How Much Does a Helicopter Cost?

Have you ever wondered, ‘How much does a helicopter cost?'

Me too. In fact, I’m sure lots of people have wondered about the cost of a helicopter. So I decided to do some research and write this article to give people a realistic ballpark figure on how much a helicopter actually does cost to buy. No more vague hand waving gestures from friends or family members as they yell things ranging from thousands to millions. I’m going to start with the cost of a basic low-end helicopter and then work up to the more advanced and expensive helicopters. I will focus on the cost of a brand new helicopter, and may give a rough estimate at the cost of used models, but that will obviously vary dependent on size, price, and year.

Generally the first thing to decide if you are looking at the cost of a helicopter is whether you are after a 2-seater or a larger multi-passenger model.

One of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to helicopters is the Robinson. Although Bell Helicopter at one time made more helicopters then any other company in the world (although this was primarily on the strength of the B206 JetRanger), Robinson helicopters are renown for costing less to buy and run—and being generally more economical whilst not detracting from quality.

Helicopter Prices by Model

Robinson R-22
Robinson R-44 Raven I
Robinson R-44 Raven II
Bell B206 JetRanger
Eurocopter EC120 Colibri Hummingbird
Robinson R-22
Robinson R-22

Robinson R-22

Considered one of the world’s most economical helicopters, the R-22 carries a base list price of about $250,000 brand new. But there are many excellent deals to be found for good quality used R-22s, often starting from around $100,000 - $150,000. Due to the R-22’s cheap operating costs, it is often used as a training helicopter. The R-22 is a two seater, making it light and giving it a very low inertia, allowing it to be extremely responsive to flight control inputs. In short, it is fun to fly. However, the R-22 is not forgiving of pilot error or sluggishness, and is not recommended as a training helicopter due to this.

Cost: USD $250,000

Robinson R-44
Robinson R-44

Robinson R-44 Raven

The Robinson R-44 Raven line is a very popular choice among flying experts. Many argue it is the worlds best for personal ownership, regardless of the price. It has four seats and comes in two models, the Raven I and Raven II (with the Raven II being more expensive). It is heavier than the R-22 allowing it to ride through wind gusts and turbulence more solidly than the R-22. It is also much safer to fly as a ‘training helicopter’ for numerous reasons, but specifically because it gives you several more seconds to activate what is called autorotation (used to land during an engine failure) which can only be a good thing.


  • Raven I – USD $340,000
  • Raven II – USD $415,000

B206 JetRanger
B206 JetRanger

Bell B206 JetRanger

The five-seater Bell B206 JetRanger is another very popular helicopter, both with military services and civilians. It has a two blade main rotor and a two blade tail rotor. This model and all of its variants are what has kept Bell Helicopters on par with the Robinson line. It does cost considerably more, but is also a little larger than the R-44.

Cost: USD $700,000

EC120 Colibri Hummingbird
EC120 Colibri Hummingbird

Eurocopter EC120 Colibri Hummingbird

The Eurocopter EC120 is a very quiet and comfortable helicopter, but it does come with the appropriate price tag that reflects its positives. With five seats and a single engine and rotor, it is a relatively light helicopter. It also implements numerous crash resistant systems for the seats and the fuel system.

Cost: USD $1,700,000

So in conclusion, if you're interested in getting a helicopter, then you are looking at anywhere from USD $250,000 – $1,700,000, depending if you want a little two-seater or want to go all the way up to a five-seater. Obviously there are numerous other factors to consider (training costs, operational costs, storage costs, etc), but hopefully you now have a good and realistic idea the upfront cost! Whether you were just curious, or are seriously considering buying one, it’s always a fun bit of trivia to know.

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ripplemaker 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

tomsum, that's a pretty good question. Come to think of it, I never thought about asking coz I never thought of buying one. :) But now I know .. just in case! LOL

Congratulations to your Hubnuggets nomination. Yes, your hub has been nominated in the Autos category. Yehey! This link will take you there: If not, just grab a helicopter and follow me!

tomsum profile image

tomsum 5 years ago from Australia Author

@ripplemaker - Wow, this is a really great surprise! Thanks a lot :)

wendy87 5 years ago

the yellow helicopter in your hub is cool!!!!!! unique hub voted up

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tomsum 5 years ago from Australia Author

@wendy87 - Yeah the yellow one is my favourite too :) Thanks for your comment!

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Money Glitch 5 years ago from Texas

Congrats on being selected as a HubNugget nominee. :)

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tomsum 5 years ago from Australia Author

@Money Glitch - Thanks!

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crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Thanks for article. atleast it will help most of us who have interest in buying it.

John Janiszewski profile image

John Janiszewski 4 years ago from Flushing, Michigan

cool hub! you can build your own home built experimental helicopter for about 65K. Just google "rotorway helicopter". It has a FEDEC controlled piston engine. If I was rich I would buy one :)

rodrigo 4 years ago

Very cool

bob 4 years ago

thank you, this was very helpful!

mrrainp 4 years ago

I want to buy the latest one

Rose 4 years ago

Thanks.Though thinking more on the line of a Sikorsky, an S-76 or S-92.They look more stable and secure,what do you think?

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Raby 3 years ago

this is it

Denni 3 years ago

Ask and it is given.

geoenvirons 3 years ago

hi , kamal are u buying one and thinking it to take nepal..i am from nepal too..its too expensive..but we are crazy to buy plz let me know i want to u goin to decide...

nakesh nair 3 years ago

It's very beautiful but no prices in Indian currency

Abdillah Mabrouk 2 years ago

thank you,i always wondered ,how much these things cost!

only wishies were horses.........!

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wow! i want to buy the Colibri Hummingbird. it looks like my style!!

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it's my day dream to by a helecopter.plz god help me.

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all wat i tink in life is to bcom a pilot but i do'nt see d person dat we help me i luv helicubter but my prayer evry day is bee a pilot if u can help me my number is 09036061043 i am 25 years old am study at kwara state college of technology offa

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