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A Review of "Little White Lies" by Brianna Baker and F. Bowman Hastie III

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"Little White Lies" by Brianna Baker and F. Bowman Hastie III

"Little White Lies" by Brianna Baker and F. Bowman Hastie III

Plot Synopsis

Little White Lies by Brianna Baker and F. Bowman Hastie III is told from two characters' perspectives: Coretta White and Karl Ristoff. What seemed to be a small hobby for Coretta—her Tumblr blog Little White Lies, where she expresses her opinions on what her parents say about celebrities—quickly takes over her life. With the encouragement of her friend Rachel, Coretta receives help from ghostwriter Karl, who helps her survive the busy life of a seventeen-year-old future Harvard student.

However, things go south when Coretta experiences a taste of TV life that ends up humiliating her and makes her a nobody as quickly as she became a somebody. With the help of her friend, boyfriend, parents, and connections to the adult world, she and Karl work together to find the real truth behind the previous events.

The Reading Experience

I found Little White Lies to be a nice and easy read with captivating characters and a plotline that turns right on its head. Coretta and Karl's perspectives in the world come from very different places, with Coretta being a black teenager and Karl being a middle-aged white man, yet they work well together to discover the truth behind their humiliating falls. The chapters switch points of view between the two to give the reader the complete truth behind Coretta's blog.

The structure of the book is easy to understand with its simple vocabulary, appendix for all the pop culture references used, and the organization of the text as a whole. It was easy to differentiate between when characters were having an in-person discussion and when they were talking over the phone, and the usage of text-message language fit extremely well with the topic of this book.

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The Characters

It was refreshing to see how the characters in this book didn’t fall under stereotypes. In fact, I enjoyed the platonic relationship between Karl and his boss and former friend, Alex. I find in so many books directed towards younger audiences that romance is thrown around at every corner and that when that romance fails, it is always messy. Karl and Alex did try their hand at a relationship, but the pair realized they worked better as friends and have continued to be FFL (friends for life.)

Also, I enjoyed the friendship between Coretta and Rachel. Their friendship experienced many bumps on the path of Correta’s rise and fall, but they were there for each other the whole way through, even throughout their fights. These teens felt real and relatable; their characters were multidimensional in terms of their struggles and growth, and the fact that Coretta has a boyfriend isn’t shown with flashing neon lights.

The Impact

This book proves that there is always more than one side to the story and how easily the truth can be manipulated for the world's consumption. Karl's character helps the reader realize that things are not always what they seem in the world of pop culture and celebrities. Karl’s job as a ghostwriter shows how easy it is for the population to believe things they see on the internet, especially when they have to do with celebrities. However, the reader also gets to see how serious this manipulation can be taken and how it can take advantage of lives all around the globe. To find the truth, one must look at all sides—not just the one they’ve been presented with first.

The Takeaway: 4/5 Stars

This easy read is perfect for anyone anywhere and can make for a relaxing afternoon with the read time being around four hours long per Amazon Kindle’s estimation. Little White Lies receives four out of five stars for the enjoyability of the read, the character development, the interesting plotline, and the unique character-dynamic choices.

The only reason why this book doesn’t receive a full five stars is simply that it didn’t wow me in any way. What can I say? I’m quite picky when it comes to giving a book five stars. But don’t let that stop you from picking up and enjoying Little White Lies by Brianna Baker and F. Bowman Hastie III because this is a story I definitely recommend.

Side note: for all the DBH fans out there, I simply can’t help myself from saying that Karl reminds me of Hank—just an observation.

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