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Past Life and Reincarnation Books, Ten Great Reads

Andy Tomlinson is a psychologist and has been teaching similar techniques to adults for 25 years.

Past Life Books Summary

Having worked in this area for twenty years as both an author, therapist and trainer this is a selection of past life books readers may find interesting, both those new to this subject and readers wanting new exciting insights. It includes books about how past lives heal, new biblical information coming from past lives, and what happens after a past life death.

reincarnation cycle

reincarnation cycle

  1. Shrouded Truth - Biblical Revelations Through Past Life Journeys, by Reena Kumarasingham
  2. Healing the Eternal Soul – Insights from Past Lives and Spiritual Regression, by Andy Tomlinson
  3. On Dragonfly Wings – A Skeptic's Journey to Mediumship, by Daniela Norris
  4. Healing with Past Life Therapy: Transformational Journeys through Time and Space, by Lorraine Flaherty
  5. Healing Your Past Lives - Exploring the Many Lives of the Soul, by Roger Woolger
  6. How I Died and What I Did Next, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Tony Winninger
  7. Children Past Lives; How Past Life Memories Effect Children, by Carol Bowman
  8. Healing Deep Hurt Within - The Transformational Journey of a Young Patient Undergoing Regression Therapy, Dr Peter Mack
  9. Many Lives Many Masters, Dr. Brian Weiss
  10. Freeing the Captives The Emerging Therapy of Treating Spirit Attachment - Louise Ireland-Frey

1. Shrouded Truth, by Reena Kumasingham

Reena is a psychologist, regression therapist and pioneer writing past life books that are backed up with modern research that supports the accuracy of the past lives. This book takes readers on a fascinating journey through the past life memories of eight souls who experienced lives during the Biblical period. Emotional, and at times dramatic it gives an insight into the turbulent times and fascinating experiences of those closest to Jesus, and reveals events and information of what happened before, during and after the crucifixion of Jesus.


2. Healing the Eternal Soul, by Andy Tomlinson

This is the only one of my past life books that I have included in this article because it explained how working with past lives can bring about the most amazing transformations. It has information for therapists and for the general reader. This is what past life pioneer Roger Woolger wrote "Andy has given us an extremely valuable ‘state of the art’ picture of past life and regression therapy and its many applications. It’s immensely practical, giving many verbatim inductions, interventions and case studies. I highly recommend it.

Video of a Past Life Death


3. On Dragonfly Wings, by Daniela Norris

This is a candid and personal search for the meaning of life, of death and of grief. Daniela started as a skeptic began a spiritual quest following the loss of her younger brother in a drowning accident. Through her experiences of past life regression she demystifies the concepts of death, reincarnation and mediumship. Her spiritual progress is dotted with several ‘How To’ sections – How to See Auras, How to Use a Pendulum, and even How to Bend a Spoon for those who need material proof that ‘thought energy’ can affect matter. Its written for anyone who has ever lost a loved one and is curious about exploring further what happened to them and why.


4. Healing with Past Life Therapy, by Lorraine Flaherty

This regression therapy book uses vivid real life examples from over a decade of Lorraine’s experiences and she uses the story of the Wizard of Oz to inspire readers to begin their own life changing journey towards enlightenment and healing. Through detailed transcripts of actual sessions, ordinary people speak candidly about their experiences with this form of self-discovery. Lorraine has a down to earth approach that shows how any reader can develop a greater understanding of who they and how they can heal themselves and includes many self help exercises.


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5. Healing Your Past Lives, by Roger Woolger

Roger is one of the pioneers of past life regression and introducing body awareness into past life therapy. In this reincarnation book he gathers together over two decades of his personal research with hundreds of clients, to offer a clear account of past lives and the healing that can come from them.


6. How I Died and What I Did Next, by Peter Watson Jenkins and Tony Winninger

Through the world famous channel Toni Winninger, 25 souls tell what happened to them at their moment of death when they found themselves free of their body and what happened afterwards. It includes; an office worker who died in the North Tower on 9/11, a little girl drowned in the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, a Vietnamese diplomat tortured and shot and a Chinese woman who died having a back-street abortion. The editor Peter Watson Jenkins wisely lets the reality of the death story speak for itself. It is a life changing reincarnation book, grim in parts yet incredibly uplifting. It is the best of several books by Peter and Tony on a similar channelling theme.


7. Children's Past Lives, by Carol Bowman

Carol's journey was sparked when her young son described his own past-life death on a Civil War battlefield that was authenticated by an expert historian. Even more astonishing, her sons chronic eczema and phobia of loud noises completely disappeared after he had the memory. Carol then went on to compiled dozens of children's past life cases for this book. She offers practical advice to parents on how to respond to a past life memory, and shows how to foster the spiritual and healing benefits of these experiences.


8. Healing Deep Hurt Within, by Dr Peter Mack

Peter is a practicing neurosurgeon and a regression therapist working in a Singapore hospital. In this book he describes the amazing transformational journey of a young female who had depression, insomnia, dissociative amnesia, suicidal thoughts, auditory hallucinations and flashbacks. When the traditional medical approach did not work she underwent past life therapy with him. This rapidly brought her out of the depths of despair and helped her to move on in her life. It is a story of hope, inspiration and the dedication of a doctor's courage in facing the medical community with past lives. Once you start to read this reincarnation book you will find it hard to put down, and his other books are just as good.


9. Many Lives Many Masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss

This is a classic book that has drawn many people into the subject of past lives. Psychiatrist Brian Weiss had been working with Catherine, a young patient, for eighteen months. When his traditional methods of therapy failed, Brian turned to hypnosis and was astonished and sceptical when Catherine began recalling past-life traumas which seemed to hold the key to her problems. She also acted as a channel for information from highly evolved spirits of light called The Masters revealing many secrets of life and death.


10. Freeing the Captives, by Louise Ireland-Frey M.D.

This may be the most controversial of the books I have recommended and deals with an important aspect of reincarnation - what happens when the part of us that leaves physical body at death, remains earthbound and attaches itself to another person. Louise shares many of her cases of spirit attachment and how they were responsible for many types of physical, mental and emotional disorders.


A few last words...

This selection of past life books give a deeper understanding of reincarnation and the healing that can come from working with past lives. For the reader needing more proof that reincarnation exists I would recommend they also read books by Dr. Ian Stevenson or his successor psychiatrist Jim Tucker both who work at the University of Virginia and have investigated young children’s spontaneous past life stories.

Many of the authors selected in these books are medical doctors, psychologists and professionally qualified therapists who share the same passion as myself for working with past lives. They do not try to prove a past life story is real, just share case studies with you so you can make up your own mind.

Something magically happens when people are regressed into what appears to be past lives.

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