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Is There a Universal Life-Force (Reiki, Chi, Orgone)?

Marc Hubs, author of "Reflections Of NPD" is a writer/researcher on the mind, science, psychology/psychiatry, metaphysics and consciousness.

Does a universal life force exist?

Does a universal life force exist?

One Force, Many Names

The concept of there being some kind of universal life force which exists throughout the cosmos is an idea which has reverberated throughout the centuries ever since the beginning of time.

This universal life force was believed by many philosophers, researchers and scientists throughout history to permeate the entire universe and everyone and everything in it. Many of the world's top scientists and researchers of today still believe in the existence of what has most commonly been referred to in physics as the aether, for want of a better word.

Many people may mistake the concept of aether as being some kind of gaseous substance, although the theory of what aether actually is, is much more subtle in nature. As far as officially acknowledged science goes, nobody has ever actually successfully detected this aether and many of those who believe in it, believe that it cannot be objectively detected or observed. Others claim that they have successfully objectively detected it and have documented their research on the topic. The proposition of a superfluidic primordial life force energy has always remained a highly controversial topic within the scientific community.

This universal life force has been given many different names over the years by many different people and there is also a wide myriad of both medical and spiritual practices which are entirely based on the concept. Such names given to this hypothetical phenomenon include Chi, Prana, Orgone (DOR/POR), Od (Odic force), aether and more recently, Zero Point Energy (ZPE). The concept of Chi is used in many martial arts and in many medicinal practices including acupuncture. Reiki is another alternative medical practice which also relies on the concept of a universal life force.

The concept of a universal primordial aether could be considered to be the hypothetical atmosphere of the entire universe; a medium which allows for the transportation of electromagnetic waves thereby enabling communication, without which we would not be able to send radio waves. Without this enabling superfluidic substance, we wouldn't be able to tune into radio stations, broadcast television shows or even be able to speak to each other, as there would be no way for the sound waves to travel.

Many believe that the water in the deepest recesses of the world's oceans can be considered to be pure life-force energy and according to some reports, this water has successfully been used in blood transfusions with surprisingly successful results. That is, the patients came out healthier than would have been expected if they had simply had a standard blood transfusion. There may be geological and geographical reasons for this phenomenon, as you will soon find out.

Animal Magnetism (Mesmerism)

Franz Anton Mesmer (1734–1815) is a prominent figure from the 18th century who believed he had discovered what he called Animal Magnetism.

He believed that all animals were capable of exerting and absorbing this magnetic life force and believed that illness was caused by the flow of this life force becoming blocked.

Of course, Franz Mesmer is also where the word mesmerized comes from and people who adopted Mesmer's techniques became known as magnetizers. Mesmer treated his patients using magnets and oak tubs part filled with iron filings and this may be an important key point.

Mesmer's treatment resulted in patients sleeping, dancing and/or having bodily convulsions which later become known as the Mesmeric crisis. Later, the authorities investigated Mesmer and claimed that there was no magnetic fluid but that the results were purely a product of the imagination. More recently, upon further experimentation, James Braid concluded that the results were a result of suggestibility and coined the term hypnotism to describe the phenomenon.

Despite the now common and accepted belief that this phenomenon is a result of suggestibility, there are also several experiments into hypnotism which have been carried out throughout the decades that seem to indicate incredible abilities under hypnosis. Such abilities include being able to see through opaque objects, keeping perfect track of time, increased muscle strength and even going out of body to retrieve information from another location (remote viewing).

Some of these experiments seem to indicate that there must be some kind of unified source field which allows for these phenomena to occur. For more information on this topic, see David Wilcock's The Source Field Investigations (video above).

Tesla (Actinotherapy)

The now well-respected scientist Nikola Tesla (1856–1943), despite being persecuted for his beliefs during his time, patented several bioelectric inventions with health-promoting properties that were based on the discovery of radiant energy; energy which is extracted from the aether using high voltage, high-frequency DC pulse generator circuits, wave shape, frequency and pulse polarity.

Many of these inventions change the state of biological cells, tissues and organisms within the human body by using specialized electric fields.

These specialized electric fields are then used to suppress the growth of unwanted organisms and promote the growth of healthy tissues. Before pharmaceutical industries started to establish themselves, until 1935 these technologies were used as a treatment known as actinotherapy. It was commonplace to use mercury vapour lamps and carbon arc lamps to stimulate the immune system and to create a bodily environment destabilizing to pathogens.

After medical licensing was established, medical professionals who continued to use actinotherapy were at risk of losing their licenses and getting decertified. Needless to say, the use of such devices diminished. Whilst many are quick to label actinotherapy as quackery, there are many scientists and researchers who firmly believe that it was an effective and powerful method of treatment.

Lakhovsky's Oscillating Coils (Sympathetic Waves)

The work of both Franz Mesmer and Nikola Tesla compliments the work of Russian scientist, Georges Lakhovsky (1869–1942). Lakhovsky believed that all organisms acted as receivers and transmitters of high-frequency oscillations and built several devices based on this principle, including oscillating circuits and the Multi-Wave Oscillator.

Lakhovsky carried out an experiment on plants using a simple open-ended copper coil 30-cm in diameter which he placed around the stem of one of the plants, all of which were suffering from the onset of cancer. The one plant with the antenna went on to grow healthier and more robust than the others which continued to suffer from disease. A total of ten geranium plants were used in the experiment with only one plant having a coil attached to it.

Lakhovsky's theory was that the oscillating circuits captured sympathetic waves from the cosmos which resonate at the same frequency as the harmonics of the frequency that weak cells oscillate. The concept became popular with people who wore necklaces and bracelets which utilized oscillating coils.

Lakhovsky came to the conclusion that these sympathetic waves are bombarding the Earth from space and that some are also produced by the Earth itself.

Essentially, Lakhovsky demonstrated that cells emit and receive electromagnetic radiations at their own high frequencies. Lahovsky used his multi-wave oscillator to treat many cancer patients. Many people today still use Multi-Wave Oscillators as a form of alternative therapy.

Baron Von Reichenbach (Odic Force)

In 1845, Baron Von Reichenback came up with his theory of Odic force which appeared to both support and explain the phenomenon of hypnotism and/or Mesmer's animal magnetism.

Just as with other theories of a universal life energy, it was proposed that Odic force permeated all forms of life and that it is somehow related or similar to electricity, magnetism and heat. Reichenback also believed that Odic force was radiated by most substances.

Proponents of Odic force claimed that it could be seen surrounding magnets, crystals and living beings as auras but that only sensitive people are able to see it, often after spending several hours in the dark (sensory deprivation). Rather than basing his theory on the philosophy of Chi energy or taking a spiritual view on the subject, Reichenbach associated Odic force with biological electromagnetic fields which, of course, compliments and supports the work of Tesla, Lakhovsky and Mesmer combined.

According to a lengthy article which Reichenbach had published in the scientific journal, Annalen der Chemie und Physik:

  • Odic force had a positive and negative flux, and a light and dark side.
  • Individuals could forcefully "emanate" it, particularly from the hands, mouth, and forehead.
  • The Odic force had many possible applications.

Reichenbach came to similar conclusions to Mesmer and was heavily influenced by Mesmer's work. Unfortunately for Reichenbach, he received criticism and his theories were ridiculed because he resorted to using people who claimed to be sensitives (i.e. empaths/psychics) in order to verify many of his theories. Odic force is now labelled as an example of pseudoscience.

Other Notable Figures

Other notable people throughout history who have contended that there is indeed a universal life force include Plato, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Francis Glisson, Caspar Friedrich Wolff, Johannes Reinke and renowned psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung.

One thing is certain about life force; it has remained a popular theory which has stood the test of time and despite its constant debunking throughout the centuries, the theory is becoming increasingly popular in recent times with many alternative and 'New Age' therapies being based on it.

Books by Wilhelm Reich

  • The Mass Psychology Of Fascism
  • The Function Of The Orgasm
  • The Murder Of Christ
  • Ether, God and Devil & Cosmic Superimposition
  • The Bioelectrical Investigation Of Sexuality & Anxiety
  • Children Of The Future: On The Prevention Of Sexual Pathology
  • The Invasion Of Compulsory Sex Morality
  • The Sexual Revolution
  • People In Trouble
  • The Cancer Biopathy
  • Character Analysis
  • Bion Experiments

Wilhelm Reich (Orgone)

By far the most notable figure in the entire 'life force energy movement' of recent times was psychoanalyst and scientist, Wilhelm Reich (1897–1957).

Reich's scientific research into what he termed Orgone energy ('org' from orgasm and 'one' from o-zone) was much more extensive and much more credible than any of the other researchers before him, and seemingly ever since.

Reich's work is deserving of very much attention for anyone with an interest in the concept of a universal life force. For this reason, I have included both the full movie entitled The Strange Case Of Wilhem Reich (2012), to the right and have also included a documentary about Orgone energy below. Both are well worth checking out for anyone with even a mild interest in this topic.

Reich's work also lends credence to the work of all those mentioned above, tying it all together very neatly and Reich claimed to have objectively observed and tested the existence of Orgone. He also documented his research in several books.

Wilhelm Reich went on to build Orgone accumulators; boxes made from a combination of organic and non-organic layers, which encapsulated the Orgone energy inside them which could then be scientifically measured and observed by using a modified Geiger counter. Reich used these boxes to treat a large number of patients who were suffering from various illnesses with success, including several cancer patients.

Unfortunately, Reich was heavily persecuted by the authorities and his work was heavily suppressed; he was forced to destroy all Orgone accumulators and made to burn any of his books or documents which mentioned Orgone energy.

Reich's persecution is not surprising considering how outspoken and stubborn he was (and passionate about his work) and that he had written many books on the topics of psychology/psychoanalysis, science and politics. Reich was imprisoned for continuing to use Orgone devices in spite of a court injunction against doing so and died in prison in 1957.

Documentary About Orgone Energy

Orgonite Devices

Orgonite Devices


In recent times, people have adopted Reich's ideas and have been using his basis and research of Orgone energy to manufacture devices which they are now calling "Orgonite". Orgonite is basically a modern adaptation of Reich's work.

Orgonite comes in various shapes and sizes and utilizes all sorts of different principles. The basis is that a combination of organic and non-organic materials (sometimes in layers, sometimes not) are cast inside a resin mold, along with one or more crystals (usually quartz). The idea is that the mixture of organic and non-organic layers absorbs and repels life-force energy, whereas the crystal(s) transmute the energy into a positive charge.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who manufacture Orgonite have completely lost sight of Reich's research and how he actually achieved his results and unbeknown to many of them, they are not actually utilizing the principles that Reich claimed to have discovered but the details of this misconception require an article of their own.

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Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on February 24, 2017:

Thanks for reading Nancy. I can attest to the effectiveness of Orgonite also, that stuff is really amazing and there's no doubt that it works. I have a few pieces already and some more coming. I've also found that it amplifies Reiki and even just crystals alone are amazing.

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on February 24, 2017:

Wonderful article sparkster. To me, a universal life force goes without saying.

I can personally attest to the orgonite working. I purchased a pyramid similar to the one shown above and I had several positive changes occur in my life. I now often give them as gifts to help others.

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on February 17, 2017:

Thanks for the comment Nadine, and for reading. Funny you should say that, I'm quite a sensitive person and I find that when street lamps are on their way out they cause a buzzing tone in my ear and I also used to suffer with vertigo quite badly. Since getting myself some decent Orgonite those problems seem to have disappeared almost completely.

Good to see that you're already familiar with Wilhelm Reich too. I've done quite extensive research into his work and funnily enough just a published a new article at Hubpages about how George Van Tassel's Integratron, a UFO replica which he started building in 1952, is basically a giant Orgone accumulator. I doubt it's any coincidence that Reich had UFOs present in his life too.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on February 07, 2017:

Great article.

Interesting that you mention Dr Wilhelm Reich work about Orgonite made of resin, metals and quartz that strengthens our body’s energy field. Both my husband and I are suspecting that the waves that come from our wifi and the radio waves from our portable phone, (all sitting in our office next to us) could be the reasons for us both starting to suffer on and off from Virtigo and Tinnitus. We are now going to clean our office as much as we can and see if that is going to make a difference.

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on February 04, 2017:

Thanks for checking it out Blond Logic. I agree, it's a shame that if such phenomenon does exist that we've been cut off from it for so long. Still, the world is changing and people continue to wake up each and every day. I think we're at a critical point in our evolution.

Mary Wickison from USA on February 03, 2017:

This is a fascinating subject and you have highlighted many of the theories. I think it is sad that the powers that be, can't accept that there could be something more than we currently know. Churches and governments want to keep the minds of people closed, as an enlightened population could be considered risky.

Interesting hub.

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on February 03, 2017:

Thanks for the comment, I totally agree with you. It's definitely true, I could have gone into much more depth and detail about many others who have come to similar conclusions but doing so is way beyond the scope of this article. I'll be saving all that information for a book on this very topic. There are a few principles that every single one of these researchers has uncovered which I wanted to detail in this article but it would have gone on forever had I done so! I'm fairly familiar with Edgar Cayce and have also carried out many experiments into telepathy myself with astounding results, so I absolutely believe you. Not sure if I've read your article before, I think I have, but I'll be sure to check it out again just in case.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on February 03, 2017:

From article:

"The work of both Franz Mesmer and Nikola Tesla compliments the work of Russian scientist, Georges Lakhovsky (1869 - 1942). Lakhovsky believed that all organisms acted as receivers and transmitters of high frequency oscillations and built several devices based on this principle, including oscillating circuits and the Multi-Wave Oscillator."

If all this is true, we should be able to cure cancer. A man named Edgar Cayce described a device called the "Radio active appliance." This is an electronic device similar to the Multi-Wave Oscillator. Check out Edgar Cayce to add to your article.

Is There A Universal Life-Force? I would say, "Yes." See Hub, "My Telepathic Experiences." Because telepathy exists there must be a medium for it.