"Sadie" Book Review

Updated on January 3, 2019
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Life for Sadie has never been easy. Her mother is an addict who is constantly bringing strange men into their home and who never truly cared for her and her sister Mattie. It comes to no surprise to Sadie when her mother up and leaves the two daughters and Sadie is forced to fully assume responsibility for her little sister. Mattie wants to find her mother, but Sadie has nor the money or desire to do so. Mattie decides to take life into her own 13 year old hands. Shortly after her disappearance, Mattie is found dead. At first, Sadie lets the police do their investigations without interruption, but Sadie knows something they don't. When the inevitable happens and the investigation is more or less dropped, Sadie starts her own hunt for her sisters killer, but now she is missing and so is the truth with her.

And it begins, as so many stories do, with a dead girl.

— Courtney Summers

Want to read it?


A captivating story that drives the question. What lengths will you go to for a loved one even if it means sacrificing your humanity in the process?


Why This Story Is So Good!

Easy To Follow

When you start this novel you may be taken back by the strange start telling a quick recap of the events before Sadie went missing in the form of a radio show. I found it uncomfortable in the beginning, but once I settled into the flow of the writing between the voice of the radio host West McCray who is searching for Sadie on behalf of her surrogate grandmother, and the voice Sadie looking for her sisters killer it soon turned into a perfect dance between perspectives. So don't be perturbed by this changing of point of views while reading for they compliment each other exceptionally well and fill in little blanks of the plot.

Deep Content That Is Subtle

"Sadie" is not a story for the faint of heart and deals a great deal with multiple forms of physical and mental abuse. The story is not shy about these topics but does not use them as a means of propaganda. It feels as though this novel is more subtly trying to bring awareness to the voices of girls/ woman who are being abused. It doesn't float around the gory details of what has been done to these people but highlights the simple acts of ignorance and neglect by those in the abused one's lives.

For some people, the future ahead is opportunity. For others, its only time you haven't met and where I lived it was only time.

— Courtney Summers

Relatable Characters

The characters in this novel are not perfect, beautiful, nor the most intelligent persons in the room. They are real with flaws like normal people, victims of circumstance, just trying their best to get by. As a reader, this made it easy to fall into the lives of these characters and understand their motivations. They feel like people you meet in everyday life, which was so important in a novel of this caliber. It's also a reminder that what happens to these people in this story can happen to anyone. I was absolutely captivated by the lives of these otherwise ordinary characters!

Well Thought Out Plot

The author of "Sadie" Courtney Summers has honestly organized one of the best thought out captivating plots I have read in a while. When I thought of the concept of this novel I was concerned about the cliches of a murder mystery. Honestly, I probably would not have picked up this novel if it weren't for all the hype I've heard in the avid reader's community. This novel is what you're expecting and way more! It's not just a mystery but a journey through Sadies life, so well plotted out you feel as though she is a real person. Reading "Sadie" is like rolling down a steep hill slowly, it's consistent, will give you a stomach ache, and your unsure of when you will hit the bottom.

My Only Complaint

The Ending

Don't get me wrong the ending of this novel is okay, however its the type of ending I have never been privy to. It's abrupt and leaves some information open-ended so as the reader it almost feels unfinished. I believe the author intended for it does feel this way, so it's not necessarily poor writing but more a poor choice in ending in my opinion. The ending leaves some questions unanswered but with subtle hints for the reader to decide for themselves on what those answers might be. I can't elaborate further without giving too much away, but in conclusion, the ending leaves me with an uneasy feeling of uncertainty.

In Conclusion

"Sadie" is a brilliantly written story of what lengths a person will go to for the ones they love. It's heart wrenching, exciting and completely captivating. The story itself is hard to put down and honestly, once you start I doubt you will. This novel is advertised as young adult fiction, however, it does deal with a lot of adult content. If I were to put an age bracket on this story it would be 15+ for it does deal in heavy emotional and traumatic content. If your looking for a good murder mystery that will take you for a ride this is the story for you! "Sadie" is honestly one of those books that you could read over and over and it will pull you in, rip your heart out and stick it back in your chest every single time!

5 stars for "Sadie" by Courtney Summers

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