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90+ Useful Tagalog Phrases for Everyday Conversation

Precy enjoys helping others learn to speak and appreciate the Filipino language. She also writes about Filipino culture.

Here are 90+ useful phrases in Tagalog you should know!

Here are 90+ useful phrases in Tagalog you should know!

Conversation in Tagalog: Useful Phrases You Should Know

Are you interested in learning a few Tagalog phrases to impress your partner or friends? Are you serious about learning to speak the Filipino language? No matter what you're looking for or where you are in your language-learning journey, there's something here for you!

These basic Tagalog phrases for everyday conversation are an excellent way to start learning another language. Learning even a few of these words and phrases will come in handy. Impress the locals in the Philippines with work- and travel-friendly phrases, or surprise your Filipino host family with a gracious compliment if you're coming for a visit. This article will cover phrases in the following categories:

  • Romantic Tagalog Phrases
  • Compliments in Tagalog
  • Phrases for Eating or Dining
  • Common Tagalog Phrases for Errands or Groceries
  • Tagalog Travel Phrases
  • Tagalog Phrases for Work
  • Phrases for the Healthcare Field
  • Phrases to Provide Encouragement

Romantic Tagalog Phrases

Tagalog phrases related to love are some of my favorites. Learning these phrases is a great way to learn the language for those in love. Surprise your girl or hubby with these romantic phrases!

Examples of Tagalog phrases for your Filipina/Filipino girlfriend/boyfriend.


Mahal kita.

I love you.

Mahal na mahal kita.

I love you so much.

Ikaw ang buhay ko.

You're my life.

Gusto kitang makasama habang buhay.

I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

Walang iba, ikaw lang.

No one else, just you.

Andito ako lagi para sa iyo.

I am always here for you.

Compliments in Tagalog

Make someone's day by complimenting them. Have someone special in mind? Surprise them by saying a complimentary Tagalog phrase tailored just for them.

Here's a list of 17 Tagalog phrases that will come in handy whenever you need to compliment someone. You'll also find words of praise to encourage a hardworking employee—a great way to lighten the atmosphere, inspire them, and reward them for a job well done.

How do you give compliments in Tagalog? Here are a few great examples.


Mabilis kang matuto.

You're a fast learner.

Bagay sa 'yo 'yan.

That looks good on you.

Ang ganda ng ngiti mo.

You have such a beautiful smile.

Masipag ka at mahusay.

You're hardworking and good at what you do.

Gusto ko 'yang sinabi mo.

I like what you said.

Ipagpatuloy mo lang 'yan.

Keep up the good work.

Da best ka talaga!

You're really the best!

Ang sarap mong magluto.

You're such a good cook.

Mapagkakatiwalaan ka talaga.

You're really someone I can trust.

Ang bait mo talaga.

You're really nice.

Cute ka.

You're cute.

Gwapo ka.

You're handsome.

Maganda ka.

You're beautiful.

Nakakabilib ka.

You're impressive.

Nakakabilib ang tyaga mo.

Your perseverance is impressive.

Ang sarap mong kasama.

You're so nice to be with.

Mukhang maganda 'yan.

That looks good.

Phrases for Dining or Eating

Whether you're the host or the guest, the Tagalog phrases below help you impress your dinner mates.


Kain na tayo.

Let's eat.

Mukhang masarap ang pagkain!

The food looks good!

Kumain ka pa.

Eat more.

Busog pa ako. Salamat na lang.

I'm still full. Thanks anyway.

Salamat pero kakakain ko lang.

Thank you, but I just ate.

Pakiabot ng ulam.

Please pass the dish.

Pakiabot ng kanin.

Please pass the rice.

Salamat. Mukhang masarap pero allergy ako sa __.

Thank you. It looks good, but I'm allergic to __.

Dito ka umupo.

Sit here.

Salamat sa masarap na pagkain.

Thanks for the delicious food.

Anong gusto mong inumin?

What drink would you like to have?

Umorder ka kahit ano. Sagot ko.

Order anything you like. My treat.

Umorder ka pa. Akong bahala.

Order more. It's on me.

Anong gusto mong kainin?

What would you like to eat?

Common Tagalog Phrases for Errands or Groceries

These Tagalog phrases will come in handy when you're grocery shopping—engaging in a conversation with a grocery store clerk or cashier is the perfect opportunity to practice Tagalog!


Bibilhin ko ito.

I will buy this.

Paki kilo.

Please weigh it for me.


How much?

Magkano isang kilo?

How much for one kilo?

Wala na bang bawas?

Can the price get any lower than this?

May bagong gawang tinapay ba kayo?

Do you have freshly made bread?

Ito ang bayad ko.

Here's my payment.

Meron ba kayong __?

Do you have (product's name)?

Tagalog Travel Phrases

Going on vacation? These Tagalog phrases will help you communicate with friends, family, and strangers in the Philippines.

Useful Filipino phrases to use when traveling in the Philippines.


Babalik din ako agad.

I'll be back soon.

Naliligaw ako.

I'm lost.

Saan ang papunta sa __?

Where's the way going to __?

Bayad po!

Here's my payment!

Para po!

This is where I get off!

Bababa na ako.

I'll get off now.

Dito na lang ako.

I'll just get off here.

Maligayang paglalakbay.

Have a safe trip.

Tumawag ka pagdating mo doon.

Call once you get there.

Ikumusta mo ako kay/kina __.

Say hi to __ for me.

Ingat sa byahe.

Take care.

Malapit na ako.

I'm almost there.

Saan ang istasyon ng bus?

Where is the bus station?

Saan ang istasyon ng tren?

Where is the train station?

Magkano ang pamasahe?

How much is the fare?

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Tagalog Phrases for Work

I know how it feels when speaking in a foreign language is necessary to get the message across in the workplace. The Tagalog phrases below are worth learning in case you ever need to use them in a work environment.


Kailangan mong tapusin 'yan.

You need to finish that.

Male-late ako.

I'm going to be late.

Pasensiya na late ako.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Paano ito gagawin?

How to do this?

Tapusin mo 'yan ngayon.

Finish that today.

Ipagpatuloy mo lang 'yan.

Keep up the good work.

Bilisan mo.

Hurry up.

Wag kang mahihiyang magtanong kung may tanong ka.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have a question.

May meeting tayo sa (insert day).

We have a meeting on (insert day).

Kausapin mo si __.

Talk to __.

Phrases for the Healthcare Field

The following Tagalog phrases are useful for nurses, caregivers, and anyone working in healthcare. Whether you're a healthcare employee or a patient, these 17 commonly used phrases will help you communicate better in Tagalog. These phrases will help you better understand what's being said in a healthcare setting.

Here is a list of Tagalog phrases for anyone working in the healthcare field. These are examples of phrases to use when working with Filipino-speaking patients.


Kukunin ko po ang taas at timbang niyo.

I'm going to check your height and weight.

Andito ako para i-check ang blood pressure niyo.

I'm here to check your blood pressure.

Tumawag ako para magset ng appointment.

I called to set up an appointment.

Ano ang mga side effect ng gamot?

What are the medicine's side effects?

Tumawag po ako para i-remind and appointment niyo kay Dr. Acay sa (insert day and time).

I called to remind you about your appointment with Dr. Acay on (insert day and time).

Kailangan niyong magpa-appointment para sa blood draw.

You need to set up an appointment for a blood draw.

Kailangan niyong bumalik para sa follow up.

You need to come back for a follow up.

Oras na po para sa gamot niyo.

It's time for your medicine.

Andito ako para bigyan kayo ng shower/bed bath.

I'm here to give you a shower/bed bath.

Andito ako para palitan ang bed sheets niyo.

I'm here to change your bed sheets.

Kailangan kong pumunta sa banyo.

I need to go to the restroom.

Gusto kong makausap ang doktor.

I want to talk to the doctor.

Andito po ako para i-turn kayo sa kaliwa/kanan.

I'm here to turn you on your left/right.

Wag po muna kayong kakain ng (insert food).

Don't eat (insert food) for now.

Reresetahan ko po kayo ng gamot para sa (insert illness).

I'm going to write a prescription for your (insert illness).

Bawal ang (insert what the patient can't eat or do).

You can't (insert what the patient can't eat or do).

Andito po ako para palitan kayo.

I'm here to change you.

Phrases to Provide Encouragement

Need to give someone a little push? Then check out the Tagalog phrases below.


Kaya mo 'yan!

You can do it!

Go lang ng go.

Just go for it.

Tyaga lang.

Just be patient.

Ganyan lang talaga ang buhay. Tuloy lang.

That's how life is. Just keep on going.

Kayang kaya mo 'yan.Sisiw lang 'yan sa 'yo.

You can do it. It's just a piece of cake for you.

Po and Opo

You've probably noticed these two words used in some of the phrases on this list. Both are used to show respect when talking to the elderly, someone with authority, or someone older than you. Opo means "yes" in a polite way. Add po to any phrase or question to show politeness.

Casual PhrasingPolite Phrasing

Bakit? (Why?)

Bakit po? (Why?)

Oo. (Yes.)

Opo. (Yes.)

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