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"Spiral of Need" by Suzanne Wright: A Personal Review

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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do, but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.

The first book in the Mercury Pack series. You follow Ally and Derren around and get to witness a romance blossom.

The first book in the Mercury Pack series. You follow Ally and Derren around and get to witness a romance blossom.

A Quick Review

Title : Spiral of Need

Author : Suzanne Wright

Publisher : Montlake Romance

Publication Date : September 29, 2015

Page Length : 322 pages

Number in Series : Book 1 in the Mercury Pack series (4 books in total)

Ally is being alienated by her Beta Female with her whole pack. As if life wasn't hard enough being a Seer, now her Beta female, who is now mated with her ex-boyfriend, has accused her of some horrible things, creating problems for Ally in her pack. An old friend, who resides in jail sends a friend to look after her, even though he knows his friend hates Seers. Ally, not wanting to really trust anyone again and doesn't want to appear weak to her pack, leaves with this guy. She keeps her space from the new pack to avoid their distrust and anger toward Seers away from herself. She begins to form new friendships and even finds that not everyone is as bad as her pack. With danger surrounding her new pack, Ally finds herself aiding them in every way that she can while growing close to her protector. Will she find a home or will she be cast out once again?

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Review Time (May Contain Spoilers)

This book overall was fairly good to read. It is definitely a romance novel with a bit of action and all of the drama. It is centered around a werewolf pack and mostly around Ally and Derren. I think what I enjoyed the most about it is how it portrayed how jealous and vengeful people can be when getting into relationships or when their significant other is threatened or hurt. Everyone likes to feel that their lover cares deeply enough to do anything for them when the time calls for it. However, that isn't always the case and in this particular book, you are able to see how possessive and protective people can be, even if their past creates obstacles they have to overcome to find they truly love and accept another.

The past haunts everyone in one way or another and creates a defense mechanism to help us cope. So in Derren's case of not wanting to trust anyone and being loyal to a fault when you earn his trust didn't come as a surprise. After all, trust is a valuable quality that is easily broken. But to watch him struggle at first with trusting Ally due to something one her kind had done to him in the past, was quite splendid. It allowed the reader to see how it's not a group of people sharing a trait but the individuals that can hurt how the outlook on a particular group of people can negatively affect us. Even though in this case it was all paranormal traits, it is easy to see and understand where this comes from. People are always judging others by their skin color or position or whatever because of someone else sharing that quality had done something to them personally. This is a huge problem and some people never fully get over the fact it was the individual who was a complete jerk or whatever (for the lack of better words) and not the group of people who share that quality. An example would be gamers. They are often considered lazy, lacking social qualities, and short-tempered. While most games have some of these qualities, it should be noted that those aren't to define every gamer and those who have these issues also have redeeming qualities as well. So to say anyone who plays games for a massive amount of time to have all those qualities and are bad fits because one gamer may have yelled, hurt, ignored, or whatever the case is towards you, is a terrible thing. In Spiral of Need, it was pleasant to see and watch how one person can change someone's mind on a particular problem a certain category of people fall into, is amazing and makes you wonder if this will happen in your life. Will you be the one to help people see that your category of people isn't all bad? I know my husband, who is a gamer, did that for me, just as Ally, a Seer, did for Derren.

I also, enjoyed how even though the book had some XXX-rated scenes, it was also very much about building relationships with unlikely characters who were thought to be a problem and coming together to protect one another. Not many of our communities and societies can say that these days. It was amazing to see someone considered to be an outsider at the beginning develop a lasting friendship and place in a pack or community because of her own moral compass making her do things that she felt were only the right thing to do. I personally feel that this book addressed problems we face every day in our world while keeping it from hitting too close to home to make it uncomfortable. It showed some of the most important qualities that all relationships, no matter the kind (examples being friendships, partnerships, etc.) needed to keep them healthy and how it can be harmful when others view someone as a threat and a problem to be eliminated.

I would rate this book 4 stars out of 5 stars simply because I longed for a little more conflict but loved how it addressed issues and solved the problems it did have residing in the pages. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good werewolf love story.

Mercury Pack Series

When I first started reading this series I was excited, but each book focuses on a new set of love birds and that is quite frustrating to me. However, if reading book series that change characters each book, while revolving around the same character's group is your thing, feel free to check it out. It is a good series over all, just not my cup of tea.