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Book Review: Yvonne Orji’s "Bamboozled by Jesus"

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"Bamboozled by Jesus" by Yvonne Orji

"Bamboozled by Jesus" by Yvonne Orji

A Tale of Faith

Yvonne Orji never lets you forget that she’s Nigerian-born, that she’s a comedian, or that she’s a Bible-believing Christian. In Bamboozled by Jesus, she manages to weave the exciting story-telling features of these identities into an inspiring tale of determination, struggle, faith, perseverance and success.

After convincing her readers that personal fulfillment is possible, she motivates them to advance from the stage where they may be settled and unsatisfied to the stage where they are divinely destined to be.

The "Bamboozled" Story

Going to medical school is a typical expectation for children in Nigerian families, like Yvonne’s family in Washington, DC. When she decided to become a stand-up comedian, her parents were embarrassed. Her story details her struggle to appease them while obeying God who was guiding her along the entertainment route to her destiny. She chronicles her move to New York and later to LA, the rise and fall of expectations in the industry, her financial lack and miraculous provisions which helped her survive, the evidences that God arranged distractions and disappointments to help her character development in preparation for her rise to stardom.

Yvonne shares her steps up the ladder from volunteering at an open mic in New York, to selling out performances at Caroline’s on Broadway, to opening for Chris Rock, to her own one-hour comedy special on HBO, to her breakout TV role as Molly on HBO’s Insecure. She charts her financial progress from her sixty-two cents bank account to home ownership. Throughout the story, she weaves episodes of her Nigerian life, demonstrating the sterling quality home training she received. She extracts inspiration from Bible stories including David and Goliath, Joseph and His Brothers, The Three Hebrew Boys and others who arrived at their destination, despite their setbacks.

One of the many episodes which demonstrates the concept of bamboozlement involves her friend, Grace. Grace lived in New York, received a writing assignment in LA and needed a place to stay from February to May. Because Yvonne’s rent check had just bounced, she saw the benefit of giving up her bedroom to Grace, and sleeping on the couch. While the arrangement provided financial help to Yvonne, it answered a prayer for Grace who did not want to stay with strangers. Grace later became a Season 4 writer on Yvonne’s show, Insecure, for which Yvonne earned her Emmy nomination. (You will read how God humbled Yvonne so that she needed monetary help, which caused her to take in Grace, who contributed to her Emmy nomination.)

Many providential arrangements like this, and involving many other friends and colleagues make the reader agree with Yvonne, that Jesus orchestrated (bamboozled) her entire life events to push her into the life of her dreams.

Yvonne Orji - actress, writer, comedian

Yvonne Orji - actress, writer, comedian

Details of the Book

The main text of Bamboozled by Jesus is divided into five parts, beginning with a funny incident at Yvonne’s birth which was the first bamboozlement. It ends with an invitation to the reader: “I don’t know your struggles," she writes, “but I do know that you are necessary and your supply is abundant, and personally, I can’t wait to be a benefactor of your bamboozlement.” The chapters in all five parts total 24.

The parts are subtitled: The Burden, The Building, The Breakthrough, The Booked, Blessed, and Busy, and The Bonus.

Readers will easily glide through the book, because Yvonne’s style is uniquely interesting. She creates words which the reader will laugh at, and catchy phrases will they will want to adopt. She includes Nigerian slang and explains it. There is humor everywhere, even when she cites Bible references. She makes the application of the Bible principles fit so perfectly into your own life, you will be surprised at her gift of contemporary translation.

Publisher: ‎ Worthy Books (May 25, 2021)
Language: ‎ English
Hardcover: ‎ 272 pages
ISBN-10: ‎ 1546012672
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1546012672
Item Weight: ‎ 1.05 pounds
Dimensions: ‎ 6.3 x 1.25 x 9.3 inches
Best Sellers Rank: #8 in Television Performer Biographies (Also listed in Religious Leader Biographies and Self-Help & Psychology Humor)
Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars, 579 ratings

Other attractive features of the book include the practical counsels she gives at the front under The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Bamboozled and her personal Bamboozled Beliefs at the back.

"Bamboozled by Jesus" book cover backflap

"Bamboozled by Jesus" book cover backflap

Favorite Quotes from "Bamboozled"

  • "When all you are is special, you can be replaced. But when you’re available, you’re already standing in position, so no one can take your place."
  • "When everybody comes up short and absolutely no one can help, that’s the sweet spot of surrender where God does some of His finest work."
  • "Too many people who wear the label 'Christian' believe that title exempts them from taking initiative and gettin' down and dirty. Faith without works is a dead-end street, but believing is the juice that turns the streetlights on."
  • "God relishes the opportunity to fill the bags we give Him. Unfortunately, too many of us are bringing Him change purses and travel-size containers … It all belongs to us. Somebody gotta get it, so why not you? Giving God a big bag to fill stretches our faith and expands our capacity to believe."

Who Should Read "Bamboozled"?

  • New students entering college, and needing courage to choose (with wise counsel) the area of study which corresponds to their God-given gifts rather than the dictates of family tradition.
  • Students who have already started and are fighting to subject themselves to the course of study someone else chose for them.
  • People in the entertainment industry and all others who need encouragement to "faith it 'til you make it." (Yvonne's words).
  • All who need motivation to submit to God's bamboozlement, in order to receive all that they deserve.


I did not receive a free copy of this book in return for a review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 10, 2021:

Rosina, the book author would say (and I would too,) you're never too late. Thanks for your comment. You would really enjoy the book.

Rosina S Khan on August 10, 2021:

Your article didn't show up in my email notifications and I didn't see it in my feed until a few minutes ago. So I am late to respond.

This looks like an amazing book review. I like the way the author expresses her struggles and success using humor. It is definitely a book I would like to read. Thanks for the review, Dora.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 10, 2021:

You're welcome, Misbah. Hope you're doing well. Yes, this is certainly a book you would enjoy.

Misbah Sheikh from — This Existence Is Only an Illusion on August 10, 2021:

Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting book review, MsDora. I enjoyed reading it. It looks like a good book and worth reading.

Blessings and Love

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 10, 2021:

Ah, Viryabo! Glad you found the review. You'll definitely enjoy it.

viryabo from Lagos, Nigeria. on August 10, 2021:

What a wonderful review. This is a must-have for me.

Thank you for sharing this.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

Thanks, Brenda. This sounds like your book. The humor is there and the storyline is interesting.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on August 09, 2021:

Ms Dora

It sounds like she has had an interesting journey.

Her struggle to do what her heart desired against the family do what God actually has planned for her life.

This book sounds like it would keep my attention.

I enjoy a comical way of telling a story.

Worthy....that's something we all are.

Great article explaining this book.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

You're welcome, Peggy. You will enjoy reading the book.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on August 09, 2021:

Her book certainly has a catchy title. Knowing now that she is a comedian, it makes sense. Thanks, Dora, for introducing me to Yvonne Orji. It sounds like a great book to read.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

Thanks, Bill. I also think the title is a turn on. It suggests spirituality and humor, and everybody needs that.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

Thanks, Shauna. Yvonne's HBO stand up hour may be on YouTube. There are other appearances for sure. It will tell you much about who she is.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on August 09, 2021:

The title of the book makes the book worth a try. What a great title. I would read it just for that reason alone. She has a great sense of humor and great creativity. Thanks for sharing!

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on August 09, 2021:

What a great review, Dora! I'm not familiar with Yvonne Orjis, but her life sounds fascinating. Her humor and faith are a refreshing addition to the Hollywood set.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

Thanks, Flourish. I appreciate your suggestions and will follow through.

FlourishAnyway from USA on August 09, 2021:

This was a well-done review and I like that you selected this book with no possible inducements (I read your disclaimer!). You should consider emailing her publishers a link to your article or tweeting it and mentioning her.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

Brian, I wish you would follow through with your interest in this book. You cannot go wrong. Great principles for success interwoven with great humor.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

Manatita, yes. Yvonne is all that, judging by her book. You would like it.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

Pam, no one could go wrong choosing this book to read. Even the older reader would be inspired.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

Truly, John. There's never a dull moment and the relationship between integrity and success come through loud and clear.

Dora Weithers (author) from The Caribbean on August 09, 2021:

Thanks, Jo. It's a true story, and the story-y-telling is excellent. Really, well done!

Athena Chan from Penang, Malaysia on August 09, 2021:

Ms. Dora, thank you for sharing this wonderful review on this inspiring publication. Your review got me contemplating on getting a copy to read more of Yvonne's journey and learn how she faith it 'till she made it. Truly a great book worth reading.

manatita44 from london on August 09, 2021:

Lovely read and chuckle at the disclaimer. Yvonne seems to be a good comedian and a good writer. She failed Chemistry, because God had another role in mind for her. It is always like that. A few practical quotes. Lovely!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 09, 2021:

This is an excellent book review. I think anyone might find this a good book to read. As a Christian I know I would enjoy it. Thanks for writing this review, Ms Dora.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on August 08, 2021:

What a wonderful review, MsDora. Yvonne Orji sounds like an interesting and inspirational person. The book certainly sounds like a worthwhile read.

Jo Miller from Tennessee on August 08, 2021:

Very interesting story, Dora.