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Moses and the Burning Bush Worksheets: Free Elementary Activities for Sunday School or Homeschool

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The land of Israel at the time of Moses

The land of Israel at the time of Moses

Moses and the Burning Bush Activity Pages

Use these Moses and the burning bush worksheets to reinforce lesson materials on this famous and popular Bible story.

These worksheets are designed for elementary children (suggested grades three to five) who read and write independently and follow oral and written directions.

Use one or all of these activities to extend lessons or assess learning. To prepare a worksheet, simply copy and paste the desired text into any word processing program, make any changes or modifications, and print.

This set includes two worksheets and a pop quiz. Answer keys are included for the teacher's or home educator's convenience.

Bible Lesson Truths and Concepts

The following worksheets reinforce these key concepts of the Moses and the burning bush story:

  1. Moses lived in Midian and tended sheep.
  2. God spoke to Moses from a bush that burned but was not destroyed by the fire.
  3. God told Moses to go to Egypt and instruct Pharaoh to release the Hebrews (Israelites) from captivity.
  4. Although Moses was unhappy about going back to Egypt, he obeyed God.
  5. God sent Aaron (Moses’ brother) to be his helper.

Children learn about obedience and faithfulness by studying lessons about this portion of Moses' life. They read examples of how God protected and helped Moses and the Hebrews. This helps them understand God’s character and nature and realize that just as God took care of Moses and the Israelites, He will take care of us.

Moses and the Burning Bush Worksheet 1

Answer the questions below using reader recall of the story found in Exodus 3:1-21. Use your Bible if necessary to refresh your memory.

  1. Who led the Israelites from their slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land?
  2. Who made the basket that saved Moses’ life?
  3. What was Moses’ job?
  4. What happened to Moses while he was tending his sheep?
  5. What does the name “Moses” mean?

Answer key: Moses, his mother (Jochebed), shepherd, saw a burning bush, God spoke to him or both, drawn from the water

Mixed Review

Choose a word or words from the word bank to answer each question. Only use the word or words one time.

Word bank: west wind, Aaron, after, Canaan, east wind

  1. Was Moses born before or after the Great Flood?
  2. What kind of winds brought the locust to Egypt?
  3. What kind of wind blew the locust out of Egypt?
  4. Where were the Israelites going when they left Egypt?
  5. Who did the talking for Moses when he met with Pharaoh?

Answer key: after, east wind, west wind, Canaan, Aaron

Worksheets 2

Supply the missing words to complete each sentence. Use the word bank for clues to the right answers.

Word bank: sheep, name, Mount Sinai, holy, staff, sandals,

  1. Moses took his sheep to __________ to graze.
  2. When Moses threw his __________ on the ground, it turned into a snake.
  3. Moses heard God call his ______.
  4. God told Moses to take off his __________ because he was standing on __________ ground.
  5. Moses tended __________ for his father-in-law Jethro.

Answer key: Mount Sinai, staff, name, sandals, holy, sheep

Burning Bush Scramble

Can you unscramble these words from the story of Moses and the burning bush? Use the word bank for clues.

Word bank: prince, staff, egypt, Hebrew, Moses, shepherd, Miriam, bush, pharaoh, burning

  1. msoes
  2. iiamrm
  3. prahoha
  4. tgepy
  5. gbnuring
  6. hbsu
  7. bheewr
  8. fsfat
  9. pdsrhehe
  10. eipcrn

Answer key: Moses, Miriam, pharaoh, Egypt, burning, bush, Hebrew, staff, shepherd, prince

Pop Quiz

Fill in the missing word using the words in the word bank.

Word bank: Hebrews, obeyed, angel, pharaoh, Midian, Aaron, God, talked, sandals, burning

  1. Moses __________ God and went to Pharaoh’s court.
  2. Moses lived in _________ and tended sheep for a living.
  3. There was an ________ in the burning bush.
  4. Moses heard _________ call his name.
  5. The voice told Moses to take off his __________.
  6. Moses and God ________ to each other.
  7. God sent __________ with Moses to speak for him.
  8. Moses’ flock was on Mount Sinai when he saw the __________ bush.
  9. __________ was not happy to see Moses.
  10. Moses told Pharaoh to set the _________ free.

Answer key: obeyed, Midian, angel, God, sandals, talked, Aaron, burning, Pharaoh, Hebrews

Extend the Lesson

Use Moses and the burning bush worksheets to extend lessons about this popular Bible story.

Share the map below with the class; it depicts Israel as it was during Moses' lifetime.

Other good ways include making story-related art projects, singing songs about Moses, or watching videos and movies about the burning bush and Moses.


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Joyce Sillivan on December 19, 2015:

Wonderful worksheets that I rate 9.

Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on January 12, 2012:

Hi ASloane! Wow, what a wonderful compliment; thank you so much, I'm glad you liked these. Moses is one of our favorite Bible characters:)

ASloane700 on January 12, 2012:

This was very well written!! I homeschool my 5 kids with Abeka and this is beautifully and well-done!!

Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on October 17, 2011:

Thank you for your kind words, Barbara:)I hope Sunday school teachers and Christian homeschool find them helpful. I really enjoy reflecting back on what my students liked and didn't like while I was teaching, and I try to incorporate that in my lesson plans.

Barbara Badder from USA on October 17, 2011:

I wish I saw these back when I was teaching the younger kids. These lessons will be nice for Sunday School teachers.