My Review Of "The Resistance: United In Love"

Updated on April 12, 2017

What Is The Purpose Of This Book?

I honestly thought before I purchased this book that this was going to be a book of romance stories. I've seen so many romance anthologies available for 99 cents and I'm absolutely obsessed with them, I buy as many of them as I can, so I can read a lot of romance books for really cheap. I thought the donations for those stories would be donated to the ACLU.

While I was right about the ACLU donations, the truth is, these aren't romance stories. This is a non-fiction book and I would have known that if I had read the blurb before purchasing it. It's filled with poems, essays, and letters these authors wrote on their thoughts about the direction this country is going in ever since Trump became President, especially after the travel ban he placed on several countries through one of his executive orders in the beginning of his presidency.

If makes sense that they are writing about these things. It's a book whose proceeds go to the ACLU after all, but it's still shocking. Before Donald Trump became president, authors mostly stayed out of politics publicly, especially romance authors because they wanted to be inclusive towards all of their fans and not alienate them due to religious beliefs. Romance is supposed to be about love, not politics after all, and a lot of romance authors are strong believers in the power of love to heal all and accepting their fans no matter what.

But I think what these romance authors are doing is powerful. They are risking upsetting people, for sure, and they risk alienating some of their readers, but they are delivering a message that says that in certain circumstances it isn't the most loving thing to do to be quiet. Sometimes being loving means speaking up, especially when people's basic rights are being threatened.

So although this book is filled with many authors thoughts and feelings on the state of our country, although that varies so much from the norm, they made it clear that they did this because they want us all "United In Love." That simple phrase is the theme of this book.

Book Blurb

We the people
Will not be silenced
Our voices are important.

We the people
Will not be pushed aside
We will be seen
Our numbers are more than you know.

We the people
Will make a difference
We will hold the government accountable
Our empathy is not a weakness.

In these turbulent times we the people will stand together in the face of hate knowing we are all equal, and every life matters.
We the people are The Resistance, United in Love

Authors coming together to write a collection of poems and essays that reflect our views on what has happened and our hopes for the future.

This work is not affiliated with any political party.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU

The Resistance and its authors are independent entities and not affiliated with the ACLU or any political party.

My Review

I really enjoyed reading the thoughts of the writers in this book. I thought all of them were insightful and had a good grasp on the written word. Their opinions never bored me or offended me. They were all coming from a good place, hoping to spread happiness and good things to this country.

It also felt great to purchase this book and know some of my money would be going to a good cause.

They say on the cover that it is not about political party and that's sort of true. I can tell that the people who wrote these things aren't all liberals, but I think if you're a staunch Trump supporter and a proud republican who is completely happy with your party right now, then you probably won't like it.

They don't tell you how to vote in the future or talk about the candidates who lost in a way where they are trying to force you to side with those candidates. But none of the people who wrote this book are happy with the current administrations and the choices our president has made thus far.

They all come from very different walks of life and have many different perspectives. They express their worry, fear, and heartbreak over the things they are seeing. If you're looking for kinship in this area, I think you will adore this book.

Authors And Politics

Should romance authors express their political opinions publicly?

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