12 Figures of Speech

We all use figures of speech, which are devices that use words in a non-literal way. They give our language colour and vivacity. In this article, 12 common figures of speech are defined and discussed with specific examples.


Analysis of Poem Mowing by Robert Frost

Robert Frost's Mowing, a sonnet, focuses on the simple act of mowing grass with a scythe and how working the land naturally is reward enough. Imagery, metaphor and full rhyme combine to produce a classic Frost poem, full of plain language yet with hidden meaning and his own brand of folk wisdom.


Which Language Do They Speak in Belgium?

Which language do Belgians speak? It might surprise some, but the mothertongue of the Belgian population is not English, nor do most Belgians speak French. But what do they speak then? In this article, I will explain what Belgians do speak and why the Belgian language question is not that easy.


What Is the Difference Between Affect and Effect?

The words affect and effect are often confused in the English language. Even native English speakers use the two words incorrectly . The difficulty lies that both sound similar and both can be used as nouns and verbs. Here I discuss the differences between affect and effect and how to use them.