The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Updated on August 30, 2018
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Chris enjoys helping his children grow and develop into better people with a desire to continue to gain knowledge and enjoy life.

Main Characters

The Copper Gauntlet continues with the main characters of Callum Hunt, Aaron Stewart, and Tamara Rajavi. Jasper deWinter joins the group and becomes a more dominant character. Their lives continue to intertwine and as they become more dependent on each other.

Callum Hunt returns to the Magisterium after spending the summer with his father, who is still against magic. Callum's father has created an uneasiness in Callum about what he is willing to do in order to stop Callum from advancing in magic.

Aaron Stewart continues to practice his rare skill and is shown off in social outings somewhat like a peacock on display. Supporting his friends, making a family from them.

Tamara Rajavi helps support her friends and protect them to the best of her ability. Brave beyond compare and a true friend to others. Tamara is the connection for bringing Jasper into the group and takes his edge off for the others.

Jasper deWinter is self-centered and has a little bit of an ego, possibly how he handles his teenage self-esteem issues or because that is his true nature will continue to be solved with time. A character that keeps the others level-headed from his sarcastic remarks.

Why Read The Copper Gauntlet

The Copper Gauntlet continues to develop a page turning adventure for readers by delving into a confusing world of murder plots, kidnapping, war, with a twist of childhood self-esteem issues. The book continues to develop a reader's vocabulary with understandable writing for those being introduced to newer words and at a comfortable pace that keeps a reader's attention.

An outstanding selection for a young reader being introduced to novels and series. A must for all young readers, creating a believable world to explore the issues and topics the young will be experiencing or are experiencing. I know you will enjoy this book!

Youth and Uncertainty

Every individual goes through a time in life that they feel insecure with themselves. This is a book that let's kids know that this is something that everyone feels and difference reactions in regards to these feelings. By showing multiple positive paths and several negative, it helps kids develop resolve in dealing with issues and let them know that they are not alone in this regard.

Many books have opportunities they present for conversation, and with the targeted age group for this book and the issues they present, this is one great conversation that is opened up with at least five different paths to talk about. A great way to show kids that they are not alone in dealing with issues and that there are different ways to deal with situations. I love this opportunity for a conversation with kids.

Ella says,

"It's a page turner, I couldn't put it down and there are things you don't expect."

Trust in Others

Every person needs others in their lives. We are social creatures that do better with support and teamwork. The Copper Gauntlet continues to develop how important having friends whom you can trust is and will always be.

With the multitude of situations, both good and bad, that are presented and in every instance having friends there to share moments, give support, and/or receive support is essential. This is an ongoing theme throughout these books and is extremely true in all of our lives. To show this and give people the opportunity to discuss this is a great value that The Copper Gauntlet offers to its readers.

Many people struggle with selfishness and showing instances that teamwork and sharing are a positive influence in our lives and that of others is a value that needs to be supported while growing up and through out our lives. Another lesson that I hope everyone learns.

Secrets are not Good

The best relationships are those without secrets. Those same relationships are probably the hardest to drop defensive walls and open ourselves up to someone completely. We are shown that secrets are an issue for those keeping them and at times for those we keep those secrets for. There will always be someone hurt by a secret, and we need people we can trust enough to share the darkest corner of our souls with. Those are the people that we can be completely relaxed with and enjoy life with.

This is a personal life struggle for me, but with the few people that I force myself to be completely open with; I do have the best relationships with even though it is hard to force my walls down and open up to them. These are the people we do not need to be perfect for, they accept us. This is something that is so important for people to understand, I appreciate that this topic raises its head up multiple times.

Highly Recommended

The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare is highly recommend. This is a book that provides a number of topics to discuss with growing family members with multiple path decisions to explore. Full of adventure, mystery, and page turning fun, it provides so many opportunities for conversation within a family.

My nine year old daughter started asking me to read these books as she cruised through them. Helping to strengthen her imagination, reading abilities, and confidence. I wish I hadn't waited several months to read them, it delayed our conversations and opportunities to grow closer while talking and enjoying them. I hope your family will enjoy these books as well.

The Copper Gauntlet is a great follow up of The Iron Trial and is followed by another page turner: The Bronze Key.

Do you think you would enjoy The Copper Gauntlet?

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