I see a lot of religious egos, always putting words in God's mouth. They, preachers and the sort, never discuss the minimum part of the historical evidence for Jesus; they don't tell the entire story. I think the Church is a sham, but I do believe in a source of who we are, and from where we come. Does this thought process have value?


Think of it this way; you already know that a lot of what you were taught about Jesus and God is not true. It should not be so hard to think about any of it as truth. This may seem like a radical idea, but after a time, it will feel so natural that you will wonder why you ever believed any of it in the first place.

You asked about the value of religion. I discussed the pros and cons of religion in another article that I wrote: http://hubpages.com/social-issues/Does-Religion-Do...

It is an excellent question because many people are in the same position vis-vis religion as you are.

Updated on April 16, 2018

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Is There Any Historical Proof for the Existence of Jesus?
By Catherine Giordano