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"Throne of Glass" Book Review

Victoria is an avid reader whose opinions are based on how each novel ranks within its genre.

Book review

Book review

Throne of Glass Summary

Celaena Sardothian was only a young girl when the King of Adarlan invaded her kingdom, butchering everyone and everything that she ever knew. Orphaned Celaena was taken in by the king of assassins and trained from a very young age to be a ruthless killer. Then Celaena is betrayed and ends up imprisoned in one of the king's work camps where she was meant to die. She lived, and now the King is looking for a champion, someone ruthless, strong and smart. Prince Dorian knows the rumors of the ruthless Adarlan's assassin and offers her freedom and full pardon on the condition that she win the competition and become the king's champion. However, Celaena must serve four years under the King's rule and do whatever he asks of her. Celaena agrees with his terms and travels with Dorian and his best friend, Chaol, who is also head of the king's guard, to the royal city. During the competition, competitors start tragically dying in gruesome ways and Celaena is determined not to be the next to fall, not in the competition or by this unknown murderer targeting champions.


What Made Me Love This Book

1. Celaena's Character

Celaena is only a young girl when her entire family was butchered by the concurring king. At an early age, she had to decide how to live as well as survive. While training in the assassin academy, she thrived, always the best among her peers, sent to far away deserts to train among the best, of course, she was destined to be awesome... but she's also just a girl and this is what I loved about Celaena's character in this novel. The reader begins the story with the brutal Assassin of Adarlan always one step ahead, filled with hate and loathing for the King and all those associated with him, but in moments the side of her that is a young girl will show. She likes pretty dresses and puppies just as much as she likes killing people and I'm so happy the author didn't just ignore her main character's age but incorporated her age and life experience into her overall personality.

2. Character Development

Every main character shows some sort of pivotal development in this novel that is clear and easy to follow but also fluid and natural. Much of the character development that happens in the story focuses on relationships and how each character raised in a different lifestyle copes with the other. Each character learns from the other in natural ways that are easy to follow and heartwarming all in the same breath.

Quote from the book

Quote from the book

3. Perfect Ratio of Description vs Dialogue

There is a fine line between a story that has too much description and not enough dialogue and a story that has too much dialogue and enough substance. Throne of Glass balances the scale perfectly. The reader is constantly entertained by witty banter and deep conversations, meanwhile fully immersed in that atmosphere surrounding and building the scenes for each character. I had no trouble following this novel mentally as if it were a film. I never had a moment of "ugh this is boring and too descriptive". For me, that ratio of dialogue and world-building is a delicate one and honestly this is one of the rare cases where I feel the author nailed it!

4. Genuinely Funny

Part of what keeps me entertained while reading, especially a book of this caliber, is quick banter, and relatable characters. I openly laughed out loud while reading this novel. I couldn't help it was just that randomly funny. Books, where you invest so much of yourself into the lives of these characters, have to hook you somehow well Throne of Glass does this by making you giggle . . . a lot.

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We all bear scars,... Mine just happen to be more visible than most.

— Sarah J. Maas

5. Excellently Plotted

What I believe makes this book so loved and so hyped by the reading community is how well thought out and organized Sarah J. Maas's book is. It's easy to follow jumps around a little but never in a disorganized manner, but always in a way that was necessary for the development of the story or character. Simply put this novel is fluid and reads like a steady stream.

The Only Thing I Didn't Like

When I first picked up this novel I was expecting an assassin-meets-Hunger Games type novel... pretty much when a book says a group of people come together to fight to the death for a diplomat of any sort and become a champion, who doesn't think Hunger Games? Well, I was wrong, the competition part barely has anything to do with the main plot of this novel. It is the driving force that motivates its characters but not the focus and that to me was a little disappointing. Celaena is very much right from the beginning built up to be a badass and the competition seemed like a great opportunity to show this off, but unfortunately leaves the reader wanting just a bit more in the Celaena kicking butt department.

My Final Thoughts

As a reader, I am wary of over-hyped novels frequently being more disappointed than in love with popular novels. Throne of Glass I had purchased on my e-reader at a discounted rate and added it to my TBR (to be read) pile with the intention of probably never reading it. Not because I thought it would be bad but because I didn't want to feel the need to dedicate myself to such a large series I didn't know if I would truly enjoy. I hate starting something and not finishing it. While on vacation I had run out of novels to read on my e-reader and only had Throne of Glass left. So I thought why not, I'll give it a shot. I am so happy I did, and I have a funny feeling this series is probably going to make it to my top ten must-read series. I can not wait to see what happens in the next several books and highly recommend this novel to anyone who hasn't read it yet. If you're a fan of high fantasy, romance, and just plain epicness read this novel... and if your looking for an introductory novel to high fantasy read this novel! You won't regret it.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Because we love Aelin, can we be expecting more on her in World of Throne of Glass?

Answer: I’m honestly unsure, my TBR has gotten out of hand. Therefore haven’t had the chance to continue the series.


Ishika on August 12, 2019:

it is an awesome series and i absolutely loved it. the whole story takes a huge turn after crown of midnight . the whole series is filled with mystery and suspense and trust me you'll fall in love with the chracters.

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