Have you read the Christian Bible in its entirety? It clearly says (more than once) that a woman is to be honored and respected by her husband. Even so far as a husband who does not treat his wife well will not be blessed.


I have read the Christian Bible in it's entirety, and actually studied it for several years with a friend. Of course, it says in one place that a woman is to be honored and respected by her husband. But in the first page of Genesis, God already punishes Eve and wants all woman to suffer in childbirth. Adam was older than Eve, why didn't he advise her not to eat from the tree of knowledge? And why shouldn't women have knowledge anyway? Already the Bible sets up men to be superior and women to be viewed as lessor people than men on the first page.

I don't recall that God said bad treatment of a woman at the hands of a man will cause him not to be blessed, God has let men abuse women for centuries. Of course, my beliefs differ from yours, my attempts at finding or getting anything from organized religion all my life have been fruitless. I am a Pagan.

If a husband does not treat his wife well, she should not tolerate being either emotionally or physically threatened. I believe that is complete nonsense. Yet the Bible and it's more conservative believers think a battered woman should stay with an unstable, possibly mentally ill or sadist man. I cannot condone this backward way of thinking. I came away from my study not thinking much of a God who enjoys seeing anyone suffer. I do think Jesus was a real person, and like his message of love and acceptance. Remember, he hung around with anyone without judgement. I don't believe in virgin births, though teen girls have been trying to convince their parents of this for centuries :).

Any woman should get far away from any kind of abuse from a man who hurts her or tries to keep her from her loved ones or her friends. This is a sick man.

And Hecate is the goddess at the crossroads, there for you when you are at a turning point and need help making a decision. What does the question have to do with your life? Are you at a crossroads now? If so, best wishes to you, be strong and you can make the right decision. But you must be true to yourself and listen to your inner Hecate.

Updated on March 23, 2018

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Hecate, Archetype of Psychic Intuition in Mature Women
By Jean Bakula