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A Rationalization of Afterlife in Heaven: A Soul-Stirring Study

This article aims to justify a plausible existence of Heaven based on my vision to see what we might expect for eternity in the hereafter.

A Soul-Stirring Study of the Hereafter

A Soul-Stirring Study of the Hereafter

Eternity in the Hereafter

This article examines what to expect in the hereafter as we explore curious questions about life in Heaven.

  1. Is everyone healthy there?
  2. Is everyone the same age?
  3. Will it be boring while prevailing for eternity?
  4. Will Heaven ever get overpopulated?
  5. Is there any proof of Heaven or life after death?

What Will Our Bodies Be Like When in Heaven?

It would be terrible to imagine eternity if we were drastically ill when we died or had old age disabilities and continue with that condition in Heaven.

Is that how we would spend the rest of eternity?

No! There must be a better way. After all, it’s Heaven! Right?

We need not be concerned about that because we don’t take our bodies with us. I’ll explain how we can come to that conclusion.

A few cases of patients in a coma have been found to have no brain activity when doctors monitor the patient's condition with an electroencephalogram (EEG).1

Yet, some of them recover. And there are reported cases where they could describe what occurred while they were in a coma. They had a near-death experience that resulted in an out-of-body phenomenon.2

That would imply that our consciousness leaves our body or resides somewhere else. Considering that, it might be true that our soul is what remains of our consciousness.

When we die and go to Heaven, it could be our soul that experiences the journey. Therefore, our consciousness survives, which provides the impression of eternity in the hereafter.

So we need not be concerned with our physical condition prior to death because our souls can't have health issues without a physical body.

How Old Is Everyone in Heaven?

In the prior discussion, we determined that our soul is what exists in Heaven. Therefore, we concluded that we had left our bodies behind.

However, our consciousness comes along with our soul so that we can imagine our eternal existence in Heaven. So to that point, I wonder how we consciously envision all the people we knew before death.

I wonder how old they will be? Is everyone the same age they were when we last saw them?

What if they died after us? In that case, will they be older when we run into them in Heaven? Will we even recognize them?

Imagine if everyone is starting over as an infant? Well, if that were true, who would care for us?

Do you see my point? I’m having a problem figuring out a reasonable age that everyone would be when they are in Heaven.

That question arises because we are thinking of our physical bodies. Remember, we leave that behind when we die. We would not have our body in its present form.

If we had continued in the afterlife with our body as it was when we die, that would imply people who were old or disabled would remain that way. To be in that condition would not be the Heaven we envision. Would it?

We would no doubt exist in some other form. To understand it as best we can, that form is simply our consciousness that survives our death.

I can see how well the definition of “consciousness” describes our perception of ourselves in Heaven. Charles Hunter made it clear in his book, “Consciousness.” He defined it as awareness, the ability to experience or feel, and having a sense of selfhood.3

Just think about those three things for a moment:

  1. Awareness
  2. Ability to experience or feel
  3. Having a sense of selfhood

I think that describes life in Heaven quite well. And none of those three things requires a physical body.

Since we wouldn’t take our bodies with us, there would not be any consequences of age or aging. So that settles that question.

Is Life in Heaven Boring?

We assume that when one dies, they go to Heaven indefinitely. Eternity is a long time. Does that mean people who passed away are waiting for their other family members to join them eventually?

How does one avoid getting bored with all that time on their hands? I thought about that and concluded time is not linear in Heaven. It doesn’t go from the past, through the present, and on to the future.

As we know it, time probably doesn’t exist in the hereafter. Any particular experience does not happen in a single moment. There is no concept of time going from one moment to the next.

For the same reason, there is no tomorrow. There is only just today. Therefore, no one longs for the past or anticipates the future.

The sequence of time throughout our life helps us keep track of past experiences and future events. We use it to plan meetings with people at an agreed place and time. We can’t imagine being without the concept of time. However, I can’t imagine any reason why time is necessary in the hereafter.

The need to manage one’s time doesn’t sound like the bliss we hope to have in Heaven. Needing to be somewhere and not be late, rushing to finish tasks, concern about productivity, and so on, are no longer necessary.

Since there is no concept of physical space, communication can exist between various people without being in the same physical location and without being present at the same time.

That creates exciting opportunities. One can have a conversation with someone who died before them or will die much later.

The concept of time is such a meaningful entity for us. So it’s difficult to imagine the non-existence of time.

Since it’s not an issue in the hereafter, parents don’t need to wait until their children grow old and die to be reunited. Everyone’s soul is already there — those who have ever lived and those yet to die.

Will Heaven Ever Get Overpopulated?

If everyone who dies goes to Heaven (well, maybe not everyone), then wouldn’t the resources in Heaven run out?

We are very aware of our three-dimensional world. We need to take an airplane to get to distant lands. We need to hop in a car to drive to the next town.

However, physical three-dimensional space doesn’t exist in Heaven. Therefore, one can be anywhere they want to be without physically moving.

The so-called “quantum theory of consciousness” presents the possibility of “other realms of existence” between subjective perception and objective physical reality.

Without having our body in Heaven, our consciousness can flip from one location to another in quantum leaps with an objective view, while our perception of reality remains subjective.4

Since there are no limitations of physical space, it’s evident that Heaven will never become overpopulated.

Is There Really Proof of Heaven or Life After Death?

We can conclude that life in Heaven is possible if our consciousness survives our death. Our subjective perception of reality will outlive our physical existence.

Neuroscientists are studying the possibility of consciousness after death, and I review that research in another article, “Will Consciousness Continue After We Die? Where Is It Located?

God may have had endless time to complete His creation of “the heavens and the earth” since time didn’t exist before creation.

So, my conclusion is that the passage of time doesn’t exist after we leave this planet, and that leaves us with eternal bliss.


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