Filipino Words and Expressions of Love

Updated on November 26, 2016
Lovely Filipina or Filipino Lady
Lovely Filipina or Filipino Lady | Source

Are you looking to impress your Filipina wife or girlfriend? Perhaps, you're a lady looking to surprise your Filipino hubby or boyfriend. Or, maybe you wish to be more than friends with that special someone.

Then why not impress them with some of these romantic words and expressions in their very own native tongue–Tagalog? They’ll be floored!

You see, just like others, many of us Filipinos believe in a true, everlasting love. Yes, one that can last a lifetime and ride out the highs and lows of even a rollercoaster-ride-like relationship.

Can you blame us?

There’s something about our culture that makes us expect love and to give even more love in return. We’re a bunch of believers in love in its truest, purest, and yes even cheesiest form!

So get ready and start studying these Filipino words and expressions about love.

Go honey bee!

Tagalog Basics

Before we get started, why don't you familiarize yourself with a few basic phrases? You never know when the love of your life will ask you a question in their native tongue. Surprise them by responding with a simple 'yes' or 'no'—or something in between!

Filipino or Tagalog
Of course.
Hindi gaano.
Not really.

Ways to Say "I Love You"

Filipino or Tagalog
Mahal kita.
I love you.
Iniibig kita.
I love you.
Mamahalin kita magpakailan man.
I will love you forever.
Iibigin kita magpakailan man.
I will love you forever.
Mamahalin kita habang-buhay.
I will love you all my life.
Iibigin kita habang-buhay.
I will love you all my life.

Declarations of Love

Filipino or Tagalog
Ang pag-ibig ko ay tunay.
My love is real.
Ang pag-ibig ko ay totoo
My love is true.
Ang pag-ibig ko ay wagas.
My love is lasting.
Ang pag-ibig ko ay walang hangganan.
My love is endless.
Mahal din kita.
I love you too/also.
Ikaw ang mahal ko.
You are the one I love.
Umiibig ako.
I am falling in love.
Umibig ako.
I fell in love.

Terms of Endearment

mahal ko
my love
ang aking isa at natatangi
my one and only
aking irog
my beloved
husband and wife
boyfriend and girlfriend

When You Miss Them

Filipino or Tagalog
Miss kita.
I miss you.
Miss na miss kita.
I miss you a lot.
Sobrang miss kita.
I miss you very much.
Na-miss kita.
I missed you.
Sobrang na-miss kita.
I missed you very much.
Miss ko ang aking asawa.
I miss my wife/husband.
Miss ko ang aking nobya.
I miss my girlfriend.
Miss ko ang aking nobyo.
I miss my boyfriend.
Na-miss mo ba ako?
Did you miss me?

When You Want Them Near

Filipino or Tagalog
Gusto kitang makita.
I want to see you.
Gusto ko siyang makita.
I want to see him/her.
Kailan kita makikita?
When will I see you?
Kailan tayo magkikita?
When will we see each other?
When will we meet?
Hindi ako makahintay!
Can't wait!
Hindi ako makahintay na makita ka!
Can't wait to see you!

When You Want to Be Held

Filipino or Tagalog
Yakapin mo ako.
Hug me.
Yayakapin kita.
I will hug you.
Gusto kitang yakapin.
I want to hug you.
Bibigyan kita ng malaking yakap.
I will give you a big hug.
Yayakapin kita nang mahigpit.
I will hug you tightly.
Yayakapin mo ba ako?
Will you hug me?

How to Talk to Your Crush

Filipino or Tagalog
Gusto kita.
I like you.
May gusto ako sa iyo.
I have a crush on you.
Gustong gusto kita.
I really like you.
Sobrang gusto kita.
I like you very much.
May gusto ka ba sa akin?
Do you have a crush on me?
Gusto mo ba ako?
Do you like me?

When Marriage Is Afoot

Filipino or Tagalog
Pakasalan mo ako!
Marry me!
Papakasal ka ba sa akin?
Will you marry me?
Papakasalan mo ba ako?
Are you going to marry me?
Gusto kitang pakasalan.
I want to marry you.
Gusto mo bang magpakasal?
Do you want to get married?
Papakasalan kita!
I will marry you!
Kelan mo ako papakasalan?
When will you marry me?
Saan tayo magpapakasal?
Where will we get married?

Compliments Work Wonders

Filipino or Tagalog
Maganda ka.
You are beautiful.
Guwapo ka.
You are handsome.
Kyut ka.
You are cute.
May itsura ka.
You are good-looking.
Ang ganda ng mga mata mo.
Your eyes are beautiful.
And ganda ng buhok mo.
Your hair is beautiful.
Ang ganda ng mga labi mo.
Your lips are beautiful.
Ang bait mo.
You are kind.
Ang tapang mo.
You are brave.
Ang talino mo.
You are smart.
Ang galing mo.
You are great.
Ikaw ang lahat sa akin.
You are everything to me.

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        Cristy 9 days ago

        I love you

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        Thank you soo much. Now I am ready for talking with my Filipino girlfriend

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        hahaha wow really thankyou so much,,i learn more tagalog words from here

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        Thanks a lot. My asawa ko is pretty stressed lately so I wanna surprise her with some of these. I'm getting a bit predictable with my low tagalog vocabulary so she'll get her smile

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        nice but just the pronounciation

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        OMG. I really love this. I get to use what I learn to talk with my boyfriend. I have a Filipino BF and he is so charming. Mahal Kita Baby

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        11 months ago

        Hi, how to tell your family i love you in tagalog? Not lovers but family wise

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        Ralph Ferris 13 months ago

        Use it every day now.. very useful, and my "Asawa ko loves it,that I speak a little Tagalog.. Thank You .......

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        i have a fhilippino gf and this helps a lot to learn many things, thnx

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        it's very great i like it.

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        Wow I really liked this Hub, it has a lot to do with me.

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        Jack Burton 6 years ago from The Midwest

        The first pinoy phrase I learned was "mahal kita" and it impressed my sweetheart so much we celebrated our 38th anniversary last Friday. It did catch her by surprise, though.

        I'll have to work on some of these new ones though and see if I can still surprise her. :-)

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        cebutouristspot 6 years ago from Cebu

        Nice hub. Are you teaching someone (foreigner) close to your heart how to win your heart :).

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        Very good phrases! I always love to learn new languages!

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        This is very sweet! But I need to learn how to pronounce them lol. Voted up!