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Good Research Topics for High School Students

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It can seem confusing to find a good research topic, but it doesn't have to be difficult.

It can seem confusing to find a good research topic, but it doesn't have to be difficult.

The best high school research paper topics are narrow enough to fit within the limitations of the assignment, but broad enough that there will be adequate information available. The topics on this list have both of these qualities.

Another advantage of the topics on this list is that they break down easily into three main sections, making writing much simpler to accomplish. In these topics, much of the hard work is already done. The topics are manageable, focused, and easy to research. They are also easy to adapt because they are structured in such a way as to allow you to substitute different keywords to create new variations.

This list also offers suggestions for varying topics so you will never run out of inspiration. Use this list anytime you need to write a paper, and you will soon find that your writing is better than ever.

Good Research Topics for High School

A good research topic will help you write your paper by providing a guideline not only for your research, but for the overall structure of your paper. That is why finding a good topic is so important.

A good research topic forms the basis of your research, but it also suggests a good structure that develops well into a thesis sentence, which then keeps your entire paper on track.

Let me explain.

How to Find a Good Research Topic

Here is an example of a research topic that seems okay on the surface: gender issues in sports. It's a little broad, but it has potential. The problem with this topic is that it does not really guide you in your thinking and writing. It leaves too much room for you to get lost, and doesn't help when it comes to writing a thesis sentence or structuring your paper. So, while this is interesting, and it is the type of topic you will find on many lists, it's really not a great starting point.

Here's an example of a research topic that does make your writing easier: negative effects of gender stereotyping in college tennis. This topic guides your thinking by keeping the focus on the direct effects of a specific kind of gender issue within a much narrower area of the sporting field. Even better, the topic can actually help you write your thesis sentence.

A Good Topic Makes Writing Easy

With this topic, it is easy to develop a thesis sentence as you conduct your research. For example, you might discover three main negative effects, or three outstanding examples of stereotypes that influenced college tennis. It would then be very easy to write a thesis sentence.

Your thesis sentence might look like this:

  • The negative effects of gender stereotyping in college tennis exclude good players from competitive matches and limit the success of both athletes and teams

With this thesis sentence, your paper would have three main sections

  1. How gender stereotypes have excluded players from competitive matches
  2. How those exclusions limited the athletes' success
  3. How those exclusions limited the teams' success

There could be other ideas that might develop in your research that could led to different thesis sentences and a different set of three main points, but the process would be the same.

It all starts with a good clear topic that provides a guide to help you stay focused and organized when it is time to write.

This List of Topics Will Make Your Writing Easier

The topics on this list will do just that. They will help you target a specific area and help you stay on track. The best thing is, you can use the structure of these topics and make variations by simply changing keywords.

For example, the topic above could be altered in a couple of ways, just by changing some keywords.

  • Positive effects of breaking gender stereotypes in professional football
  • Famous historical examples of gender stereotypes in professional baseball

Finding a good research topic for a high school paper is very important, but it does not have to be difficult. Use the topics below to get started, or change the keywords to make your own topic. If it works well for you, be sure to share your knowledge.

5 Good Research Topics That Can Be Adapted Easily

  1. Three advantages of E-Commerce over traditional business models
  2. Top social issues affecting college students in the 21st century
  3. Educational reforms introduced in 2000-2010 and their effects on classroom life
  4. How, where, and when the “Internet of Things” was created
  5. The effect of addiction to social media on young adults

How to Adapt a Research Topic

Take note of the many ways the above topics can be adjusted. “Top social issues affecting college students in the 21st century” could be altered to become:

  • Top social trends for high school students in the 1950s
  • Top social issues affecting children in the 1930s
  • Major historical events that changed life for adults in the 20th century

You can create a new topic simply by changing the time frame and keyword focus. Keep this in mind as you consider the rest of this list.

10 More Good Research Topics to Adapt and Use

  1. The origin and purpose of standardized tests in elementary school
  2. Animal welfare within the scientific research industry
  3. The use of rabbits in cosmetic research
  4. Description and definition of the pro-life political movement in European countries
  5. History and development of the prochoice movement in the US.
  6. Perceptions of weakness in nonbinary gender behaviors
  7. Generational differences within the Amish communities of the Midwest USA
  8. Traffic cameras and the right to individual privacy
  9. The effect of social media platforms on the social behavior of students
  10. Artificial intelligence in video games

Keep in mind, again, that many of these topics can be adapted. “Artificial intelligence in video games” has multiple variations:

  • The use of artificial intelligence in the automobile industry
  • Artificial intelligence in shipping
  • Artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry
  • Negative effects of artificial intelligence in scientific research
  • How artificial intelligence creates advancements in medicine

Each of these variations and examples will break down easily into three main points and help provide guidance as you continue your research.

45 Good Research Topics for High School Students

Here are 45 topics that can be used as they are, or adapted easily by changing one of the keywords.

  1. Profits of the Montessori School Model
  2. Commercial communication strategies and their implications in social media
  3. Causes and effects of childhood hunger
  4. HIV versus AIDS: definitions and explanations
  5. Biography and influential acts of President Clinton
  6. Child welfare in first-world countries
  7. Religious beliefs of Ancient Egypt that endure today
  8. What Israel and Palestine have in common
  9. Costs and rewards of school uniform in urban settings
  10. Penalties for abuse of performance enhancing drugs in hockey
  11. The social context of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech
  12. Definition of the War on Terror- when it started and why
  13. How climate change affects endangered animals in high-altitude forest
  14. Incidence of depression in athletes in college versus professional football
  15. Certification of service and emotional support animals
  16. Hybrid learning models and their effectiveness for middle school students
  17. The influence of personal appearance on career advancement and income opportunity
  18. Use of appearance to manipulate audiences in advertising
  19. The use of companion animals in trauma haling for children
  20. Socialism in European history
  21. Legal stimulant abuse in ice sports
  22. Definitions and uses of eco-friendly packaging
  23. Landfills in the 1970s
  24. Alcohol abuse by teens in the 1950s versus the 1990s
  25. International banking regulations that transformed the business environment in the 21st century
  26. Five modern professions that are dependent on the existence of the Internet
  27. The evolution of Japanese family system 1900-2000
  28. The industrial advancements of the Roman Empire
  29. Entrepreneurism in the 20th century
  30. The history of popular sports on television
  31. Leisure pursuits in the Renaissance
  32. Alternative medicine’s influence on the healthcare industry
  33. Changing roles of nonbinary and gender definitions
  34. Microplastic pollution in terrestrial environments
  35. Three important historical figures in ecological advancements
  36. The economical impacts of sporting events
  37. Child labor practices the fashion industry
  38. Cyber-bullying prevention on social media platforms
  39. Legalization of illicit activities and the effect on societal norms
  40. Competition in academic environment and its effect on student learning
  41. Anxiety and brain functions
  42. Consumer protections in the organic food industry
  43. Cosmetic surgery after-effects: physical, mental, and emotional
  44. Preservation of tribal cultures in modern society
  45. Impacts of intervention in teen drug abuse

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