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The Angels: Who Are They and Why They Matter

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What Are Angels?

Angels are spiritual beings that watch over humanity. They act as messengers of God who help protect and guide other people. They have a rich, and complex relationship with humanity, and are found throughout various parts of the world. There are many different types of angels, of course, but for the most part, their purpose is to help lead humanity down a better path.

Each culture and religion has their own interpretations of the angels. While the best known angels come from Christianity, there have been other angels found throughout the world. The Hindus have beings called "devas" that are responsible for the natural elements. The Zoroastrians believed in a guardian angel called a Fravashi that protects us. In Sikhism, there are angels called Yam, which refers to the angel of death.


But despite the vast amount of angels found in the world, many people try to channel these beings to try and heal others. These angels can be found through a wide variety of channels, whether they be therapeutic, religious, or even fictional. Below are a few of the angels that are known to help people.


Raphael is one of the archangels, and is often referred to as the angel of doctors. He’s been mentioned in the Book of Tobit, and while the Catholic Church had long since removed him, he still plays an important part in angelic lore. Typically speaking, he’s in charge with bringing healing to both humans and animals, and is the patron saints of the blind, bodily ills, and medical professionals. He is also known to be God’s mercy and light, and helps to relieve many burdens.


Anael, also known as Haniel, is an angel found in Jewish lore, and is considered to be yet another archangel. Anael is the angel of love and sexuality, and serves to remind us that love isn’t within the mind; rather, within the heart. Anael is also to have been known to help lovers, and to ensure that a healthy relationship lasts, whether it be friendships, familial bonds, or romantic relationships. Haniel also helps us recover secrets through natural healing.


The archangel Michael is one of the most iconic angels throughout the world. Often found in Revelations, where he fights Satan and his armies, he has been charged to rid the world of fear, and to guide those who are lost in life. He is also the angel that will lead the Heaven’s armies against the Devil and his own armies. Ironically, he's the angel of the military and law enforcement, a fitting title for someone as fierce and strong as he.


Much like the Archangel Michael, Melahel is an angel of protection, and is known as the angel of weapons. Interestingly enough, the angel also has knowledge in herbs, as well as natural healing of the body, similar to Anael. He is also the protector of herbalists and scientists, and shows people how to protect the environment and revere nature.


Uriel, whose name means “God’s light,” is an angel that illuminates situations, and also helps with natural disasters. He is found in the Book of Enoch, and is mentioned in the older books of the Hebrew Bible, or the Tanakh. He helps guide people out of darkness, and protects them from destruction. He also represents God’s wisdom, and helps people let go of destructive emotions that lead to clouding mental clarity.


Azrael is an angel found in both Islam and Judaism, who’s primary role is to help people cross over into heaven. Azrael is an angel that ensures the person’s death is peaceful, and that they do not suffer when they die. He also helps those who grieve. Although he’s considered to be the Angel of Death, he isn’t meant to be feared; rather, he gives comfort.


The angel Asariel is an angel of unconditional love. He presides over water, and tends to protect lakes, rivers, and oceans. He is also an angel of truth, and will reveal what is true, and what isn't. He can help connect people to the dead, and will protect anyone connecting with them from evil forces.

These are just some of the angels within a large body of religion. While these angels are mainly from the monotheistic texts, there are other angels that can be found from various parts of the world.


As you can see, there are many different types of angels, all of which serve humanity in one way or the other. Whether it be through comfort, healing, or grief, angels are all around us. They help us in ways that many of us many not know, and it's because of their role in faith and religion that we've come to love them as the celestial beings they are.

What do you think about angels?


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