"To Kill a Kingdom" Book Review

Updated on January 7, 2019
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Reading is one of many passions Victoria has. She is always one of the first people her friends ask when in need of a good book!


Lira is the most ruthless siren in the entire ocean, so it's only natural that she become the next Sea Queen. Raised by an unrelenting and ruthless mother, Lira is proud of the 17 hearts she has acquired in her 17 years of life. Each heart belonged to a prince from a kingdom who wasn't smart enough to stay clear of its dangerous oceans. Lira became greedy, however, and took the heart of a prince before her 18th birthday and must suffer her mother's wrath for this insolence. Stripped of her fins, Lira finds herself human and on a mission. Her goal is to acquire the Siren Killers heart without magic in order to prove herself to her never satisfied mother that she can make a ruthless queen in her stead.

Elian is heir to a golden throne that he has no intention of sitting on. He loves his kingdom, but feels his life is better spent a Pirate than a diplomate. Elian knows the dangers of the sea and wants to rid it of the monsters they call Sirens. He will kill all the Sirens and their queen but on his journey to do it he stumbles upon a naked woman about to drown, alone in the middle of the ocean. Drawn by her beauty and charm he saves her, he knows she has secrets and can't be trusted but finds her too valuable an ally to get rid of. How much will Elian have to sacrifice in order to end this war between land and ocean?

Want to read it? Click on the link for yours! "To Kill A Kingdom" by Alexandra Christo

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Why This Novel Is So Enchanting

I could talk for days about why I love this novel so much, but here is the simplified version of it.

"The Little Mermaid" Revamped: I'm sure most people by now have seen "The Little Mermaid" by Disney, and if you haven't you should go do that. "To Kill A Kingdom" is a darker version of a classic that we all know and love. One might be concerned with a retelling of a classic like this pulling too much from the original story, but this story is almost completely original and in a world very different from Ariel's. The author uses hints of visual cues to connect the story, but that is virtually it. Things like Lira's hair being a fairly read and dressing our favorite Elain in clothes similar to that of Prince Eric's. These things make the visualization process of reading in my opinion that much more real.

Character Development: While following along Lira and Elian's story the reader will witness a great deal of growth in their characters that happens in a very appropriate gradual manner. What I really loved about all the character development in this novel is how the characters see in the beginning what better versions of themselves they would like to be, but are unsure of how to achieve it. They feel there is little choice they have in their own lives, gradually learning the complete opposite.

Witty Characters: All the characters of this novel have strong engaging personality's that are hard not to fall in love with. Honestly, there was more than one occasion while reading "To Kill A Kingdom" that I laughed out loud. The banter is endless and if your, not one for witty banter among characters you might not enjoy this novel, but if your someone who enjoys a quality quick comeback, this novel will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Perfectly Descriptive: The balance between dialogue and world building is the perfect ratio. There is more than enough talk between characters and metal contemplation to keep the reader entertained mixed with simple, elegantly written descriptions to build the world around you. It was honestly like watching a movie, this novel reads like a river, fast passed, twisting and turning, forever changing.

People don't tell secrets because someone needs to hear them. They do it because they need someone to tell.

— Alexandra Christo

My Conclusion

I don't have a single complaint about this novel, and it honestly hit every marker for me as a reader. Reading "To Kill A Kingdom" by Alexandra Christo to me was like watching a live action Disney film, but better! There was just the right amount of romance, brutality, and comedic banter—it's the perfect young adult fantasy in my opinion. It's hard to believe this is a debut novel and I can't get enough of Lira and Elian. From the looks of it, "To Kill A Kingdom" is a stand-alone novel, but cross your fingers with me and maybe we'll get another.

5 stars for "To Kill A Kingdom" by Alexandra Christo

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      • thedinasoaur profile image

        Dina AH 

        12 months ago from United States

        I haven't read many strong retellings. I admit, this one sounds kind of awesome. Mermaids are not creatures that are part of the traditional young adult market so far. But, maybe sirens can get us into more adventures under water. Does the princess in this novel have any friendships or side-kicks? Or is it more focused on the tension between the humans and the princess?


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