20 Words and Phrases in Japanese to Talk About The Weather

Updated on October 12, 2019
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Poppy studied Linguistics and Japanese at York St. John University and currently lives in Kawasaki with her husband.

When learning any language, talking about the weather is a tremendous part of small talk that can fill up time, break the ice when meeting new people, and even lead to new friendships.

No matter the climate, commenting on the day's weather is an easy and simple subject in which anyone can engage. Japanese is no different!


The Climate in Japan

The weather in Japan varies greatly depending on the area. The main island, Honshu, enjoys a four-season climate, hot and humid in the summer, cold and snowy (depending on the area) in winter, and cool and warm during seasons in between.

Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture located near Taiwan, and Hokkaido, the northernmost island, are tropical islands and a colder mountainous climate, respectively. The country is also prone to typhoons in the autumn. This diverse weather means it's possible to enjoy a warm beach and also go skiing, depending on the prefecture!

Would you like to know some weather-related Japanese to use on your friends and colleagues? Look no further! Here are twenty useful weather-related words and phrases to get you chatting about the weather in no time.


Talking About Temperature

More often than not, you'll hear people talking about the temperature during the extreme seasons. People love to comment on high or low temperatures, and if you've ever visited Japan, it's very likely that you've heard the below words before.

Roman Spelling

Grammar Points

  • A nice thing about Japanese is that you don't always need the subject in a sentence for it to be grammatically correct. For example, if you want to say "it's cold," you can just say the word for "cold"!
  • You can add ですね (desu ne) after one of the above adjectives to make a tag question. For example, samui desu ne translates to "it's cold, isn't it?" This invites an answer or an agreement from others. You can omit the desu if you're talking to children.

Types of Weather

If you want to inform someone of the current weather, you can use the below language. You might notice the subject-verb pattern in the sentences.

Roman Spelling
It's sunny (literally "the weather is nice")
Tenki ga ii desu
It's raining
Ame ga futteimasu
It's snowing
Yuki ga futteimasu
It's windy
Kaze ga tsuyoi desu
It's hailing
Hyou ga futteimasu

As you might have guessed, futteimasu means "falling." Tsuyoi means "strong," and kaze means "wind."


Extreme Weather in Japan

There are times when Japan's weather is more than just simple rain or wind. Here are some useful phrases when describing extreme cases of weather. Typhoons are common in Honshu, Kyushu, and Okinawa in late summer and autumn, and the country gets its fair share of thunderstorms, too. Tornadoes are very rare.

Here are some ways to talk about cases of extreme weather in Japan, as well as some relevant phrases.

Roman Spelling
Be careful!
Ki wo tsukete!

Advanced Words and Phrases

You may want to learn phrases beyond just a simple comment on the weather. Here are some more advanced phrases that you can use in everyday conversation.

Roman Spelling
It's getting warmer
It's getting cooler
I'm sweating
汗をかいている or 汗が出ている
Ase wo kaiteiru or Ase ga deteiru
The breeze feels good
Kaze ga kimochii
Do you have an umbrella?
Kasa wo motteimasu ka?
The weather is crazy!
Tenki ga yabai desu ne!

How Much Have You Learned?

How many of these words and phrases have you managed to remember? Take the quiz below to check your knowledge!

Japanese is a wonderful language to learn, and beyond learning to introduce yourself and mastering basic phrases, where better to start than discussing the weather? With these simple phrases and words, you will be chatting about sun and rain and typhoons with your new friends in no time at all. Ganbatte kudasai, and "good luck!"

© 2019 Poppy


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