The Silver Mask by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Updated on October 22, 2018
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Chris enjoys helping his children grow and develop into better people with a desire to continue to gain knowledge and enjoy life.

Main Characters

This Magisterium series has developed many characters the main one's being Callum Hunt, Aaron Stewart, Tamara Rajavi, Jasper deWinter, Master Joseph, Alex Strike, and Anastia Tarquin.

Callum Hunt was raised to distrust magic and magicians As time has passed at the Magisterium, Callum has discovered that it isn't always magic and magicians that are bad— it is the motive behind them. Callum comes to trust his friends and learns to work with others.

Aaron Stewart was raised as an orphan, and although talented in most regards, he never had the friendships and family that he sought. The Magisterium is a new life that Aaron had always wanted with close friends he can trust and that support each other.

Tamara Rajavi is from a socialite family with high standards and expectations. Tamara has always wanted to do the right thing and not the thing that advances her. At the Magisterium, she learns that ethics and character are essential and has the backing of friends and mentors to be of strong character.

Jasper deWinter is from a once wealthy family that is looking to gain status again. With an attitude that keeps most at arms reach, we find Jasper still making friends and needing friends that are willing to support him.

Master Joseph was the Enemy of Death's mentor and possibly the reason he became corrupted and went to war with the magic world. Willing to perform inexcusable acts in the name of magic and discovery, Master Joseph has corrupted so many others around him into being selfish and do horrible things.

Alex Strike a talented student at the Magisterium that has hidden in plain sight for so long yet is deranged and harmful to others. Attempting to take the title of the Enemy of Death and pursue evil experiments, power, and the simply approval of Master Joseph. Alex has lost his way and becomes an enemy to the masses.

Anastia Tarquin was the mother of the Enemy of Death and kept it a secret to try to support his return to power and protect him until that time. Unable to accept the loss of both her sons, she has horrible lapse in judgement and supports an evil agenda to help "her son".

Why Read The Silver Mask

"The Silver Mask" continues to utilize action, adventure, magic, and mystery to compel readers to keep turning the page. There are issues involving character and ethics that become more relevant in "The Silver Mask" more than the three previous books. There are three topics that have struck a chord and are great conversation points.

  1. As the saying goes, "With great power comes great responsibility." This is one topic that can easily be explored within these covers. Callum, Aaron, and Alex have all had or have the use of void magic and each has a different route they take in using this rare power.
  2. The end result is not the only thing that matters. How a person carries themselves and treats others is just as important. Having the power to bring people back from the dead doesn't mean that we should nor that we should use those powers to experiment.
  3. There are times in life that we need to accept change and continue on with life as best as we can. People will move out of our lives and there are times that we need to accept these changes and appreciate and remember what we had and learned from those relationships.

With Great Power

Those with great power have a great responsibility to those around them. Helping to improve the people around them and unite them. If people work together then so much can be achieved.

“If everyone helps to hold up the sky, then one person does not become tired.” Askhari Johnson Hodari

"The Silver Mask" offers the opportunity to show how great power can take different paths. In "The Bronze Key," Aaron is shown to embrace his responsibility and learn his powers to defend people. Callum and Alex both take different paths to handling their power and continue into conflict.

A good talking point to discuss with younger readers is the possible outcomes if other actions had been taken instead of the actions that were written. Speculation into what could have happened can help develop cause and effect with younger persons to help them develop this skill.

Morality, Ethics, and Character

A lesson that everyone needs to learn is that how we achieve a goal is as important (if not more important) than if we achieve a goal. Having morality, ethics, and character are all important to others and ourselves. These are characteristics that help society and prevent people from straying down the path of deceit and being distrusted by others.

Having the ability to challenge oneself against themselves and not others will improve everyone. Competition can be a healthy, good, and fun but there are those times that it is carried too far and instead of helping it can hurt people. When we are always in competition with others, then we place more value on who wins over people. This is a hard lesson in our society currently, and a good lesson to find opportunities to talk about and show others.

Change is the Only Constant

As Heraclitus stated, "Change is the only constant in life." There will always be change in life. Sometimes, that has to do with someone passing out of our lives. When these events happen in life, keeping memories fresh and enjoying the time spent with that person are often important. People were not meant to live forever and this can be one of the hardest issues to deal with in life.

Having a discussion may not change how someone feels emotionally, but it does give the opportunity to have exposure to life changes and talk about what is healthy and what may not be healthy. This is a tough topic and sometimes a conversation in regards to a book and how the characters react and feel is an easier exposure than real life.

The Silver Mask

The Magisterium series continues to be a great series that entertains the reader and offers many opportunities to bond and have discussions with younger readers. If interested in reviewing other books The Bronze Key is book three of the Magisterium series. The Golden Tower will be released September 11, 2018 and looks to be a great action book for readers.

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      • m-a-w-g profile imageAUTHOR

        Chris Andrews 

        16 months ago from Ohio

        Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      • aspiring soul profile image


        16 months ago from India

        A person is able to win not because he/she is in competition with others but when the person competes with him/her self. When one wins over the self the competition is over. In this way, a person always has in mind what he/she is up to and how and where they are going.

        Thanks for sharing the review and analysis.


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