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"The Bronze Key" by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Chris enjoys helping his children grow and develop into better people with a desire to continue to gain knowledge and enjoy life.

"The Bronze Key" by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

"The Bronze Key" by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Main Characters

The Bronze Key returns with the original three characters of Callum Hunt, Aaron Steward, and Tamara Rajavi. These three have been the core of the Magisterium series. Continuing to develop as friends and people on the adventure that keeps us spellbound and turning the page.

Callum Hunt was raised to distrust magicians and magic in general. Being forced to go to the Magisterium to learn to control magic, he has developed his first friendships with the ever-present doubt of his upbringing conflicting with his feelings. Callum is caught in a web of plots while never knowing quite where to turn for help. He decides to trust his friends and as they all continue to grow.

Tamara Rajavi is the daughter of two influential magicians whose political motives make their behavior biased as much as anything else. Wanting to do the right thing instead of just getting ahead in life, Tamara puts her faith in her friends and continues to support them and grow with them.

Aaron Steward grew up as an orphan with little to no support. He looks to his friends for the family he never had. As a natural at most everything, ethical and good-natured Aaron continues to excel, but always keeps his friends close. Their friendship continues to grow as they all fill in voids in their lives.

Other characters are beginning to become more fleshed out and relevant. Master Joseph was a teacher at the Magisterium that corrupted a rare void magician that plagued the world. Anastasia Strike, the mother of one of the most talented students currently at the Magisterium, is a powerful Assembly member. Master Rufus is the current teacher of Callum, Aaron, and Tamara and a renowned master of magic.

Why Read The Bronze Key?

The Bronze Key continues the precedence of being a vivid page-turner that makes the reader feel like they are present in the pages of the book. The Bronze Key is a great transitional book for youth to change to novels and series because it is such an attention-keeper that it is hard to put the book down.

As an adult, I found the book enjoyable. It enables me to have many conversations with my daughter about different situations in life and how to be the best person one can be. The book gives supportive examples of friendship, support, and the situations that some people need to overcome and the struggle it can be. I would highly suggest this book to anyone interested in a fun adventure.

Lesson One: Friendship is Hard

There are several times in The Bronze Key that Callum, Aaron, and Tamara doubt something that is said and they may hold some hard feelings for a time. Overall, they know that they are friends and will work through it. I would call this family rules versus club rules.

With family rules, you are a part of the group no matter what. Like a family, things may go wrong, but at the end of the day, you all love each other and have to let your guards down and deal with the issue. Club rules would be that you need to follow a set of rules or you are no longer part of the group. With true friends and family, you are looking at what is best for the other person and that needs to be the agreement that holds you together. There will be times that a friend and/or family do something that you don't like, but if that person is doing it in your best interest then it most likely can be forgiven. There will be times when friends and/or family make mistakes, and that is when we forgive them because we accept them.

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This is a lesson that these kids learn along the way with this book. They may offend each other, they may break a promise, but they are always doing what they think is best for the others. This is a great conversation to have with kids: no friendship is easy. There will be every emotion that people feel sooner or later and it is getting through those times and still caring for the other that is important.

Lesson Two: People's Motives

Another discussion point for The Bronze Key is that people do things for themselves and not just to do those things to you. It may feel like people are targeting you, but overall people's motives to do something is always for them.

This is a positive and negative thing and doesn't countermand the previous statement about friendship. Friendship is a positive thing and helping others, in the long run, makes friendships, alliances, or a group stronger. This strength will be needed by each and everyone in a group sooner or later. When it is something negative it is often a self-centered motivation that is being focused on.

Someone wants to live forever, they hurt another to accomplish their goal and put their soul into that person's body and remove that soul. A person desires the approval of another so much that they are willing to step on others, ignore what's ethical, and take advantage of people to try to show their worth. This generally won't help their value in the eyes of the person they are trying to impress.

Positive motivation will help improve a person, situation, and/or group while negative motivations will cause an individual to isolate themselves from the main group if their actions were revealed. Understanding the motives behind things often helps people to help others deal with these issues if they are open-minded to some degree.

Lesson 3: Keep Moving Forward

There will always be things that cut us deep in life, and just because bad things happen doesn't mean the world is going to stop. We may stop for a short duration to catch our breath in life, but the race will never stop. Sadly, that is life. We need to remember the great things, the good things, and learn from the bad things.

A harsh part of life is that we will always be dealing with loss, there is a portion of this book that has loss in it, opening an opportunity to have a discussion about death if that is a topic to talk about for you.

A Great Book for the Family

The Bronze Key is another great book by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare, opening the door for many discussions to have about ethics, character, and the wider world. What an outstanding opportunity to draw families a little closer and have more open conversations and develop self-confidence. Enjoy this book!

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