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Dragons in Greek Mythology

Dragons are well known in Greek mythology. There are four dragon-like beasts more well-known than all the rest — Typhon, the father of all monsters, Lernaean Hydra, whose heads multiply, Python, who lives in the center of the earth, and Ladon, guardian of the Golden Apples.


Jumala: That’s Finnish for God

In the Finnish language, Jumala means “god”. Also, it refers to any god including the Christian Jehovah. However, Jumala was once a god in his own right. Moreover, the original gods associated with the word have become part of a realm within a superhero universe.


The Heart—Symbolism and Mythology

Does our intelligence reside in our hearts or in our brains? Since ancient times, the heart has been valued as the seat of our consciousness and morality, so what are the myths and symbols used to define this vital organ. How has the symbol developed over time? Do we have a 'heart-brain'?


Top 10 Greek Mythology Stories

Ancient Greece produced some of the wildest and most memorable folklore known to humanity. Famous films like "Hercules" and "Troy" derive their storylines from some of these aged legends. Here are my picks for the 10 best stories from ancient Greek mythology.


The Gratiae Goddesses

Thomas Aquinas, wrote that Charity is a friendship with God and the angels. A supernatural conversation that does not reside in relationships with other human beings...