Could you please name 50 extinct animals?


1. Dodo Bird

2. Passenger Pigeon

3. Wooly Rhino

4. Wooly Mammoth

5. Smilodon or Sabertooth tiger

6. Baiji

7. Thylacine

8. Cuban Macaw

9. Pinta Giant Tortoise

10. Eastern Hare Wallaby

11. Galapagos Tortoise

12. Laughing Owl

13. Black Softshell Turtle

14. Tasmanian Tiger

15. Desert Bandicoot

16. Cranwell's Tree Iguana

17. Puerto Rican Barn Owl

18. Brike Snake

19. Hoffstetter's Worm Snake

20. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

21. Steller's Sea Cow

22. Imperial Woodpecker

23. Torre's Cave Rat

24. Nightingale Reed Warbler

25. Big-Eared Hopping Mouse

26. American Mountain Deer

27. Beautiful Armadillo

28. White-Footed Rabbit Rat

29. Dire Wolf

30. Florida Spectacled Bear

31. Giant Short-faced Bear

32. Western Horse

33. American Mastadon

34. Banks Island Wolf

35. Bulldog Rat

36. California Grizzley Bear

37. Carribean Monk Seal

38. Eastern Elk

39. Eastern Cougar

40. Long-eared Mouse

41. Bay Starling

42. Blue-gray Mouse

43. Jamaican Rice Rat

44. Bermuda Hawk

45. Blue Walleye

46. Glyptodon

47. Shrub Ox

48. Western Horse

49. Gull Island Vole

50. Sea Mink

Updated on August 6, 2019

Original Article:

Children's Information on Endangered Animals
By Angela Michelle Schultz

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