Between Lives Books, Ten Great Reads

Updated on January 23, 2020
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Andy Tomlinson is a psychologist, psychotherapist, regression therapist and is the training director of the Past Life Regression Academy.

Between Lives Books Summary

Having worked in this area for twenty years this is a selection of between lives books readers may find interesting, both those new to this subject and readers wanting new exciting insights. It includes the soul memories following a past life death, channeled information and from out of body experiences.

  1. Exploring the Eternal Soul: Insights from Past Lives and Spiritual Regression, by AndyTomlinson
  2. How I Died and What I Did Next, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Tony Winninger
  3. Afterlife: A Modern Guide to the Unseen Realms, by Ian lawton
  4. Talking to Leaders of the Past, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Tony Winninger
  5. Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, by Robert Schwartz
  6. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Michael Newton
  7. Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Michael Newton
  8. Between Death and Life: conversations with Spirit, by Dolores Cannon
  9. Magdalene Lineage, by Reena Kumarasingham
  10. Memories of the Afterlife, edited by Michael Newton

1. Exploring the Eternal Soul by Andy Tomlinson

This is the only one of my between lives books that I have included in this article because it links together the work of all the early pioneers who have contributed to this field to give them credit and to show the consistency of between life regressions over thousands of people from around the world. Its an easy read book that follows the fascinating journey of a group of fifteen ordinary people who have been regressed though a past life and into their soul memories between lives. It covers the death experience, review of the last life and planning for the next, meeting soul groups and reincarnation. For those familiar with this subject it also has a section that taps into a wisdom of the spirits of light that are encountered in the between lives that are beyond needing to reincarnate. They reveal a wisdom that is so profound it is beyond normal human capacity. It answers a host of universal questions of spiritual, historical and philosophical importance.

Video of a Between Lives Regression

2. How I Died and What I Did Next, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Tony Winninger

Through the world famous channel of Toni Winninger, twenty five souls tell what happened to them at their moment of death, when they found themselves free of their body and what happened afterwards. It includes; an office worker who died in the North Tower on 9/11, a little girl drowned in the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, a Vietnamese diplomat tortured and shot and a Chinese woman who died having a back-street abortion. The editor Peter Watson Jenkins wisely lets the reality of the story of death to speak for itself. It is a life changing reincarnation book, grim in parts yet incredibly up lifting. Apart from being interesting to read it covers the death experience in great detail.

3. Afterlife, by Ian lawton

I worked with Ian Lawton in gathering information for Exploring the Eternal Soul and witnessed his ability to gather and synthesis information from multiple sources and cannot recommend him high enough for his abilities. In this book Ian has drawn from hundreds of sources of out of body experiences. The explorers involved learned to repeatedly and deliberately expand their consciousness to experience other planes of reality. Their reports are remarkably consistent and give a different perspective of the life between lives that makes it an important book to read.

4. Talking to Leaders of the Past, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Tony Winninger

Another book channeled by Tony Winninger and one of my favourites. They connect with the souls of fifteen famous leaders of the last century and asked questions about their former life. The leaders are : Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, Andrew Carnegie, Bertrand Russell, Carl Jung, Charles Darwin, Dwight Moody, Eleanor Roosevelt, Florence Nightingale, Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Sanger, Oscar Wilde, Pope John XXIII, William James, and Winston Churchill. The questions and answers cover a variety of the issues that made them famous. Apart from this being fascinating the information also cover aspects of the between lives memories from the leaders perspective.

5. Your Soul's Plan, by Robert Schwartz

This life between lives book takes you behind the veil of forgetfulness and into the conversations and decisions that took place between past lives. Robert interviews a dozen people who have experienced loss, illness, accidents and addictions, and working with mediums explores their soul contracts made before birth. By allowing us to eavesdrop into these pre-birth soul planning sessions we are given a precious gift of understanding what awaits us all. A great book covering the soul planning process in great detail.

6. Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton

Michael is one of the main pioneers in life between lives regressions and spent twenty years working with hundreds of people’s soul memories between past lives to build a very detailed picture of the afterlife. In this book he includes the accounts of twenty-nine people movingly describe what happened to them between lives and reveals graphic details about their soul memories. A must read for anyone wanting to know more about the afterlife.

7. Destiny of Souls, by Michael Newton

This is a follow on book from Journey of Souls and Michael draws on seventy case studies to address more unusual soul memories in depth including; our purpose on Earth, soul mates and activities of spirit guides, soul travel between lives, more about the soul brain connection and why we pick certain bodies.

8. Between Death and Life, by Dolores Cannon

Delores is the author of many spiritual books and past life pioneer in this book covers the life between lives. It gives a good introduction to the death experience, spirit guides and guardian angels, ghosts and walk-ins. The book examines different levels of existence in the spirit realms, the healing places for the damaged, the schools where you integrate lessons learned on Earth, planning the next incarnation, the lessons to be learned and future karmic relationships before birth.

9. Magdalene Lineage, by Reena Kumarasingham

The Magdalene Lineage is no casual biography, but a journey of Mary Magdalen's life obtained by past life regression. Reena Kumarasingham is a pioneer in writing historical past life books and this one is supported with modern research. It focuses on Mary's life through her eyes before, during, and after her association with Jesus, then follows the lasting impact her teachings have had. The reason this book has been included in this article is apart from it being a fascinating read, it uncovers her use of the energy web of life and the Divine Feminine, and has practical techniques that can be used today giving the reader a different perspective of the afterlife.

10. Memories of the Afterlife, edited by Michael Newton

This delightful book contains chapters by different therapists trained in the techniques of Michael Newton and I was delighted to be able to contribute a chapter. It has case studies of people embarking on life changing spiritual journeys, including a Viking, a German WWII soldier, a slave in the American South and a Roman centurion. It follows their soul journey into the life between lives regression and reveals gems of self-knowledge enabling them to get deep spiritual insights, in some cases to resolve illness and realize their life purpose.


So how reliable is this information? Between lives regression has been progressively developed over the last 20 years and thousands of people have now had their own experience and show a remarkable consistency. But what is particularly important is that many of the people in these between lives regressions had no prior knowledge that any experience existed between lives. They also had beliefs ranging from atheism through all the world’s major religions. This is an important point to note, that the persons previous belief seems to make no difference to the nature of their between lives experience.

Many people think that this is the most profound source of spiritual wisdom about the afterlife that has ever been given to humanity.

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