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Jacob Saw More Than a Ladder

Jacob, one of the founding patriarchs of the Jewish faith, had many character flaws. Jacob, however, was chosen by God for a profound purpose. God revealed part of that purpose to Jacob in a vision of a miraculous ladder that linked heaven and earth.


Mystics, Mysticism and Neurotheology: Your Brain on God

Throughout history there have been hundreds, even thousands, of mystics—men and women who have both attempted to enter into an altered state of consciousness and have claimed to have directly communicated with God or the absolute. We will explore mysticism and mystics in this article.


Balaam, the Biblical Hero That Became a Villain

Balaam is an unbeloved character in the bible. Oddly enough, he didn’t start off that way. Is Balaam a villain or does he have a bad rap? Bible accounts and recent artifacts of a non biblical version tells a complex tale of a diviner and prophet who could talk to God.


Science and Religion: The Six-Nine Illustration

Science and religion are two facets of human society that have been treated as mutually exclusive, their existence has been used as a means to explain the non-existence of one facet over the other. The history of the two though rooted in division has gradually progressed to an accepted co-existence.


Angels: Fact or Fiction?

This article explores the Biblical concept of Angels. Who are they? Where do they come from? What role do angels play in both the spiritual and physical world? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what role do angels play in God’s plan for mankind and the world at large?


Was the Virgin Mary the New Eve?

Since as early as the second century, many have likened Mary, the mother of Jesus, to the "New Eve." In this article we consider whether this is a proper comparison, since many of the traditions and dogmas arising around the Virgin Mary owe their existence to this teaching.


Is the Book of James for the Church?

It is believed my some Christians that anyone who thinks that the book of James is good for doctrine for the church is not "rightly diving the word of truth". I would like to explain why I believe that this ideology is a mistake.


Reading the Bible in English and Hebrew

You may know that the Bible was not originally written in English, but, is it even worth trying to decipher the old Hebrew translation? If so, where can you start? This article provides a step-by-step guide providing introductory-level information on how to read the Bible in English and Hebrew.


What Are Demons?

Are demons real? What are they? And where do they come from? This article addresses each of these questions through an analysis of both Scripture and Biblical doctrine.


Did Yeshua Rise From the Dead?

In this article, I argue that the Four Gospels are reliable historical accounts for Yeshua's death, burial, and resurrection and I also gives some historical facts that are compatible with the notion that Yeshua (also known as Jesus) rose again.


Amos Who Wrote the Book?

The prophet Amos came from humble beginnings, but his wisdom is timeless. Amos made clear in his writings that he did not come from a family of prophets, nor did he even consider himself one. This article analyses key lessons for our times from Amos and what me may learn from them.