"Unfaithful : The Deception of Night" by Elisa S. Amore - a Personal Review

Updated on May 6, 2019
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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do, but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.

In this romance-suspense novel, you will read 504 page of unexpected twists and breathtaking wonders that will leave you with plenty to ponder about.
In this romance-suspense novel, you will read 504 page of unexpected twists and breathtaking wonders that will leave you with plenty to ponder about. | Source

A Quick Summary

Book Title : Unfaithful : The Deception of Night

Author : Elisa S. Amore

Publication Date : May 2, 2016

Page Length : 504 pages

Book In Series : Book 2 of 4


Gemma and Evan are far from out of the woods. However, now the threat is closer to home than ever. As Gemma grows closer to Evan, everything couldn't seem more peaceful. That is until Evan shows her part of his world. Their bond growing ever stronger by the minute and the threat become even more deadly with their bond, Evan and Gemma aren't prepared for their new threat. As the threats increase, threatening to tear the two apart forever, their new enemy threatens to grow closer to the lover's and tear them apart as well.

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Unfaithful - The Deception of Night: Young Adult Paranormal Romance (The Touched Saga Book 2)
Unfaithful - The Deception of Night: Young Adult Paranormal Romance (The Touched Saga Book 2)

Normally $2.99 but if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.


Review Time (May Contain Spoilers)

As I look back at Unfaithful, all I can think is wow. This book had some unexpected twists and turns, that leave you breathless and riddled with anxiety. It was a nice continuation from the first book with some real anxiety ridden situations. I loved that we got to see more of the others: Ginerva, Simon, and Drake. I loved getting to know these character more. However, I found that not everything as it seems to be. I guess that is to be expected when you are dating an Angel of Death. I also enjoyed learning more about how the Evan and his brothers are created and chosen. There was so much information in this book, that at times it was hard to absorb it all, while continuing the story without pausing to take a moment to think about what you just read.

Let me first discuss Evan. Though we don't see a whole bunch from his point of view this time around, it was definitely nice to learn about his past and how his kind works. Although, I wished we could have had more of him in the book, it was nice to learn more about the others in his family. I think I really enjoyed learning about how he met each member in his family after his death. I also very much enjoyed learning about how each member had an impact on the others. Seeing how he was saved by a Witch, Ginerva, who was with Simon, was amazing to see. I also enjoyed him explaining how the forbidden fruit that Eve ate was the same that gave Evan and his kind the nutrition they needed to stay alive and how without consuming it they would just end up dead, instead of becoming the angels they were destined to become to pay their way into Eden.

Evan had even explained some of his family to Gemma, which helped shed a new light on them. I believe what little information was given, really helped give these characters a better feel. It made you feel sorry or sad for how things had come to be. To even see how close to Gemma that they had grown to be, was a pleasant sight to see. It made the character intertwine together better than before. However, with Drake's crazy antics and the ever threatening danger around the corner, you can't help but wonder what was really going on.

At one point, you are introduces to Eden and the details to describe it left you breathless. I can't help but wonder if my imagination even done it justice. I believe the details were amazing and definitely breathtaking. However, I think even with the details, that I would have loved to see more of it. Though it was very hard to believe such a place could exist, after all it is supposed to be our Heaven, I think I would have definitely needed to see more to be satisfied. This is on of the things in the book that made me want more of it, knowing I may never be able to visit it again.

--This next part is a spoiler so please read at your own risk.--

I have to say that the ending with Evan dying has me extremely upset. I am not sure what happened and even now I am sitting her unsure of what happened. I had cried out in frustration. It was definitely not a satisfying ending. With what Gemma tells Evan as he dies, and what happens with their supposed threat, I can't help but count down the minutes until I can start the next book. This book definitely gave me lots to think about. For example, how nothing is certain in life. There are many things, people and situations that can lead you to the wrong conclusions or paths to take. I feel this book had given so many things to be processed and though about, that people could easily lose themselves in thought, just from the situations, like deception, and ideas of places unseen by us alone.

Overall I would rate this book five stars out of five stars. It was breathtaking, detailed, and kept you in suspense. There were a few very sweet moments that made you long for romance like that in your personal life, but kept everything in the right perspective. I definitely think that I learned that I should live to the fullest, for you never know when death is waiting for you. I think this series has been amazing so far and can't wait to finish it. It definitely makes you want more and with and ending that doesn't answer the important questions, it definitely feels like the cliffhanger at the end of your favorite show to keep you waiting for the next season to figure out what the next thing is going to be.

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