up the similes more often and watch your language come to life.

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Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on April 21, 2020:

That is good Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl on April 21, 2020:

interesting I am really thankful i searched this up now this will help me for my project! :)

Pauline Mbah on April 15, 2020:

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ROHAN PANDEY on September 18, 2019:

As soft as cotton.

As smooth as paper..

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As cool as a flying giraffe

Ebi on April 24, 2019:

Hi authors, your site is good and i follow it from iran. please more plesant you website.......thanks

Ssss on April 05, 2019:

Can we said that there is some imagination in simile?

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on January 16, 2019:

Mmm. Arbazz. Never heard that one before.

Arbaaz on January 16, 2019:

This water is as pure as baby

Jane on January 15, 2019:

Don’t have as smart as sentence?

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on September 22, 2018:

Thanks Eric

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 22, 2018:

Cool, read again.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on September 21, 2018:

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swee tee on September 21, 2018:

I need simli exampals

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on March 24, 2018:

Thanks for your input Venkatachari M

Shannon Henry from Texas on March 24, 2018:

Hi Clive,

Sorry. It's been awhile. I've been as busy as a bee lately, though. Between work, baby sitting, neighbor kids in and out, and on and on it goes. . .it's a controlled sort of chaos these days. I hardly know which kids are mine anymore the way they all tend to congregate together. I've never been a part of a home community with families that became friends so easily before.

Anyway.... Your simile list makes me think of childhood. My dad used to say silly spoonerism on purpose. And I usually tell my kids they make better doors than windows when they block my view of something I want to see, another one I heard often growing up. I know that's not a simile, but for some reason it's what comes to mind.

Okay, so some actual similes from around here:

As wide as the Rio Grande

As welcome as an outhouse breeze

Grinning like a shit eating possum

The wind is blowing like perfume through a prom

A yellow as mustard, but without the bite.

Scared as a sinner in a cyclone

Sharp as a mashed potato.

Suzie from Carson City on March 24, 2018:

Clive.....OMG, let's not go overboard! LOL. Love me that might kill and old lady like me!!

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on March 24, 2018:

Very interesting and useful one. I find them much appealing and enhancing the attributes to narrate anything more perfectly.

I find one more here... as hard as a rock.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on March 23, 2018:

@frank...As shaky as a milk shake

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on March 23, 2018:

no milk shake ?

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on March 23, 2018:

Love you too Paula, I love you as deep as the ocean's floor.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on March 23, 2018:

Ha ha, I like that one, as Nervous as a knocked up Nun. Thanks Flourish.

Suzie from Carson City on March 23, 2018:

Gee, Thanks Clive....I love you too :)

FlourishAnyway from USA on March 23, 2018:

Great list. As nervous as a knocked up nun... as busy as a cat covering shit on a cement floor. My great grandfather loved to use similies.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on March 23, 2018:

Eric. You are hurting the winds feelings. "You are as cold as ice"

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on March 23, 2018: Frank...that is definitely not a smile.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on March 23, 2018:

Her Booty brings your milkshake to the yard? is this one?

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on March 23, 2018:

Like pissing into the wind

This was a great refresher course. I get metaphors, parables and similes all messed up.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on March 23, 2018:

Billy some would say as disgusting as a snot...but hey, each to his

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on March 23, 2018:

Paula, your dad knows best. Thanks

Suzie from Carson City on March 23, 2018:

Clive,,, You're as clever as a fox....cute as a button....& slick as grease. My Dad liked to tell me I could be as useful as a rubber crutch, sometimes! You are definitely entertaining!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 23, 2018:

I only have one to add: as slick as snot! lol

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