"The Golden Tower" by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Updated on July 11, 2019
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Chris enjoys helping his children grow and develop into better people with a desire to continue to gain knowledge and enjoy life.

Why Read The Golden Tower

"The Golden Tower" is the last book in the Magisterium series. The highlights I enjoyed about the book are the emphasis on teamwork, faith in friends, sacrifice, and not letting fear rule you.

This is a good finishing book for a young reader. "The Golden Tower" shows that there are consequences for your actions and people's perspectives can change with time and understanding as well. I enjoyed the series and thought this was a good final book in the series.

Main Characters

The last book in the Magisterium series adds more depth to a couple more characters. And here is a list of characters for you to get to know:

  • Callum Hunt: the series centers on Callum, the ex-Enemy of Death, raised with uncertainty, and in general insecure with how the world views him and working through this with his friends.
  • Aaron Stewart: killed and brought back to death and now trapped as a soul in Callum's body. How will he manage to gain his independence or won't he?
  • Tamara Rajavi: up and coming mage from a powerful family that wants more than just power. She wants fairness and quality between all and fights for good.
  • Jasper deWinter: betrayed by his father and reputation tarnished. Befriends Callum even with pressure to rebuke the friendship. Finally joining Master Rufus as a one of his apprentices.
  • Gwenda Mason: another student that is transferred to Master Rufus as a new apprentice and joins the crew to defeat evil.
  • Alex Strike: the evil that was just mentioned. Alex comes back from the void as a rare Devoured of chaos. No cases are publicly known to have ever occurred and the wizarding world is ready to kneel to him.
  • Anastasia Tarquin: the mother of the dead and evil Enemy of Death. Twisted by grief yet willing to be noble when it mattered.
  • Master Rufus: famous master of magic and teacher to the main characters.


Teamwork is an integral part of life as well as in The Golden Tower. Coming together to complete large projects, advance ourselves, help improve a situation, and all sorts of areas in life.

When there was trouble in pretty much every situation in the book, it reinforced how coming together as a team can help offer dynamic skills and overcome tough situations. Even when someone is more powerful, working as a team can defeat them because of the synergy from working together as a team. Teamwork is what saves the world from destruction and evil. Teamwork is what makes society better and people stronger and better. When we can count on others we can focus on our tasks and helping each other improve.

Faith in Friends

Having faith in friends is trusting them to do the right thing and care for you. When this isn't a concern life is a little bit easy. As we grow as people, it is a great thing to have friends that we can share those experience with and help each other grow as well. During rough times in our life, having a person or people around to help us and have faith in us can change our views on life.

This was a way that Callum improves through out the book. His friends having faith in him, helped him through his struggles and with his struggles as well as improving his self image. All things that youth through out the world have challenges with. An outstanding example of what positive friendship can do to a person.


Alastair willingly accepts changing into a Devoured to help the wizarding community and Callum battle against Alex and his elementals. A sacrifice because mages look down on the Devoured and shun them, imprisoning them when possible. Such a sacrifice because Alastair believed in the people and the cause and was willing to do what was needed to improve the odds of success.

Sacrifice isn't the norm in our society and The Golden Tower shows us that when something is important to the bigger whole that there are times that we may need to sacrifice something to help the whole. These are times that perspectives and discrimination can be changed because of the sacrifice as well. Something that is needed in our society, sacrifice for the good of the big picture.

Don't Let Fear Rule You

Fear is a killer, if we fear things too much we won't take action. If we fear the outcome of something, we may look the other way. The hardest thing to do is stand for what's right, ethical, and moral. There will be times when this is hard on us, but the consistency of right, ethical, and moral is what creates better character and a better society.

If there is something that is feared, then finding a way to work through it or solve the issue is important. Being afraid is a way to show bravery, because if a person doesn't have fear then it isn't a brave thing to act on it. There can be a good example set for others, an example that doing the right thing is needed. But in The Golden Tower, there were times that the "leaders" of the mage world were willing to do the wrong thing because of their fears. It took regular mages of good ethics and morals to do the right thing and push through the hardships and make things better for everyone.


Overall, The Golden Tower shows many examples of what good behavior and social awareness are and how to continue to improve them. When things are not going well, there are times in life that we need to reflect and even though we may not want to step up and improve something—we need to be willing to. This is what community and friendship are.

There are many issues in our world today, willing to step up and be an example of a positive solution is a great benefit to many. The books has many examples of what could go wrong and how things are bad, but it shows time and again people coming up with solutions and being positive about it. In life, there are many hardship but out life is about how we can make the best of it, find a solution, and help others when we can.

The Magisterium series as a whole was an enjoyable series. I am glad that my daughter talked about them so much that I read them all. This is a series that will continue to show her that being a good person is what is important and that means supporting others and helping the world.

Questions & Answers

  • Will there be a sequel to this awesome series, the Magisterium Series?

    My sources say there is nothing that has been released or mentioned about a project as such. Cassandra Clare appears to be focusing on the Shadowhunter Chronicles currently.

© 2018 Chris Andrews


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    • m-a-w-g profile imageAUTHOR

      Chris Andrews 

      20 months ago from Ohio

      This series was enjoyable for me, but my 10 year old loves them. She reads around a 7th or 8th grade level. There is humor, mainly a little more cynical to be honest. If you are looking for a quick book to read this is a good series. The books were read in an afternoon by me. If looking for other authors and a little higher reading level I would recommend Terry Brooks. When I was in middle school I enjoyed his Magic Kingdom series and Orson Scott's Mithermage series is quite good as well.

    • thedinasoaur profile image

      Dina AH 

      20 months ago from United States

      Hi Chris,

      I am a huge Cassandra Clare fan, and I've liked a lot of Holly Black's work as well, but I have hesitated to pick this series up for some reason. Your review was awesome because you parse out what audiences can gain from this series. Have you read any of Rick Riordan's stuff? Is this series kind of aimed at the same demographic? (Like 11-ish and above?). And do you feel like Clare and Black used humor and conversational tones that are relevant to the audience?

      While I am okay with children's lit, I am still trying to find middle-grade books/series that don't feel a little watered down for the audience.


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