I need to find an argumentative topic on student issues. Can you help me?


Here are some excellent essay ideas for student issues:

1. Should schools do more to prevent cheating? Or should students do more to stop cheating?

2. How much studying do you really need to do in school? Do some students study too much?

3. What is the most effective way to have a good social group in school?

4. Does social media use hurt student's social lives? What should the individual student do to have a healthier and happier social life in school?

5. What makes an excellent teacher? How can teachers do a better job (choose one or more) at teaching the information clearly, motivating students, making their subject interesting, or meeting students needs?

6. What makes someone popular? Are popular students meaner than other students, or are they nicer?

7. How important is it to be involved in extracurricular activities?

8. Are school sports good for students or do they take too much time and effort away from doing well in school? Should student-athletes have special privileges?

9. Should schools spend more time and money to develop their fine arts programs?

10. What is the best extra-curricular program to be involved in at your school?

Updated on March 23, 2018

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100 Easy Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas with Research Links and  Sample Essays
By Virginia Kearney